Know how to talk voters in to saying yes to a tax package during financially troubling times?  Dangle a bunch of carrots in front of them in hopes they will get so caught up in the carrots they will forget about the taxes.

Taxpayers are now being enticed to vote for Holden’s massive tax plan with another carrot:  a downtown museum, riverwalk, aquarium and theme park.  Holden says this will improve the quality of life for EBRP citizens.

Never mind the first 15 minutes of the news announcing the murders of the day or the bullets in your neighborhood and home invasions on the rise.  The tax package takes care of that also, because you are going to pay to build a new prison that will make space for more of those annoying criminals.

Holden will also get a renovated office with your tax dollars which will update the governmental building.  All of this wrapped up in more carrots that include a couple fire stations, a public safety building (new offices for the police and sheriff headquarters), and some traffic light synchronizations.  Just enough enticements to sell you on digging deeper into your pocketbook.

The $989 million tax package will be paid by a 1/2 cent increase in sales tax and a 9.9 mill property tax for homeowners.  And you only have to pay the new tax increase for the next 30 years!

DeSoto Park will require an additional $45 to $55 million in improvements that are not included in the tax package.  Holden hopes to convince the Governor to fund this project.  Forget about the fact that the Governor is already cutting the fat in our state budget this week. 

Since 2002 DeSoto Park was marked as a potential park location.  It has been a tangled web of issues surrounding funding, ownership and lack of priority with the state of Louisiana and legislature.  What makes Holden think he can change those issues with his tax package?

UPDATE:  Today Mayor Holden and ‘shadow mayor’ Walter Monsour became indignant when the Metro Council asked for more time to review the plan.  Kudos to Councilman David Bonneno who led the charge for more details, more time and thought into Holden’s tax plan.

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Red Stick Republican