I don’t normally believe rumors, but it may be true that Louisiana legislators are in the process of rewriting the Weather Girl’s most famous song ‘It’s Raining Men’.  I hear the new title is “It’s Raining Cash!’  I can see them dancing in the halls of the State Capitol as money falls out of the sky . . .

Hi! Hi! We’re your legislators! Ah-huh!

And have we got news for YOU!  You better listen!

Get ready all your poor voters

and leave your ethics at home!  Alright!

Gas prices are rising!  Disposable income’s low!

According to all sources – politics is the way to go!

Cause on Friday for the first time

Just about in a flash

For the first time in history

It’s gonna start raising cash!

It’s raining cash, Hallelujah!  It’s raining cash, Amen!

At the expense of taxpayers I’m gonna go out and let myself get

Absolutely soaking wet!

It’s raining Cash, Hallelujah!  It’s raining Cash, Amen!

On a more serious note, according to the Census Bureau, the average household income in the U.S. in 2007 was less than what Louisiana legislators are planning to pay their self annually for part-time public service.  As the old saying goes, I have bad news and good news!  First the bad news:

What’s really interesting is to break down the number of days and hours the legislature is ‘required’ to serve at the state capitol.  (I do realize they work other days, but let’s look at this with the knowledge that virtually every legislator has another job and income.)  Take a look:  2008 Organizational Session = 3 days, 2008  First Extraordinary Session = 13 days, 2008 Second Extraordinary Session = 6 days, 2008 Regular Session = 44 days. 

That’s a total of 66 days in session divided into the proposed salary increases nets between $900 to $1,153 per day, plus committee per diem of $143, plus mileage.  I’m no accountant, but I believe that averages between $96 to $144 per hour not including per diem and mileage.  (Previously they made $31.75 per hour average plus per diem and mileage.)  Or more.  I based this on an 8 hour work day which is not a reality for all days of the legislature or all legislators for that matter.

When you look at it as an hourly average it does put it into perspective.  What are our elected officials thinking?  What are they piping in to the state capitol these days?  It’s almost like watching an armored car with the back door open and legislators scrambling for the cash before the guards realize what’s happening!  (The guards are the voters.)  Uh, oh!  The voters have been notified of the money grab!  Yikes!

Now, for the good news:  Legislators have finally accomplished what Secretary of State Jay Dardenne couldn’t by getting the attention of voters and potential voters.  There is a sense of outrage by citizens of our state at the legislative money grab which could very well result in increased voter registration and attendance in the voting booths this fall and in future elections!  I think this is the definition of a ‘call to arms’?

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican