In the right corner standing tall is newly elected Governor Bobby Jindal who is eliminating the Stelly Tax and developing a plan to do away with state income tax for Louisiana citizens. 

In the left corner stands short-sighted Mayor-President Kip Holden who backed the original Stelly Tax and plans to raise taxes significantly in the upcoming fall election.

Each man is in the fight of their life.  They are polar opposites.  Jindal is conservative.  Holden is liberal.  Two completely different men at odds due to their core beliefs and values.

Jindal, a republican, seeks ethics reform, believes life begins at conception, and that marriage is between a man and woman.

Holden, a democrat, seeks a liberal agenda, argued for abortion and pushes One Baton Rouge, a liberal movement touting the gay lifestyle.  Holden has even thumbed his nose at local church leaders in an effort to attack them for not supporting his One Baton Rouge liberal lifestyle agenda.

The people of Louisiana and the Red Stick have spoken in the Governor’s race.  They chose a candidate with conservative values that would move our state and parish forward.

This fall the voters will have another opportunity to make a choice.  They can re-elect a spend-thrift liberal OR look for a candidate closer to their values that will move the Red Stick forward.

Mayor-President Kip Holden ran against former mayor Bobby Simpson claiming he did not address our traffic problems and reduce our crime.  Holden’s promise to solve these issues have not been accomplished.    

Holden, in fact, has turned over the reigns of city parish government to his right hand man, Walter Monsour.  Meanwhile, Holden seems to find his rightful place at festivals, special events, hot lunch spots, jaunting around the country to conferences, or searching for ways for taxpayers to fund his special interest projects in preparation for his re-election. 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican