My friend has a saying:  “the truth always wins out.”  In life, sometimes it takes awhile for the truth to come out.  In politics, truth seems like a paradox. 

Truth is sincerity, integrity, honesty.  Truth in politics is just downright refreshing!  Show  me a politician who is truthful, and I will show you a politician people will respect.  Unfortunately, they may not win the race. 

The 11th commandment for republicans:  Speak no ill towards a fellow republican.  I hear this phrase every time a republican brings out something that is negative about a fellow republican. 

Does this mean you are not to tell the truth about your republican opponent if the truth is negative?   Are we to turn our heads and become ‘politically correct’ by not seeking out the truth and sharing that information with others?  If that is the case, the voters lose in the end.  Let’s not confuse false accusations with the truth.

Most individuals do not have the time to spend hours researching candidates to find out who they really are, what they are made of, what their history is and what details they may have purposely omitted from their political resume. 

Let’s not allow the “11th Commandment” to blindfold us.

Be open.  Listen.  Research.  Allow the truth to guide you.  If a candidate has committed an ethics violation, if they have not paid their former employees, if they say one thing and do another, BEWARE!  Ethics reform in Louisiana is calling each of us to higher ground. 

We need to take the extra time to research candidates more carefully.  The right to vote comes with a responsibility.  When you pull the lever to vote, make sure you have done your homework. 

The NEW 11th Commandment:  Do all your fellow republicans a favor by seeking the truth about every candidate.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican