In 1998 Hurricane Mitch was one of the deadliest and powerful Atlantic hurricanes in history killing 11,000 and leaving 8,000 missing with 75 inches of rain.  Rarely does a hurricane receive the same name ID. 

Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu was inaugurated as Lt. Governor in January.  At that time no one had a clue that he might move into the #1 position as Governor of the State of Louisiana.  Some say Hurricane Mitch is brewing.

If Governor Bobby Jindal is enticed to join presidential candidate John McCain, it could be the only way a Landrieu could finally win the coveted seat of Governor this long time political family has only dreamed of in Louisiana.  The Landrieu family has been involved in Louisiana politics since 1950.

The election or appointment of the #2 position in any branch of government or business is paramount.  If anything happens to the #1 person, they are succeeded by their ‘right hand man’. 

Landrieu is a household name in politics.  Patriarch, Moon Landrieu, served as a judge, a member of the legislature and eventually mayor of New Orleans.  Mitch’s sister, Mary Landrieu served in the legislature, on the board of education and currently is a senator in the U.S. Congress.  Mitch served as state Representative in the Louisiana legislature and is currently serving his second term as Lt. Governor of Louisiana. 

The Landrieu political legacy runs deep in Louisiana politics.  Keep an eye on this brewing storm.  It might be a history maker.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican