Mizaru covers his eyes, Kikazaru covers his ears and Iwazaru covers his mouth — these are the three monkeys that we actually refer to when using the old adage “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.”  In Japan, this is known as the Golden Rule.

No matter what your Golden Rule is — it does not mean compromising your values or attacking someone else for theirs, even if you are the Mayor-President. 

Thirteen weeks ago Mayor Kip Holden broke several Golden Rules when he made a scathing verbal public attack on a local pastor who took a stand for his principles.  The pastor had written a private letter to the Mayor speaking out against a proposed resolution for ‘One Baton Rouge.’  The Mayor brought the resolution to the Metro Council for adoption and the resolution failed.  Then the Mayor took his vengeance out on the pastor by publicizing his letter and stating that the pastor was ‘an ungodly man full of hatred.’ 

Mayor-President Kip Holden seems to have sided with a group which has a specific agenda in wanting the citizens of EBR Parish to ‘accept’ and ‘integrate’ people of all orientations, and in particular those of all sexual orientations.

Acceptance in political circles often equates to ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”  

Christian leaders took the opposite stance via the Family Research Council and Louisiana Family Forum along with local pastors and citizens who made pleas to the Metro Council and Mayor to NOT adopt the resolution.  This is probably why the resolution FAILED.  None of these groups preach hatred or are ungodly.  They simply stand for the biblical principles they believe in. 

Though a spokesperson denies Holden made these comments, in this day and age being caught on tape speaks for itself.   The tape can be viewed by clicking here and below is an excerpt of the tape:

WAFB News Reporter:  “in response to a local pastor who expressed his concerns over Holden’s attempt to make a blanket declaration as to Baton Rouge being a ‘sanctuary for homosexuals’ through his One Baton Rouge resolution”

Mayor Kip Holden said:  “this guy is not speaking as a godly person, this guy is speaking virtually as somebody who has hatred in his heart”

2008 is an election year for the Mayor-President.   Will Mayor Holden continue to push his ‘One Baton Rouge’ on the citizens of EBR Parish in an election year if it means losing the support of Christian conservatives?

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Red Stick Republican