Ethics reform is the order of the day.  One of the proposed bills some may not be aware of is HB 70 authored by Representative Sam Jones of Franklin, La.  HB70 allows public servants to accept a donated organ for use in transplantation — a heart. 

Everyone needs a heart, right?  It’s the beating heart that keeps us among the living and politically correct. 

Right now, a heart for ethics is what all of us aspire to for our state.  Or do we?  I view all the bickering of what should be included in the ethics package at the state capitol and am amused and sometimes saddened that ethics is only important when it applies to someone else.

Politics is the sport of packs.  There are times when it is not prudent to run with the pack.  But this is not the time or place to say ‘let’s break away from the pack.’  It’s time to say ‘me first, I will stand up for what is right even if it costs me, I will pay the price.’ 

I would be remiss to not mention, since this is the capital city, that I have not seen our Mayor-President Kip Holden, come out for ethics reform.  This would not only be admirable, but important to citizens of this parish. 

When Holden gave his 2008 State of the City Address, I was hoping one of his major issues would include ethics since this is a major push for the Jindal administration.  He did not mention the word ethics.

The only time I have seen Holden’s name connected in the same sentence with the word ethics in the past few years was when  Holden asked the Metro Council to pay his interim DPW director a monthly salary despite the fact that he was a legislator and bid on city contracts.  Another time was when his chief administrative officer’s ties to a business that performed services for the parish was questioned by outside sources.  In fact, it took someone other than Holden — councilman Spider Carter — to propose that all board and commission members of EBR Parish undergo mandatory ethics training. 

Shouldn’t ethics begin in the capital city?  Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear our Mayor-President stand up and say ‘my office will be the pacesetter’ ?

C’mon Kip, have a heart for ethics!  It’s time.  Judgment begins at the capital city.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican