At lunch I overheard a business owner say “the parish never invested in my business, why should we invest in businesses like Frontier Airlines?”  Good question.

Today the announcement came through the electronic media that Frontier Airlines would be pulling out of Baton Rouge.  Mayor Kip Holden convinced the Metro Council in January, 2007, to invest up to $1 million if Frontier would fly in and out of the Redstick.  Frontier arrived around August, 2007. 

Our Mayor-President told us less than a year ago that Frontier would create over 3,000 jobs indirect jobs and 2,000 direct jobs for the parish.  He also promised $97 million in new annual earnings and $65 million in direct earnings to East Baton Rouge Parish alone.  Holden also said this investment would net $7 million in new tax revenue to the parish and $26 million to the state over a 10 year period.

Perhaps the Mayor should erase the portion of his state of the city address touting Frontier as one of his major accomplishments for economic development in our parish?  To date, Frontier has received $550,000.  Some are calling this “Holden’s Great Frontier Debacle” while we watch Frontier fly away – permanently. 

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Red Stick Republican