Currently families are struggling as our cost of living escalates.  Today’s price at the gasoline pump is near $3.50 per gallon and rising.  MSNBC has announced that we are experiencing the worst food inflation in 17 years.  The Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) indicates the cost of living in the Red Stick is higher than the national average.

Holden has created a debacle for the citizens of our parish.  In 2004 he ran on the premise that he would solve our traffic problem and reduce crime.  The traffic woes continue to mount and crime in the Red Stick is escalating, especially in the area of home invasions and the murder rate. 

‘Our Mayor’ (the theme of his re-election) has already increased our taxes several times in his first four years in office while cutting services.  He raised our sewer fees (which will not even pay for the needed costs due to poor planning on the part of his administration) as well as increasing our garbage fees.  When will he get it right?  One example of cutting services are the changes in public transportation affecting lower income families that supported his election.

Now, Holden wants us to re-elect him so he can raise our taxes – again.  Holden claims we are in the best financial shape (obviously a public relations statement to impress voters in his move for re-election) yet he wants an infrastructure rebuilding plan to be funded by new taxes.  He claims that our infrastructure needs revamping and what we are seeing is the tip of the iceberg.

Which way is it?  Are we in better shape or do we have major problems under the surface.  In politics this is called double-speak.  (Also known as talking out of both sides of your mouth.)

We need a new Mayor-President.  A Mayor that will be as concerned for the safety of our citizens as he is for himself.  Holden has a round-the-clock security detail which he claimed he needed because he was our first black mayor.  At the same time, he claims he has cross-over appeal and there is no issue that he is black.  Which way is it?

The major concern is what price will our children pay if we re-elect our liberal tax-raising Mayor? 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican