Obama said today in an Indiana Town Hall Meeting that our country has a lot of pent up anger about race, but he believes the people want to move past this issue.  With all due respect to both sides of the race issue, we are frail humans, challenged every day to incorporate idealistic goals into practical application.

Life Lessons 101:  The open discussion and acknowledgement of Obama, an african-american, and Hillary, a woman, are not going to go away in the presidential election.

Hillary’s tears, choice of clothing, hairstyle, demeanor, strength and role as a wife and mother define who she is –a woman.  Unless you are blind and have not read any of Obama’s books where he has defined his own heritage and life story, you can’t overlook the fact that he is — an african-american.

Watching Obama last night during a taped interview reminded me of a deer in the headlights as I noticed him verbally stumbling for the first time in this presidential campaign.  Obviously, he was shaken at the latest headlines while attempting to disassociate himself from his long-time pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr.’s divisive words.

It does not take a political analyst or lie detector to answer this question:  How can a man who sat under a pastor for 20 years claim ignorance only after the media reveals the pastor’s beliefs?

No, Obama, I do not believe you.  You may be persuasive, articulate, intelligent, and even inspirational — but you are too intelligent to win the argument that you were not mentally acute of Rev. Wright’s beliefs.

Red flag:  Obama has mentioned the close relationship of Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan in the past.  No explanation needed!

Red flag:  Obama originally planned for Rev. Wright to speak at his presidential announcement one year ago and pulled him from the agenda after Wright’s sermons were exposed publicly.  Self-explanatory!

Always trying to bring this back into perspective for Red Stick citizens:  This reminds me of two local politicians who quote scripture, believes they live a secret lifestyle outside of their marriage, and then publicly go on the offensive by trying to squelch ‘rumors.’ 

No, we do not believe any of you.  Your life as a public figure is an open book.  While you may be self-delusional that no one is watching, the people are more attentive than you think.  The red-light cameras in the Red Stick are not the only ones watching.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican