On November 4, 2008, the 6th Congressional District will decide on who will represent them in Washington.  Those choices include Dr. Bill Cassidy, attorney Michael Jackson or incumbent Don Cazayoux.  Although it is true that Cazayoux has only been in office a few months, I thought it would be of interest to take a look at his voting record.

  • Cazayoux voted NAY to H.R. 6899.  A bill intended to reduce U.S. dependency on oil by advancing renewable and clean fuel alternatives.  His commercials say otherwise.  I believe the record.
  • Cazayoux ABSTAINED from several votes including H.R. 4081 to prevent tobacco smuggling and to ensure the collection of tobacco taxes, S. 2617 to increase the compensation for veterans, and H.R. 1527  to allow certain rural veterans to seek healthcare providers in their area – yet Cazayoux claims he honors veterans. 
  • The most positive thing I can attribute to Cazayoux was his record as a prosecutor which is to be commended.  Perhaps he should have remained in that capacity and continued service where it was more appropriate.

The Center for Responsive Politics shows that Cazayoux received 50% of his contributions from PACS.  This, along with his stand on numerous issues and tendency to increase taxes proves to me he is just another tax and spend liberal democrat out of touch with his constituency and the difficult challenges we all face.

Michael Jackson, as representative in the Louisiana Legislature, voted FOR the legislative pay raises.  Almost enough said, but not quite.

  • Jackson voted FOR including the promotion of poker tournaments.  Gaming in Louisiana has been a poor decision on our part and added to the demise of many families causing undue financial strain taking away from the real needs of families.
  • Jackson voted AGAINST ethics complaints being anonymous which is a deterrent to complaints by those fearing revenge.
  • A positive for Jackson has been his work in the inner city areas on health centers and education.  He is to be commended.

Reviewing Jackson’s voting record does not make me a huge fan of his politics.  I cannot, in good faith, vote for Jackson to pull levers on my behalf in D.C. though he would be better than Cazayoux in my opinion.  UPDATE:  Due to Jackson’s position in The Advocate today on granting 12 million illegal immigrants amnesty, opposing domestic drilling and providing universal healthcare endorsed by Obama, I withdraw my earlier comment that he is an option to consider for Congress.

Senator Bill Cassidy immediately received my kudos when he voted AGAINST the legislative pay raise on the infamous debacle of SB672.   It was refreshing, to say the least.  Other initiatives by Cassidy caught my eye and showed me he was a candidate interested in the needs of the people:

  • Cassidy voted YES to castration of sex offenders on SB144, something his opponent did not do.
  • Cassidy voted YES to curb those allowed to do business with the state of Louisiana based on conflicts of interest on Amend 423 to SB1.
  • Cassidy co-founded a clinic that brought doctors together to provide medical care to the working uninsured of our community, and serves at our local charity hospital as one of the state’s most well known hepatologists. 
  • Cassidy’s immediate reaction post-Katrina to turn an abandoned KMart into a medical triage to serve those needing medical care was leadership in action.  One of my friends served as a volunteer and told me the intricate details of Cassidy’s ability to forge partnerships with the business and medical community to provide these services at no cost to those receiving care. 
  • Cassidy also helped to create partnerships to provide 36,000 children with needed vaccines at no cost to taxpayers.  An associate of mine works for a program providing services to public schools explained the program to me and how it reached public, private and catholic school children saving parents and the community countless dollars. 

Bill Cassidy impresses me because I have to believe that a physician does not need to run for political office.  The programs he has created coupled with his vote against legislative pay raises shows me he is a man of the people that would continue to put his constituents first and perhaps change the face of our health care system.  I feel comfortable with him representing us in Congress.

My vote is for Bill Cassidy for the 6th Congressional District.  I want the heart of a doctor, with a mind focused on the people, and hands-on leadership that thinks out of the box to speak for me in Washington.  In my opinion, we need more candidates like Cassidy.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican