Today’s Media and Advertising section of the New York Times touts You Tube and other state of the art internet vehicles as the most valuable player for this year’s Super Bowl.  

Bob Parsons, chief executive of GoDaddy, wrote Monday on his blog that one spot had been watched online more than two million times on Sunday alone.

In the Red Stick we check our blackberrys and computers for the latest poop from political websites, blogs, and breaking news from local TV and newspaper outlets.  Internet news and advertising seems to slowly be taking the place of old-school media — the printed newspaper.  By the time we break for lunch, restaurants are filled with buzz about morning emails which set the tone for the hot topic of conversation.  The afternoon emails become the new water-cooler talk.

A quick push of the button allows us to share information with our entire email contact list in less than 60 seconds.  Claims have been made that one forwarded email circles the globe in less than 60 minutes.  

Advertising is evolving and the internet has definitely changed the face of political strategies and business branding.  As far as Super Bowl ads go, I definitely vote for one of the most watched ads where Naomi and animated lizards dance to Thriller for SoBe Water.  It’s Thrillicious!

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Red Stick Republican