Far be it for me to challenge a professor.  Oh, why not?

To the author of the letter to the editor of The Advocate on May 1, 2008 entitled “Creationism effort might backfire” I would say:



Consider this:



You have grossly underestimated the power of God.  The Lord is mighty, all his wonders to behold.  His ways are far above our ways.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  He knit us in our mother’s womb.  He numbered the hairs on our head, and counted the days of our life in advance of our first breath.  The Lord is so much larger than we give him credit for – he is the Alpha and the Omega. 


God spoke through a burning bush, and an ass for that matter.  He caused a man to part the Red Sea with the wave of his hand and fed the masses with a few loaves of bread and fish. 


It is not the mind of man that is won by God, but the heart of man.  No classroom subject can change that fact. 


When the spirit of God tugs at your heart – no education, book, teaching, debate or person can detract from the drawing power of the Lord.  Faith is not perceived by the mind, but by the heart. 


When we understand the true heart of God, we can safely stand among men and say ‘whatever man teaches will never take away from the teachings of the word of God.’ 


I am not afraid of what man can do or say.  I am only afraid that when I hear the truth that I will not beckon to his call. 


With all due respect to those who are ‘concerned’ about teaching creationism alongside evolution, do not be dismayed.  The Lord, our God, is more powerful than we give him credit for in our finite minds.


Until next time,


Red Stick Republican 



Referenced letter to the editor from The Advocate – May 1, 2008: 

OPINION:  Creationism effort might backfire

Believers in creationism are going down a slippery path proposing teaching it alongside evolution in the science classroom.

Consider this: 

Daughter to father: “Dad, there is no scientific data or evidence for creationism; it is all about belief. The bone information alone supporting evolution is overwhelming. You can propose a scientific hypothesis concerning an evolution issue and test it using existing geological evidence or do a microbiological laboratory experiment. You can’t do that with creationism.”

Clearly, she has been applying critical thinking skills, logical analysis and having open and objective discussion about each concept side-by-side.

The father answers: “The Bible says the Earth and all the living creatures within were created in six days.”

She responds: “But Dad, created in six Earth days is wrong. The geological evidence shows it took millions of years of continuous evolution to get the present living forms.”’

Father: “The words in the Bible were written by men inspired by God, they must be true.”

Daughter: “We discussed that issue. There is no scientific test for God-inspired writers of literature. And written words themselves allow no scientific hypothesis testing.”

There is a long pause, then she continues: “Dad, why did our state leaders allow creationism to be taught alongside evolution in science class? Each test put to creationism fails when the scientific method is used. Dad, I am now questioning my beliefs about God and the Bible.”

The science classroom is not a flat playing field for religious ideas. The odds are that side-by-side study will compromise spiritual beliefs, and any religion taught will not produce creationists.

As they say, be careful what you ask for.

Louis Thibodeaux
Baton Rouge