Bodyguards normally protect high profile individuals such as celebrities, the famous, the wealthy and political figures such as the president.   Unless you are the Mayor of EBR Parish.

One of my buds is a former law enforcement officer and served as a bodyguard for a past governor.  He and I have spoken about the need for security in this day and age and the overwhelming demand for bodyguards for high-profile government officials, the rich and celebrities.  When I told him that the Mayor-President of the Red Stick had an entourage of officers guarding him 24/7 he went silent on the phone.  A couple minutes later he said ‘these are type of men that have delusions of grandeur and waste taxpayers money’.  

Where is the Mayor hanging out that he needs this type of security?  What is the Mayor doing that would cause him to need bodyguards?  This has been a question all three candidates for mayor have asked.  Records of Holden’s security detail have been scrutinized in the court of public opinion.  Weighing the facts, Holden is found wanting.

Immediately after his initial election as Mayor-President, Kip Holden was questioned as to whether he had any threats or specific concerns.  He said no.  So, what gives?  What makes Holden believe that he must be driven around in a Lincoln to local drinking establishments and events with security?  

If you want to know what someone is made of you keep an eye on the little things.  They are very telling.  The little foxes creep in and spoil the wine.  (Holden is a double fisted beer drinker.)  The little foxes show us what someone’s priorities are and what they are made of.  Like watching media clips of Holden’s security detail holding an umbrella over the mayor’s head.  It shows us Holden’s visions of grandeur.  The need to drive around in a new Lincoln that looks very similar to a limousine.  The requirement of a personal driver.  It shows us what is really important to Holden:  himself, his image (which he has gone to great lengths to brand – a brand most are not concerned with as much as he seems to be.)

In a recent article in the Baton Rouge Business Report, Mayor-President Kip Holden, stated that he had crossover appeal. The article also mentions Holden as one of the most social mayor’s the parish has elected, being seen on the dance floor and enjoying his drink of choice – a cold beer.  Holden mentions the whispers about a white mistress of his and a move by republicans to unseat him this fall.  It seems Holden is more concerned with his personal image and political career than what is important to the citizens of EBR Parish and how our tax dollars are spent.

While Mayor-President Kip Holden may believe that his slick hair, good ole boy talk and double breasted suits places him in a category requiring 24/7 bodyguards, the average citizen wants increased security to protect their families – their children and aging parents who are troubled by an increasing murder rate in the parish.  Crime is NOT down in the Red Stick as Holden’s commercials state.

Crime is up folks.  It doesn’t take a statistician to figure this one out even though Holden has made sure that the BR Police Department only publishes crime statistics through June, 2008 and the EBR Sheriff’s Office only reports crime statistics through April, 2008.  How convenient.  We do know rapes and petty crimes are up, which according to experts is a sign of things to come.  Not good.

It’s time to elect a new Mayor for East Baton Rouge – one that is less concerned with delusions of grandeur and who is as concerned about the safety of our families as he is for himself.  All three candidates for Mayor say they will NOT require 24/7 security and plan to drive their selves to work.  That would be true crossover appeal!

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican