Governor Bobby Jindal called the legislature into an ‘extraordinary session’ — talk about!  ETHICS is the agenda. 

The Louisiana Constitution states that the legislature is a public trust and every effort to realize personal gain through official conduct is a violation of that trust and requires the legislature to enact a code of ethics for public servants.  RS 42:1101

So we begin the session. 

Financial Disclosure.  Conflicts of Interest.  Transparency of Lobbyists.  Improving Ethics, Education and Enforcement.  Transparency and Public Access to Information.  Further combatting fraud and abuse.  Improve Campaign Finance Laws.  Sounds like a plan.

We do want to do the right thing.  We do, don’t we?  Didn’t we agree to full-fledged ethics reform when we, the voters, elected Governor Bobby Jindal? 

Ethics reform will require change.  Change is painful.  We pay now or we pay later.

Plastered on the news are signs of REVOLT against changing the structure of how ethics violations are handled.  They want to ‘study’ it awhile before making changes.  The proposed change would take away some of the power of the Louisiana Ethics Board in that administrative judges would dole out the final decisions on ethics violations vs. the Ethics Board.

I see this ‘extraordinary session’  as a true right of passage for our state.  It’s time to make a real transition.  It’s time for a coming of age.  Let’s not say no just because “that’s the way we’ve always done it around here.”  Let’s say yes to the Ethics agenda and watch our state grow from puberty to real manhood no matter how painful. 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican