The truth shall set you free.  Some consider that phrase difficult to embrace while others cling to it as a necessary biblical foundation to build upon.  Truth is associated with sincerity, openness and fact.  In politics, accusations and counteraccusations supersede the truth.  Mayor Kip Holden proved this adage true over the last few weeks.  

Recently the infamous ‘marital infidelity accusations’ flyer about Mayor Kip Holden has taken over the Red Stick like a hurricane and reading The Advocate has become like opening up the National Enquirer and the nightly news is like watching Entertainment Tonight. 

Thus the title of this blog:  Accusations & Counteraccusations

Accusation:  A flyer was created.  It was mailed to some voters in EBR Parish claiming Mayor Kip Holden got a black eye and fat lip from the husband of the woman he was dating.   Holden runs to the press and cries foul saying he is calling for a criminal investigation to get to the bottom of the source of the flyer.  Holden hires well-known criminal attorney Mary Olive Pierson to represent him.  Pierson tells the media she has investigators on the research trail and that whoever is behind it is “dumb as a box rocks.” 

1st:  Counteraccusation: Holden accused Byron Sharper as a source of the mailer and his brother as a man passing out the flyers.  Sharper flatly denied that accusation to The Advocate as well as denying his brother, Kurt, was distributing the flyers.  Sharper has now asked for time sheets and logs for Holden’s bodyguards to determine his activities for the past four years since the flyer states that bodyguards bring Holden around town to bars (on your tax dollars) and parties as a normal practice.

2nd Counteraccusation:  Holden made counteraccusations by saying “I think people pretty much know the character of people running against me on the council.”  Ironically, the only council member running is Wayne ‘Spider’ Carter who said he had nothing to do with the flyer and that he is very disappointed in the Mayor for making these statements. Carter flatly denies any involvement in the flyers.

3rd Counteraccusation:  Mayor Holden also claimed it was one of his opponents or their political operatives.  Like Carter, Dan Kyle, another mayoral candidate, had nothing to do with the flyer according to Scott Wilfong, the man who was contracted by a private party to mail the flyers, stated in a WBRZ interview.  

Mayor Holden may be the definition of irony in this fiasco.  While calling for criminal investigations and playing this out in the media, he is making his own accusations about others, painting them in a negative light.  In politics, this is known as subtle character assassination.  Holden seems to have developed it to a fine art.

When your backed against a wall, your reaction tells a lot about your character.  In this case, I would give Holden a failing grade.  He has taken the low road.  He has made counteraccusations with no proof.  He has become that which he says he loathes in others.  Perhaps the flyer was successful in that it showed us who our Mayor really is?  The truth shall set you free.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican