Just when I thought the topic of the mayoral race was over and we would move on to the tax issue, like a bad movie, newly re-elected Mayor-President Kip Holden decides that thumbing his nose at his opponents who lost needed just a little more goading.  Or should I call it gloating by Holden?

This morning Holden gets out of bed (hopefully his own) and runs down to the radio station to the Jim Engster show to tell the voters there was a vast right wing conspiracy” against him that failed to bring him down because he is so damn likeable.

That’s absolutely the strangest thing I have ever heard. 

A guy wins a political race by nearly a landslide and he spends the first two days after the election talking with The Advocate and WKRF Radio about his opponents who lost to him.  

On the other hand, just in time for Halloween Mayor Holden takes off his mask and gives us all a glimpse of who he really is and what he is really about.  Take note, folks.

This is the beginning of a candidate coming undone! 

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.  Sad because Holden brought up some personal issue between him and a business owner that he thought had dreamed up this “vast right wing conspiracy” against him.  And, in usual fashion, the BR Business Report perpetuates this insanity by Holden to their readership on today’s daily report.  I believe it was the most forwarded Daily Report I’ve ever received with humorous comments about Kip needing to move on and be about the business of the people. 

What is most troubling is the quick draw by Holden to make accusations by specifically naming names of individuals he ‘feels’ have wronged him.  The message he is sending is that if you disagree with him or even choose to work against his agenda, your name will be given to the media.  Holden is attempting to intimidate those disagreeing with him. 

Bad move on Holden’s part.  Good for people to see first hand.  Welcome to Kip World! 

In less than 60 days Holden has accused 6 different people of distributing a negative flyer about him or participating in a “vast right wing conspiracy” changing the name of the accused in almost every interview.

Like Decuir said in a follow-up interview on Engster, this is a competitive business (politics) and to be expected.  Some even call it a full contact sport.  I do believe Holden just took off his mask, albeit once again, to show us what he is really made of and it isn’t very pretty.  Now can we talk about the 30-year tax you expect us to pay?

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican