Something about this picture bothers me.  Anyway…

There is a strange movement among democratic circles across the country.  I refer to these Obama followers as Obama-Maniacs.  My father used to say you were known by the company you keep.  Who’s keeping company with Barack Hussein Obama?  Obama-mania club members include an interesting array of characters.

Key words come to mind when considering this first group of Obama-maniacs:

  • Ted Kennedy:  Chappaquiddick
  • Marion Barry:  Cocaine
  • Teamsters:  Jimmy Hoffa
  • Rev. Jessie Jackson:  Rainbow Coalition
  • Gary Hart:  Donna Rice

Of course, there are many others caught up in Obama-mania with more positive word associations (depending upon who you ask):

  • Oprah:  Philanthropic
  • Stephen King:  Popular writer
  • Robert Dinero:  Great actor
  • Maria Shriver:  Journalist
  • Hulk Hogan: Champion

Why does this array of individuals subscribe to Obama-mania?  Perhaps it is his near messianic speeches.  He does have a way with words — especially if they were used by someone else previously.  (Just a little humor based on Hillary’s constant annoyance with Obama’s speech content.) 

You Tube videos of women fainting at the sight of Obama are a good example of Obama-maniacs.  Other newscasts of crowds swooning while Obama speaks remind me of years gone by when girls screamed at the sight and sounds of the Beatles and Elvis – swooning, fainting, grabbing their heads and screaming in derision.  It’s all so emotional and manic – and somewhat disturbing.

What does all of this equate to?  Is it because he is the first viable black candidate for president?  Is it because he is so articulate?  Is it his ability to borrow words from some of history’s most well known speeches?  Or is it because of the promise of hope and change in a world that constantly craves more of something that will ‘make it all better?’  Whatever the reason, I do not subscribe to this fan club and choose to remain republican with my feet planted firmly on the ground.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican