In the world of investments, the art of jumping the gun is defined as trading on information which has not yet been revealed to the public.  Also known as doing something before the appropriate time.

Today I read in The Advocate that the Greater Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce’s PAC (FuturePAC) has endorsed Mayor Kip Holden for the Democratic Primary this fall.  What makes a group endorse a candidate when they don’t even know who the opposition is or the issues for that matter?

The Chamber’s website states that FuturePAC’s decisions to endorse candidates or issues are reached only after rigorous examination by the FuturePAC Board of Directors.  Normally, the process includes each candidate submitting answers to a questionnaire for review by the board.  An interview of the candidate is also in order.  (FuturePAC has endorsed more than one candidate in the past.)  In this case an endorsement was made with no regard for any other candidates that qualify, or announce for that matter.  Although speculation and rumors abound regarding other possible candidates, no one has announced to date except for Holden.  Qualifying does not begin until July.

FuturePAC is sending a message to individuals considering running for the office of Mayor President of East Baton Rouge Parish this fall —“No other candidates need apply.”  The door is closed.  The decision is made.  I call this “the art of jumping the gun.”  Louisiana politics is so predictable.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican