Today begins a new era for the state of Louisiana and its citizens as Governor Bobby Jindal takes the reins of our state.  In his inaugural speech, Jindal continued to lay the foundation of his vision is for Louisiana.  Jindal’s vision includes a promise for more than a cosmetic change.  It was a promise for the type of change that takes place when your landscaping takes you down to your knees to pull out the weeds that are unhealthy and tangled below the surface.

When a governor takes the reins, we often see the normal changing of the guard for key positions.  We also hear a great deal of talk about how the new administration will hold the promise of a better tomorrow with focus on education, economic development, better healthcare, increased benefits to senior citizens, lower crime and no new taxes.  Jindal’s speech reached far beyond those perimeters when he made a remarkable statement:

“A government ready to help and efficient enough to get out of the way.”

This is the promise of REAL change!  Change that brings LESS government and MORE efficiency!  Louisiana does not need more political promises.  We need real change!  To paraphrase, “judgement begins in the house of state government.”

Jindal has already reached across the aisle.  His administration is diverse and contains individuals with talent in their respective fields.  His transition team reached from north to south and east to west.  Those weighing in to date say he finds competent people and then turns them loose — with accountability.  We need accountability in state government more than ever before.

I am reminded of Kennedy’s words — “Some men ask why, I ask why not?”

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican