As I read the ongoing saga of superdelegates among democrats for the presidential campaign, I can’t help but wonder about Red Stick elected officials and where they stand in the 6th congressional race. 

For instance:  Have you noticed the apparent absence of a mayoral endorsement for either of his fellow democrats Michael Jackson and Don Cazayoux?

Mayor-President Kip Holden, has been a ‘master endorser’ in political races.  Since 1986, he has endorsed John Breaux, Billy Tauzin, Ralph Tyson, Curtis Calloway, Byron Stringer, Darrell White, Rosemary Pillow, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Richard Ieyoub, Kathleen Blanco, Mitch Landrieu, Pat Smith and Sid Gautreaux – to name a few. 

Holden hands out endorsements faster than I can shred my junk mail. 

I thought the Mayor would quickly endorse his fellow african-american democrat Michael Jackson. Jackson is vice-chair of both the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus and the Democratic Caucus, a fellow attorney, and a rising star.  They have a close friend and supporter in common, Raymond Jetson, who Jackson was an aide to during Jetson’s legislative era.

On the other hand, Holden could endorse fellow democrat Don Cazayoux.  Or has he?  It’s commonly known, all denial aside, that when the AFL-CIO, firefighters local and union of police endorse a candidate that directive comes ‘behind the scenes’ from the Mayor.  All of these groups have endorsed Cazayoux.

Why is Holden’s endorsement so important to the voters of EBRP? 

Because if either democrat gets elected they will need to bring home the bacon for EBR Parish.  The Red Stick can use all the bacon we can fry up from Washington with our traffic woes, increasing murder rate and inflated city-parish budget.

So, who’s in and who’s out on the 6th, Mayor Holden? 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican