EBRP Media Spin: Schedule your lobotomy Wednesday, Aug 27 2008 


George Orwell would probably say that Mayor Kip Holden’s media spinners successfully used the Baton Rouge Business Report to be their mouthpiece for the fall EBR Parish mayoral race.  It seems as if political consultants intend to give the voters a frontal lobotomy.  

Voters should not be summarily dismissed.  This seems to be the essence of yesterday’s presentation to voters of the parish informing all of us – that we should just calmly line up at the voting booth and mindlessly pull the lever for Mayor Kip Holden this fall.   The polls are in and it’s over.  An extremely skewed look at the opposition indicates so much conspiracy that JFK theorists are left in the dirt.  So much for unbiased media.

How many ways did the media spinners tell us to accept the predestined choice of Holden as our next Mayor?  These excerpts pretty much wrap up the election explaining that Holden is:  “immovable”, a shoe-in”. “a foregone conclusion”, “in good shape”, “can only be derailed if the world comes to an end“,“a virtual certainty”.

Well now, why do we even need an election?  What were Holden’s opponents thinking?  I realize I will make no friends with this blog, but then I’m not here to make friends. How dare that Red Stick Republican opine.

So folks, let’s just stop thinking, talking or listening to anyone who might remotely suggest that someone else is running for Mayor and might have what it takes to make changes in our traffic, crime or quality of life.  We are stuck with the current Mayor, Kip Holden, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.  In the words of Stevie Wonder:  Signed, sealed, delivered, he’s yours.

The article even goes to such lengths to state that Red Stick voters are so deliriously happy with where we are and that we credit the Mayor for our manic feeling about EBR Parish.  Wow.

Repeat after ‘them’:  “We love Baton Rouge.  The parish we live is has no traffic problems.  We have all crime under control.  We are happy with our taxes and can’t wait to pay more taxes.  We believe all spending by city-parish is needed and there is no need to cut wasteful spending.  We want to pour a ton more money into downtown.  We believe our education system is top notch.  Our  sewer system is not overflowing.  We want to build a new prison to make it more comfortable for offenders.  We know our neighborhoods are safe, our children can roam the streets with no worry about their safety, and we should probably not lock our doors at night.  We do not have a drug trafficking problem.  Food prices and gas prices do not worry us in the least.  Life in the Red Stick is the best in the nation and we are #1 in quality of life.  Pretty soon we will be a top tier city and businesses will be flocking here to pay our tax increases.  Right now all routes into the parish are jammed with new residents moving here to enjoy the good life in Baton Rouge.  All we have to do is keep chanting this mantra and remember that where we are today is all because of Mayor Kip Holden who has been scandal free in his first term.  We trust him with our lives, our daughters and first born sons.”  After all, he has 24/7 security guards!

In fact, why not call your physician and set up an appointment for a frontal lobotomy.  Rent the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest“, pop some popcorn, grab a cold beer and sit back and just let things take the course that is already set in stone.  Your vote doesn’t matter.   Neither does your opinion.  The tax will pass, and the Mayor is in for the long haul.  Open your mouth and take your medicine like a good little boy or girl and go to your room and enjoy your time out.  The decision is made for you today!  You are free from any decision to choose someone other than Kip Holden as your Mayor. 

Have a nice day!

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

P.S.  For those who have a mind of their own, stay tuned!

Jury Still Out on Crime Stats for EBR Parish Sunday, Aug 24 2008 


Baton Rouge City Police released statistics for the first six months of 2008 claiming crime is on the decrease.  In order to determine the parish as a whole, we also need the statistics from the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office which are not available.  The last figures released by the EBRSO were for 2007.

With all due respect to the BR Police Department, statistics are relative to reporting.  Robbery was up 24 for the first six months of 2008 compared to 2007.  Rape was up 8 for the first six months of 2008 compared to 2007.  History of crime statistics for the BRPD indicate that any given crime goes up or down from month to month.  Overall statistics are what matters.

Headlines indicate crime is a major concern and not on the downward swing:

ARSON:  “The total number of arsons in East Baton Rouge Parish is consistent with the number last year.”  The Advocate,  July 26, 2008

MURDER:  “The number of murders committed within Baton Rouge City limits last year was 2 shy of a 1993 high of 74 victims.”  The Advocate, January 12, 2008

OVERALL RANKING:  “Baton Rouge was the 28th most dangerous city in the nation, and the most dangerous city in the state.”  The Advocate, January 17, 2008

GARDERE AREA:  “Crime around the apartments have been bad for more than a decade.  This year has been especially violent with four people shot to death in less than six months.”  The Advocate, June 15, 2008

SCOTLANDVILLE AREA:  “Many years ago Scotlandville was a thriving community . . . our community is scared . . . we have to do something about crime in our area.”  The Advocate, August 20, 2008

GARDEN DISTRICT:  “The overall level of crime (in the Garden District) is not any worse than in any other neighborhoods.”  Nevertheless, off-duty patrol officers have been increased from 90 to 120 hours monthly.  The Advocate, July 24, 2008

As I said, statistics are relative, take a look:

“A spokesman for the Baton Rouge Police Department said the agency does not track how many people are injured by gunfire unintended for them.  The Advocate show stray bullets have derailed numerous lives across the parish in the past few years.”  The Advocate, August 15, 2008

Again, to see the entire picture you need all statistics for EBR Parish – not just the BRPD stats.  Let me be very clear that all officers of the law are doing their best with the tools they have been provided.  Statistics are not an indication that officers are not giving their all.  I doubt you could find anyone who would not agree that deputies and police officers do an incredible job on a daily basis. 

There is a bigger problem that our community must address.  It begins at the top.  Mayor Kip Holden promised to address crime with community policing.  The definition of community policing can be relative depending upon the politician you ask.  

Patrick Olivier, criminal justice professor at Cedarville University in Ohio, said:

“When crime starts to increase, there is more pressure to show short-term results.”

After four years of being in office, Mayor Kip Holden finally decided to address the problems in crime-ridden and blighted Eden Park in August with a job fair, neighborhood clean-up and crime prevention workshop according to The Advocate, August 5, 2008. 

Well, it is an election year.  Enough said.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

$1,000,000 Spent by Mayor Kip Holden Friday, Aug 22 2008 


Economic development is fairly simple.  Creating and retaining jobs is the focus.  If successful, a community thrives.  For some god-forsaken reason, the state of Louisiana and parish of East Baton Rouge have gone mad over economic development.  No one has explained it better than C. B. Forgotston in his blog on Stephen Moret.  If you haven’t read it, please do yourself a favor and read it today!

Zeroing in on EBR Parish, you should be aware that Mayor Kip Holden entered into an agreement with the Baton Rouge Area Chamber to handle economic development for the Red Stick.  This million dollar contract, yes $1,000,000, netted him an endorsement for the upcoming election.  I suppose it would have been too much to ask for the Chamber to stick to economic development and stay out of a political race? 

In 2006 Stephen Moret, then head of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, traveled on the 3rd economic development Baton Rouge contingency trip to North Carolina.  Perhaps businessman John Noland made the most prolific statement among those participating.  Noland said “Until we figure out a way to lift 41% of our African-American community out of poverty, we’re not going to be the city we need to be.”

Instead of listening to Noland’s challenge, Mayor Kip Holden banked on changing the Red Stick by building an entertainment district in downtown Baton Rouge.  Holden has poured millions of tax dollars into downtown since that trip in hopes this would be the economic development ticket to paradise.

Nevermind the “Keys to Baton Rouge Growth” which came out of the contingency trip.  Nevermind that “reducing poverty levels through education and training” was #3 on the list.  Holden has other priorities.  Shortly after the trip, consideration was given to allowing bars downtown to stay open past 2:00 a.m.  This would explain the late night security guard logs for “Mayors Function” until 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. uncovered recently by the media.  I digress.  Nevermind that Raleigh didn’t even have a downtown entertainment district.  Their city’s focus was on education and research.  Duh?

In January of 2007, Mayor Kip Holden pushed the Metro Council to pay the Baton Rouge Area Chamber $500,000 of taxpayer’s money in lieu of creating an economic development department in-house.  Moret said, at that time, that he had secured an additional $2.5 million to add to the pot for marketing Baton Rouge.

Now it’s 2008.  Moret has moved on to the state with the same rhetoric he had while at the helm of the BR Chamber and a $320,000 salary to boot.  Mayor Kip Holden has paid another $500,000 to the Chamber for economic development this year.  But Downtown is still the major focus for Holden as he wants to build parking garages, hotels, a tourist attraction and a new administrative building among a few carrots he is throwing law enforcement and fire personnel for new headquarters.

Meanwhile our citizens are struggling for affordable healthcare in order to keep or find their place in the workplace.  Employers are struggling to find a trained workforce.  Crime ravishes the streets of the Red Stick and our recidivism rate for criminals is less than desirable.  Transportation woes along with high gas prices affect single parents struggling trying to make ends meet.  The need for improved education and job training is a major priority that we cannot continue to ignore.

As I said in the beginning.  Forgotston got it right this time.  We don’t need pontification by Moret, nor Holden.  We need action.  Get down into the trenches folks.  Remember the taxpayers you promised to serve and improve their quality of life?

John Noland and C. B. Forgotston are both pioneers in their respective fields and activists that have put their money and talent where it has made a difference.  We need a mayor that can emulate their fortitude and action.  We need a new mayor that will SLASH THE BUDGET, SPEND MONEY MORE WISELY, TRAIN OUR WORKFORCE AND RAISE OUR CITIZENS OUT OF THE MIRE. 

Question of the day:  Do you want to know what the best thing for Baton Rouge economic development would be? 

Answer:  Empower citizens to thrive so much that businesses will flock to our parish for a qualified, trained, motivated workforce. 

In ending, how many individuals could we have trained for the workforce with the money we have spent on Mayor Kip Holden’s security guards?  One?  Two?  Five?  Ten?  Whatever that number is would put us closer to our goal for true economic development.  I venture to guess that the hundreds of thousands of dollars could have made a difference in a few Red Stick citizens.  That’s economic development.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Mayor Holden Plans Down the Sewer Thursday, Aug 21 2008 


East Baton Rouge City Parish is federally mandated to fix our aging sewer system by the year 2015 to prevent overflow during heavy rains.  If you question some residents of the Red Stick, you will find they are consistently plagued with flooding on a regular basis.  On 8/13 the Metro Council agenda included $72,553 in settlements to just 4 residents.  This is a regular agenda item adding up to huge amounts paid to home owners affected by flooding due to an inadequate sewer system.

Mayor Kip Holden abandoned the deep tunnel approach to solve the sewer system problem with curtailing sewer overflow.  Holden’s plan has a $1.2 billion price tag.  Former Mayor Bobby Simpson and the Metro Council approved an annual 4 percent sewer fee increase that goes into effect each January.  The plan was approved for a deep tunnel approach.

In January of this year, the Louisiana Home Builders Association and independent builders weighed in by challenging the city parish before Judge Kay Bates.  The argument was ‘postponed’ by the Judge pending more evidence.  Home Builders want fees to directly benefit property owners and have concerns that new developments are properly assessed and the burden that new developments have on the existing sewer system.

Since 1994, EBR City Parish has collected $43.5 million of which $23.1 million has been allocated for specific projects leaving $20.4 million in reserve.  According to the Public Works Finance Department, fees will not adequately cover Holden’s proposed sewer improvement plan, claiming there will be a $250 to $300 million shortfall.

Shadow Mayor Walter Monsour has already approached the EPA to request a two year extension on the mandated 2015 deadline.  Obviously, Monsour agrees there will be a shortfall.

How does our Mayor plan on fully funding the sewer system improvements?  It’s a question we must all ask. 

Now, Mayor Holden wants to impose another new tax that builds parking garages, a new jail and a barrage of other projects with no inclusion of the sewer system.  In fact, Shadow Mayor Walter Monsour clearly stated that the new tax dollars have nothing to do with the sewer system upgrade. 

CH2M Hill was hired by Mayor Holden to oversee the sewer project.  In 2006, he agreed to pay CH2M Hill $1.8 million for six months as a management fee.  They evidently will be paid nearly $20 million over the life of the project.  Not without controversy, CH2M Hill also did the peer review for potential management firms.  At the time, interim public works director William Daniel claimed CH2M Hill would not bid.  So much for that promise.  Daniel is a close ally of Holden.

Something stinks.  And it’s not just the sewerage.  While sugarplums dance in Mayor Holden’s head over new parking garages and upgrading the prison to house criminals, our sewer system is falling short and so is the funding.  Just another example of Mayor Kip Holden’s plans down the sewer.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Mayor Holden: Cut Wasteful Spending Tuesday, Aug 19 2008 


The East Baton Rouge Parish Department of Finance reported a $3 million increase in sales tax collection yesterday for the first six months of 2008.  When I see income increases in the city parish budget of this magnitude, I am more convinced than ever Mayor Kip Holden’s proposed tax increase is the last thing we need.

Mayor Kip Holden and city government need to work within the confines of the current budget.  The concept we should embrace is to spend money more wisely and pay as we go.  We need adjustments in current spending, not excuses for increased spending.

The city parish budget includes a mission statement to ‘provide the citizens of this parish with excellence in government.”  Excellence does not equate to our current inequities in traffic, crime and education.

Mayor Holden’s budget also makes another promise: “We will seek quicker and better ways to improve infrastructure through greater participation from state and federal partners and greater efficiency within local government.”  This statement sounds like an acceptable plan. 

“Fiscal responsibility”  is also mentioned in the city parish budget.  Lots of buzz phrases, but where’s the beef, Mayor Holden?   

The city parish budget has steadily increased since Kip Holden was elected Mayor of EBR Parish:

  • $563 million in 2005
  • $592 million in 2006
  • $621 million in 2007
  • $679 million in 2008

In fact, Holden’s budget increases have nearly doubled from $29 million increases in 2006 and 2007 to a $53 million increase in 2008.  Now, he wants us to pay more taxes to underwrite his $989 million plan for increased spending while we are on the cusp of a recession.  High gas prices, increased grocery costs, and a sluggish economy are not conducive to tax increases to the working class who are currently struggling with stretching their dollars.

The answers are simple.  Scrub the current budget.  Decrease spending.  Be fiscally responsible.  Seek more federal and state grants.  Develop more public-private partnerships. 

Believe it or not, spending in smaller areas is a good start.  If you can’t afford a $4.00 cup of coffee, then you make coffee at home.  City government should be no different.  Prime example:  24/7 security officers are not necessary.  Recently they replayed a clip on the nightly news showing one of Holden’s security officers holding an umbrella over his head while he got out of the car.  It made me realize that the Mayor has no regard for the taxpayer’s money or city-parish budget.  We simply need to cut wasteful spending.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Politics & Morality Sunday, Aug 17 2008 

Don Corleone said “I spent my whole life trying not to be careless.”  The Godfather could afford to not worry about his lack of morality.  The world he created was corrupt and his friends adapted the same philosophy.

We live, however, in the real world not in a movie, and the truth is that morality does matter to all of us save the criminal element.  The laws of the land and our support of those laws speak volumes about where we stand on morality.  The truth is that we embrace the law when a murder, rape or robbery is committed because humanity knows right from wrong and believes in punishment for failure to follow the law.

The same has applied to morality for centuries.  Unfortunately another school of thought keeps popping its head up.  That is the flawed thinking that immoral acts are ‘not that bad’ and we should understand ‘human frailty’ and accept these mistakes as ‘poor decision making’ that doesn’t affect performance on the job.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

Lying, stealing and cheating are not attributes a potential employer embraces in a new applicant.  Yet, I am amazed daily as I hear politicians or their representatives claim that what they do in private has no relevance to the job they perform.  Denial is not just a river in Egypt. 

Should voters embrace this mentality?  Would you hire a nanny for your children that slept with her previous employer?  Would you hire a contractor who overcharged your friend?  Would you turn your beloved pet over to someone abused his wife?  I’m fairly confident the answer is no in all cases. 

Don’t be confused with the difference between forgiveness and responsibility.  Forgiveness is a choice we hopefully make towards others and our self when we commit an immoral act.  Responsibility is when we are willing to accept the consequences of our actions.  Breaking down the moral fabric of our society is a common theme that we must reject.  

If politicians, their political consultants and representatives really believe corrupt morals do not matter let them try creating a political mail piece with the following language:

“I cheated on my spouse.  I worked behind the scenes to help a fellow candidate get elected for cash under the table.  I have lied to my constituents in order to save my image to the voters.  I believe that all the money I have taken, the adultery I committed and the lies I have told have no relevance on how I represent the voters once elected.  Trust me and re-elect me in the upcoming election.”

Now try to convince me that bad morals do not matter to the voters. 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Mayor’s Counteraccusations Fail Thursday, Aug 14 2008 


David Dugas, U. S. Attorney, said there is no federal crime to investigate in the case surrounding an anonymous flyer accusing Mayor-President Kip Holden of an affair.  The Attorney General’s office has also withdrawn their investigation.

There is another investigation taking place. 

WBRZ filed a Freedom of Information Act request as well as several Metro Council Members to investigate the Mayor’s use of Baton Rouge City Police as his personal security detail.  The initial result indicates weeks with excessive overtime until 1:00 to 2:00 a.m.  The explanation for these times are listed as  ‘Mayor Function’.  What kind of governmental events go on in Baton Rouge until 2:00 a.m.? 

While some council members are asking whether the overtime should be paid by taxpayers, Holden’s attorney says the time sheets are irrelevant.  Irrelevant to whom?

More questions are being raised as to the amount of overtime for these late night events.  In one case, WBRZ showed a time sheet on the 10:00 p.m. news that had 31 hours of overtime.  

One must ask again why on earth would the Mayor consistently speak about charges and rumors if they had no validity?  What political consultants are giving him this advice?  Just a couple months ago Mayor Holden discussed rumors of his marital indiscretions with white women with the Baton Rouge Business Report.

The Mayor has created his own fiasco.  Holden brought up the alleged affair.  Holden overreacted to a flyer.  Holden called for a federal investigation.  Holden made counteraccusations that seem to have no validity.  All of his actions have now launched an investigation into his security’s time sheets, hours of operation and the amount taxpayers are paying for his midnight functions.  The next thing we will hear is that the paparazzi is following Holden around all hours of the night for these ‘mayor functions’. 

Now, Holden says he wants to be about the city’s business, put this behind him and just do his job.  GREAT IDEA!  It’s like a light bulb went off in his head.  BRILLIANT!  Thomas Edison would be so proud.  This is why we elected you Mr. Mayor.  SUPERB!  Maybe your midnight ‘functions’ will end and you will spend more time going about the people’s business who elected you.

Just in time for re-election, I might add.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Mayoral Accusations & Counteraccusations Saturday, Aug 9 2008 


The truth shall set you free.  Some consider that phrase difficult to embrace while others cling to it as a necessary biblical foundation to build upon.  Truth is associated with sincerity, openness and fact.  In politics, accusations and counteraccusations supersede the truth.  Mayor Kip Holden proved this adage true over the last few weeks.  

Recently the infamous ‘marital infidelity accusations’ flyer about Mayor Kip Holden has taken over the Red Stick like a hurricane and reading The Advocate has become like opening up the National Enquirer and the nightly news is like watching Entertainment Tonight. 

Thus the title of this blog:  Accusations & Counteraccusations

Accusation:  A flyer was created.  It was mailed to some voters in EBR Parish claiming Mayor Kip Holden got a black eye and fat lip from the husband of the woman he was dating.   Holden runs to the press and cries foul saying he is calling for a criminal investigation to get to the bottom of the source of the flyer.  Holden hires well-known criminal attorney Mary Olive Pierson to represent him.  Pierson tells the media she has investigators on the research trail and that whoever is behind it is “dumb as a box rocks.” 

1st:  Counteraccusation: Holden accused Byron Sharper as a source of the mailer and his brother as a man passing out the flyers.  Sharper flatly denied that accusation to The Advocate as well as denying his brother, Kurt, was distributing the flyers.  Sharper has now asked for time sheets and logs for Holden’s bodyguards to determine his activities for the past four years since the flyer states that bodyguards bring Holden around town to bars (on your tax dollars) and parties as a normal practice.

2nd Counteraccusation:  Holden made counteraccusations by saying “I think people pretty much know the character of people running against me on the council.”  Ironically, the only council member running is Wayne ‘Spider’ Carter who said he had nothing to do with the flyer and that he is very disappointed in the Mayor for making these statements. Carter flatly denies any involvement in the flyers.

3rd Counteraccusation:  Mayor Holden also claimed it was one of his opponents or their political operatives.  Like Carter, Dan Kyle, another mayoral candidate, had nothing to do with the flyer according to Scott Wilfong, the man who was contracted by a private party to mail the flyers, stated in a WBRZ interview.  

Mayor Holden may be the definition of irony in this fiasco.  While calling for criminal investigations and playing this out in the media, he is making his own accusations about others, painting them in a negative light.  In politics, this is known as subtle character assassination.  Holden seems to have developed it to a fine art.

When your backed against a wall, your reaction tells a lot about your character.  In this case, I would give Holden a failing grade.  He has taken the low road.  He has made counteraccusations with no proof.  He has become that which he says he loathes in others.  Perhaps the flyer was successful in that it showed us who our Mayor really is?  The truth shall set you free.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Mayor Kip Holden: 30 Year Prison Tax Plan Wednesday, Aug 6 2008 


Mayor Kip Holden has presented a $989 million proposed tax increase for the citizens of EBR Parish.  The tax would last for 30 years.  Part of Holden’s tax plan includes building a new prison.  The Mayor refused to seperate the plan into components so voters could consider each improvement on its own merit.  So are we ready to pay for a new prison in the Red Stick? 

The new EBR Parish prison will cost taxpayers $135 million out of the new tax plan, providing 2,280 beds for inmates.  Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said,  “a new prison is needed to ensure that criminals do not walk the streets”.  I beg to differ.  Building a prison won’t keep criminals off our streets.  The problem is much bigger than housing. 

Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said “1,700 prisoners are behind bars in a facility meant to hold 1,594” in a Baton Rouge Business Report interview.  Gautreaux also said that the new facility of 2,280 beds is “more than enough space to meet projected needs of 2,135 by the year 2025.”  These figures make no sense to me.  1,700 inmates plus 339 inmates currently housed outside the parish adds up to 2,039.  Are we to believe there will only be 241 additional inmates to house over the next 17 years?  That’s only 14 new prisoners annually. 

This is part of the problem with a 30 year tax proposal.  By the time we get a few years behind us, we are already working in a deficit.  Statistics can be made to sound good, but when you take the magnifying glass and take a closer look – well, not such a rosy picture is presented.

The bottom line is that we need to determine if building a new prison is a priority for the taxpayers.  This is just one component of a multi-faceted tax plan that Mayor Kip Holden wants you and your children to pay for the next 30 years.

Sheriff Sid Gautreaux would do well to study Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Phoenix who did not ask for a tax increase to build additional prisons until he created a tent city and showed that he could control spending and do away with the luxuries of prison life.  Let’s get rid of the color televisions and weight rooms and spend tax dollars on basics before we start paying more taxes for a new prison.

In 2000, the taxpayers voted down a tax proposal to renovate the prison with a 60% vote against the tax, and with only 10% showing up at the polls.  Fast forward 8 years to today.  We have spent an average of $7.7 million annually on the prison.  Sorry, but we need to spend money more wisely and on the neighborhood programs and facilities vs. a nicer facility for those who are a threat to society.  I say NO to higher taxes to fund a new prison.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Mayor Holden Protesteth Too Much Saturday, Aug 2 2008 

When politicians get caught with their pants down it becomes a public scandal.  Today’s newspaper focuses on someone who has ‘gone public’ via a mailer claiming Mayor Kip Holden’s pants were caught down.  Supposedly Holden received a black eye and fat lip from an angry husband who caught Holden with his wife.  Holden denies the black eye came from another man and was due to a fall on carpet.  Why do I find that statement somewhat humorous? 

Mayor Holden is treading on potentially dangerous political ground as he has countered the mailer by going public himself and calling for a criminal investigation into the source of the mailer.  There is an old saying, “let sleeping dogs lie” which might have been a better approach during an election year.

It’s long been the talk of the Red Stick that Mayor Holden has been having a tryst with a white woman.  Mayor Kip Holden even spoke openly about adulterous stories during an interview with the BR Business Report.  At the time I scratched my head and thought he was surely committing political suicide and even blogged about it because I thought he needed new political consultants.  When Holden talks about breaking down the race barriers, I had no idea this was what he meant.

Politics 101:  Never, never, never let your opponent know your weaknesses, because your weakness then becomes your opponent’s strength.  

Honesty, integrity and honoring others is a part of the marital bond.  If you dishonor your marriage, then you have shown yourself unworthy of trust.  Voters seek those they can trust.  Pretty simple.

History repeats itself and gives us insight into how these things play out.  Take a look:

  • Democrat Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, formerly called the “most honest man in Detroit”, lost all respect of his own metro council when his marital discretions came to light as they recently called for his removal.  Kilpatrick, of course, denied the allegations, but found himself in the middle of a Whistleblower Trial resulting in an $8 million court award.  Key note:  Personal security detail not only costs taxpayers big bucks, it can bite you in the rear. 
  • Democrat Mayor Antonio Villarigosa, committed infidelity twice.  The first time his wife had just been diagnosed with cancer.  She left him and came back for more of the same.  Villarigosa claims that his personal life has no relevance on his political career.  Key note:  If you cannot be faithful to your spouse, how can you be faithful to the voters?
  • Democrat Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco was drawn into the spotlight for his affinity for pretty women.  His wife left him and later he committed adultery with his campaign manager’s wife.  Newsom regained his goodwill in the community by seeking alcohol treatment and publicly admitting the error of his ways and for hurting his close friend.  Key note:  Honesty and asking for forgiveness publicly can work.  Just ask Bill Clinton!
  • Other mayoral sex scandals ended in sadder circumstances including Mayor Jim West, found to be a player in the Boy Scouts of America sex scandal, who was recalled.  He died 5 months later.  Key note:  Sexual indiscretions and indictments can result in death. 

Sexual indiscretions are a tough topic.  Even tougher are those who commit these acts and then live in denial.  The Red Stick is like a small town.  People talk.  We are living in the electronic age where email and cellular calls hawk the news before God hears about it. 

Bottom line is that whether the mailer is correct or not, even Holden openly talks about the buzz of his indiscretions to the media through interviews about his crossover appeal and calling for a criminal investigation. Remember the old saying “be careful what you ask for”?

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican