In the political world, no matter how rough a campaign seems, it’s common to be humble, compliment or ignore your opponents if you win the election.  But newly re-elected Mayor Kip Holden, elevated the art of mockery to a new level by thumbing his nose at the opponents he beat.  

Furthermore, Holden made several accusations about his opponents:

  • Holden accused Kyle, Johnson and Carter of working in collusion in the Mayor’s race to unseat him in a “well devised plan”
  • Holden also accused his opponents of trying to steal away his white votes. 
  • Finally, Holden accused his opponents of negative campaigning and touted his own positive, upbeat TV ads. 

None of these comments surprise me.  This is Holden revealing himself as he truly is to the voters post-election.  What does surprise me is that he is unaware that his opponents did not run any ads due to lack of funds.  If Holden’s opponents had such a “well devised plan” we would have seen a different election, with all due respect to the mayor.  Maybe Holden does not understand what happens when an incumbent is taken on by more than one opponent?  In fact, normally it is much more intense.  I thought this race was fairly easy to win for him post-hurricane and with opponents who had virtually no funds to spend.

The comments about stealing his white votes is one I will let you figure out for yourself since no one but Holden has found it necessary to ever bring up the issue of race in the mayoral election.  After all, man does speak out of the abundance of his heart.

This is the true Kip Holden.  He opened a small crack in the door for voters to see who he really is in this interview with The Advocate.  Enough said.

If you want to ignore all of Holden’s comments listed above, feel free to do so.  But please pay attention to his final comment: 

  • Holden hopes his popularity will rub off on his proposed $989 million dollar tax package and plans on spending the next month campaigning to convince voters to say yes to increased taxes.

Holden refused to seperate this tax proposal to allow voters to choose the taxes they are willing to pay.  This was a huge mistake.  Voters now must agree to pay a 30-year increase in taxes for the package Holden and his consultants have put together.  All or nothing is our only choice.

Vote NO to a 30-year increase in taxes!

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican