East Baton Rouge Parish home invasions are so high that it reached the pinnacles of the state capitol which caused the Louisiana Legislature last week to vote 100 to 0 for a new law which will mandate a 10 year prison term under House Bill 96

This sentence applies when the victim is under the age of 12, over the age of 65, or is disabled.  Kudos to State Representative Bodi White of Central, East Baton Rouge Parish, for passing this law in the House of Representatives!

East Baton Rouge Parish desperately needs new leadership to address our growing crime issues.  Last week The Advocate reported a home invasion on Glenda Drive (just off Florida Blvd. and Sherwood Blvd) where men invaded, beat and kidnapped someone.  Later these same men went to North Baton Rouge and ransacked a residence on Monroe Street.  

It’s no longer ‘the areas we do not live in’  that we must be concerned about.  Mayor-President Kip Holden’s next-door neighbor was murdered in his driveway just last year.  Two innocent teenagers were shot during the 4th of July event downtown.  An out-of-town man was shot near Airport Road after leaving church and driving to his hotel. 

It’s time that someone does more than threaten on the nightly news what will happen to criminals.  With all due respect to our officials, it is not comforting to citizens of EBRP to hear ‘strap it on’ by our police chief, the sheriff saying ‘we’re coming’ or the Mayor-President saying ‘we have a zero tolerance policy.’

Maybe Bodi White should run for Mayor-President of EBR Parish?  Seems he can get things done!

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican