Elections can be difficult and challenging for voters.  Media reports and campaign rhetoric are often difficult to sift through to determine truth from lies.  Candidates portray their self as quintessential saviors promising to calm the troubled waters and rescue voters from all of their woes.  Opponents paint each other as evil souls with pasts that would make serial killers look like saints. 

What’s a voter to do?

If the candidate served in an elected capacity previously, research their record.  If the candidate is ‘new’ to the political process, research their life.  Sounds simple enough.  Another key for voters is going with their gut feeling.  Instinct is a powerful thing.

Other resources are available including organizations and groups that spend inordinate amounts of time researching issues, voting records and platforms of candidates.  Use those resources wisely based on your personal philosophy, beliefs and desires for a better quality of life for your community.  A few resources include:

  • Project Vote Smart:  Researches the backgrounds, campaign contributions, voting records, and public statements of candidates. 
  • Family Research Council:  Dedicated to family, the promotion of marriage and the sanctity of life, the FRC researches candidates based on conservative family values.
  • Louisiana Family Forum:  Biblical-based group committed to researching and presenting the facts of issues based on biblical principles.  LFF provides candidate ‘report cards’ rating candidates based on their voting records, personal and political beliefs.
  • Louisiana Board of Ethics:  Administers the laws surrounding ethics, conflicts of interest, campaign finance, and disseminating that information to the public.  Following the money by viewing each candidate’s financial expenditures and contributions can be very revealing.
  • Louisiana Legislature:  Contains detailed information on Louisiana laws, bills introduced, and voting records of candidates that serves as state Senators or Representatives.
  • The Advocate:  The Red Stick’s local daily newspaper provides current and historical data regarding political candidates, quotes and events surrounding campaigns. 
  • Baton Rouge Report:  The Red Stick’s premier business publisher of several publications providing information on business, current events and political happenings.  Their publications include the Baton Rouge Business Report, The Daily Report,  225 Magazine, and upcoming 1012 Magazine.
  • Other websites and political blogs are also outlets to view opinions and facts on candidates, political races and current issues surrounding proposed voter issues are a dime a dozen.  Some of my favorites are included on the left side of this page in my Blogroll list.

Remembering that each group and individuals is biased to their own conservative or liberal beliefs, voters can still learn a great deal by perusing the research, political and news sites listed above.  You can always visit the Louisiana republican or democrat websites, but take into account that they are pushing their party in lieu of the best interest of the people.  It certainly helps you to think out of the box and sort out the truth!

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican