Jindal Promises More Than A Cosmetic Change Tuesday, Jan 15 2008 


Today begins a new era for the state of Louisiana and its citizens as Governor Bobby Jindal takes the reins of our state.  In his inaugural speech, Jindal continued to lay the foundation of his vision is for Louisiana.  Jindal’s vision includes a promise for more than a cosmetic change.  It was a promise for the type of change that takes place when your landscaping takes you down to your knees to pull out the weeds that are unhealthy and tangled below the surface.

When a governor takes the reins, we often see the normal changing of the guard for key positions.  We also hear a great deal of talk about how the new administration will hold the promise of a better tomorrow with focus on education, economic development, better healthcare, increased benefits to senior citizens, lower crime and no new taxes.  Jindal’s speech reached far beyond those perimeters when he made a remarkable statement:

“A government ready to help and efficient enough to get out of the way.”

This is the promise of REAL change!  Change that brings LESS government and MORE efficiency!  Louisiana does not need more political promises.  We need real change!  To paraphrase, “judgement begins in the house of state government.”

Jindal has already reached across the aisle.  His administration is diverse and contains individuals with talent in their respective fields.  His transition team reached from north to south and east to west.  Those weighing in to date say he finds competent people and then turns them loose — with accountability.  We need accountability in state government more than ever before.

I am reminded of Kennedy’s words — “Some men ask why, I ask why not?”

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican


Mayor Kip Holden Breaks the Golden Rule Friday, Jan 11 2008 


Mizaru covers his eyes, Kikazaru covers his ears and Iwazaru covers his mouth — these are the three monkeys that we actually refer to when using the old adage “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.”  In Japan, this is known as the Golden Rule.

No matter what your Golden Rule is — it does not mean compromising your values or attacking someone else for theirs, even if you are the Mayor-President. 

Thirteen weeks ago Mayor Kip Holden broke several Golden Rules when he made a scathing verbal public attack on a local pastor who took a stand for his principles.  The pastor had written a private letter to the Mayor speaking out against a proposed resolution for ‘One Baton Rouge.’  The Mayor brought the resolution to the Metro Council for adoption and the resolution failed.  Then the Mayor took his vengeance out on the pastor by publicizing his letter and stating that the pastor was ‘an ungodly man full of hatred.’ 

Mayor-President Kip Holden seems to have sided with a group which has a specific agenda in wanting the citizens of EBR Parish to ‘accept’ and ‘integrate’ people of all orientations, and in particular those of all sexual orientations.

Acceptance in political circles often equates to ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”  

Christian leaders took the opposite stance via the Family Research Council and Louisiana Family Forum along with local pastors and citizens who made pleas to the Metro Council and Mayor to NOT adopt the resolution.  This is probably why the resolution FAILED.  None of these groups preach hatred or are ungodly.  They simply stand for the biblical principles they believe in. 

Though a spokesperson denies Holden made these comments, in this day and age being caught on tape speaks for itself.   The tape can be viewed by clicking here and below is an excerpt of the tape:

WAFB News Reporter:  “in response to a local pastor who expressed his concerns over Holden’s attempt to make a blanket declaration as to Baton Rouge being a ‘sanctuary for homosexuals’ through his One Baton Rouge resolution”

Mayor Kip Holden said:  “this guy is not speaking as a godly person, this guy is speaking virtually as somebody who has hatred in his heart”

2008 is an election year for the Mayor-President.   Will Mayor Holden continue to push his ‘One Baton Rouge’ on the citizens of EBR Parish in an election year if it means losing the support of Christian conservatives?

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

A Tale of Two Female Democrats Thursday, Jan 10 2008 

hillary-clinton.jpg  ablanco.jpg

A Tale of Two Cities opens with the famous line

“it was the best of times, it was the worst of times,”

which describes precisely the Tale of Two Female Politicians and what they are willing to do to change the course of history in politics. 

I speak of presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrat from New York, and soon-to-be-former governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, Democrat from Louisiana.  Tears.  Prolific Tears.  It works for some women in all walks of life, but does it have a place in politics?  If you interviewed these two female democrats, the answer would be yes!

Blanco Tears:  In 2003, during a gubernatorial debate Kathleen Blanco made an emotional appeal to the voters of Louisiana in which she recalled the death of her son while tears filled her eyes.  The next day , if my memory serves me correct, a pollster claimed that women voters in North Louisiana (who were previously not responding to Blanco) were polling faster in her favor than the paparazzi chasing Brittney Spears.  The result:  Blanco won the seat of Governor of Louisiana.  Tears worked better than any ads the Blanco campaign ran to date for the primary proving political consultants can’t hold a candle to the tears of a woman when it comes to garnering votes. even if they are sympathetic votes.

Clinton Tears:  Just days before the New Hampshire caucus Hillary Clinton was speaking in a coffee shop (covered extensively by the media) when she answered a question “how do you do it” meaning the stress of a presidential campaign.  Clinton lowers her voice and with tears welled up in her eyes says “it’s not easy, it’s not easy” and the rest is history.  The result:  Clinton’s tears won her the New Hampshire caucus.

Tears or no tears, Blanco did not prove well under the pressure of Katrina’s aftermath for thousands that were stranded and found wanting in New Orleans.  The same goes for Clinton who claimed there was a “vast right wing conspiracy” when her husband was playing in the oval office with intern Monica Lewinsky; neither did her tears work while under extreme pressure of the Whitewater debacle.

I’m not against tears.  We all shed them.  They are an important part of our humanity.  But when we use them to gain votes in an election when we are not capable of leading, it truly is “the best of times, the worst of times.”

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Why I am not a Democrat . . . Tuesday, Jan 8 2008 

Perhaps it was the last election in East Baton Rouge Parish that solidified my personal reasons for not being a Democrat…what ensued during that election cycle was more revealing than the table dances at the Gold Club.

The operative word for democrats is DESTRUCTIVE and it goes all the way from the top of the national party to the state political party and winds up being revealed sorely in one of the local Democratic races.

What’s so destructive you ask? I am happy to oblige . . .

Definitions of DESTRUCTIVE:

  • National level: Howard Dean , chairman of the Democratic National Party – aka Howard Brush Dean, III – I think the Brush fits as he continues to paint his own picture of a red-faced ranter whose claim to fame includes an endorsement from Al Gore, being defeated by John Kerry for the democratic nomination in the presidential primary and the desire to split his own party by claiming he represented the ‘democratic wing of the democratic party’. Yeaararh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • State level: Danny Ford, former executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party – aka the man who is temporary on leave from his position because of his arrest on a 3rd offense of driving while intoxicated in September and whose claim to fame will be that he evidently spent an exhorbitant amount of time at parties and bars drinking rather than planning for the 2007 fall primary on behalf of democrats.
  • Local level: Mayor ‘Kip’ Holden, mayor-president of East Baton Rouge Parish, the highest ranking democratic party member in office in our fair city whose claim to fame is the infamous Green Light Plan that still has us in a daily traffic quagmire, a promise for a safer city that fills the first 10 minutes of each newscast touting the latest murders and rampant crime in our parish, a push for ‘One Baton Rouge’ where citizens of all race, creed, color and sexual origin are encouraged to hold hands and sing Kumbya and a promise for open government. Open government? Uh, I might have some land for sale if you believe we now have open government, but you will have to consider the new sewer impact fees proposed by the Mayor’s posse before buying!

Well, that’s a good start, don’t ya think?

Of course, there are a mirage of other destructive behaviors coming forth from Louisiana Democrats like:

  • Ray Nagin, the democratic mayor of New Orleans who magically lives in a chocolate city hand-dipped in corruption and crime; and
  • William Jefferson, democratic U.S. Congressman who was the target of a federal bribery probe after finding $90,000 in frozen assets in his refrigerator instead of the dreamsicles fridges normally hold; and
  • Robert Wooley, former insurance commissioner who found it more important to purchase a Harley Davidson truck on taxpayer’s money than worry about our ever-growing insurance rates; and finally
  • Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, who leaves office being known as the woman who slaughtered all possibilities for women to serve in office due to her inability to make a final decision in the midst of a crisis!

Thanks to each of you for giving me the reasons to stand firmer in my resolve to be a Louisiana Republican and to steer as far away from the Democratic Party and any of the vices that Democrats obviously find acceptable and par for the course!

I’m not sure who enforces my Republican beliefs more – the Democratic politicians or their Democratic political operatives who control, craft the messages, write the speeches, or just plain give poor advice while they laugh all the way to the bank?

Democratic operatives have a rule of thumb which is based on the premise that in order for a Democrat to win they must get at least 35% of the white vote and 90% of the black vote on election day. They also believe that the turnout among blacks needs to be within 10% points of the white turnout.

Now enters the infamous cost it takes to turnout the democratic black vote.

Vote-buying is not legal. Neither is hauling voters. Unless you rent vans, hire a consultant that will move voters to the polls and list it on your ethics report as ‘canvassing’. Now there’s a Democratic philosophy for you!

‘Canvassing’ comes with a huge pricetag to the exclusion of all other expenses in a campaign, except for media purchases and the development of ad spots. The pricetag is a hefty one as shown by recent ethic’s reports in the fall election.

For instance, in one election alone, The Advocate cited that Mayor Kip Holden’s assistant chief administrative officer played a huge role in the local Sheriff’s race. Alfred C. Williams, a principal of NDW Consulting, was paid approximately $96,910 to handle the GOTV (get out the vote) based on ethics reports indicating payments to NDW or Williams in the amounts of $1,790, $720, $3,750, $28,650, $10,000, $27,000 and $25,000. Out of that sum, NDW appeared to have paid $25,000 to election workers for the primary and $27,460 during the run-off for a grand total of $52.460 to election day workers.   Verification can be found on the Louisiana Ethics Website here.  The residual seems to be a nice sum for his enterprise making his personal take around $44,450. (The campaign paid additional workers to GOTV according to their finance reports. NDW also made additional healthy payments from other campaigns according to the State of Louisiana ethics website/reports.

Ironcially, when you cross the aisle, you can see the republican candidate for Governor only spent $87,000 for election day workers STATEWIDE. Seems the democrats are a bit out of kilter on election day spending for a parish-wide race? Quite a comparison – the local Sheriff’s race spent $9,910 MORE than a statewide gubernatorial candidate spent and that does NOT include the additional election day workers and consultants.  What’s wrong with this picture?  That’s what I call ‘the democratic way’.

All things considered, the Democrats have a philosophy that seems intolerable by die-hard Republicans. That includes me. Ending with one question of the day that is the most puzzling one for this past election cycle:

How on earth did Yvonne Dorsey, democrat candidate for former-Senator Cleo Field’s seat, get away with no election day workers on her ethics report?

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican