72 Murders in the Red Stick City Limits

117 Murders in East Baton Rouge Parish

Crime statistics for Baton Rouge indicate a river of blood rising in our neighborhoods like a phoenix from the ashes.  Mayor Kip Holden indicated that murders on continually on the rise with a 28% increase in 2007 raising homicides to 72 in the CITY OF BATON ROUGE, according to WBRZ.  Not a good sign for economic development or the quality of life Red Stick citizens crave.  Since those figures were released, today’s newspaper gives the overall murder statistic of 117 for the PARISH OF EAST BATON ROUGE – a 40% increase in the parish-wide homicide rate.  Troubling!

In 2006, Baton Rouge ranked number 7 by the FBI Uniform Crime Reports for murders in the United States.  With murders rising in the Red Stick, one can only imagine that our ranking has once again placed us in an undesirable light.  Between traffic problems and murder, we are quickly becoming the river city known for congestion and criminal behavior. 

Note:  The City of Baton Rouge website ONLY shows statistics within the city limits.

According to the City of Baton Rouge’s website, the murder rate has not been this high in over 10 years.  Take a look at the website link which can verify these murder rate statistics:  HOMICIDES:  1999 – 53; 2000 – 58; 2001 – 46; 2002 – 59; 2003 – 41; 2004 – 47; 2005 – 49; 2006 – 56; 2007 – 61*.  *Obviously statistics are not updated for 2007 based on statistics released by The Advocate, and the CORRECT STATISTIC IS 72 within the city limits.

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office website is so far behind that statistics currently listed are for 2006

Property crime is also of great concern to citizens of our parish.  11,733 property crimes were committed in 2007 including Burglary, Arson, Motor Theft and Larceny.  Although there was a slight decrease of 7%, one must ask is this enough of a decrease?  With 181,000 households in EBRP according to the 2006 census, that means one in every 6.5 households will experience property crime.  Staggering!

What does an increasing murder rate mean for Mayor Kip Holden in his bid for re-election?  The most important factor in a community is public safety.  When citizens go to the polls to vote they must view the entire package for a candidate, but for those concerned with safety of their property and most valued asset — life, they must take these factors into consideration.  Let’s see how good the hired hands doing Holden’s campaign will be in turning these known issues into a positive in the fall election.

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