Ever wonder if politicians lose sleep at night?  I do.  We are facing an ethical and moral dilemma among political figures today.  It’s a train wreck.

According to The Advocate, state democratic party chairman Chris Whittington is calling for the resignation of Senator David Vitter, republican.  Is this an anomaly?  Will Whittington also call for the resignations of all democrats that have had marital indiscretions and apparent ethics violations in our state and parish, or just those exposed by the national media?

Do not misunderstand.  I am totally against any marital indiscretions.  Period.  End of sentence.  I do, however, challenge Whittington to call all political appointees out openly, not just those exposed by the media. 

The last few days have been peppered with charges of ethical violations and moral indiscretions across our country, state, parish and in the Red Stick.  Expect more to come out locally before 2008 ends.  

Regardless of your spiritual belief, we all understand the law of sowing and reaping.  Voters are now more savvy than ever in this information age of breaking news, blogs, email and text messages.  Just ask Obama, Spitzer, Vitter, or the Clintons to name a few.

Politicians say ‘I speak for the people who elected me.’  No, you do not speak for us when we see you eating at an area restaurant or dancing in a dimly lit nightclub with your girlfriend and not your wife.  Nor do you speak for the voters when you commit ethics violations by not disclosing vital information about your campaign and business practices.

We truly have a train wreck of ethic and moral proportions.  What you do when you think no one is watching is of ethical and moral consequences, whether you are a republican or democrat, or a U.S. Senator or a local Red Stick politician.  Let’s stop the train wreck of ethic and moral proportions at the voting booth this fall.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican