It always concerns me when special interest groups dominate a candidate’s fundraising.  When PAC’s, unions, and trial lawyers are bankrolling a candidate, there is a reason.  Why?  Because all three of these groups come-a-calling after election day with their wish list for the candidate.  

It’s one thing to hear the buzz, it’s another when we have the privilege of seeing firsthand the finance reports of a candidate to prove whence the money comes.  Here is a list of who is bankrolling the 6th Congressional race:

Don Cazayoux

  • Cazayoux’s largest contributor:  trial lawyers
  • 2nd largest contributor:  PACS providing 52% of Cazayoux’s money.
  • Only 3 of his top 20 contributors are local individuals and ranking in the top 3 (combined contributions) are unions.
  • Though Cazayoux’s personal net worth shows between $540,000 to $765,000, he has not loaned his campaign any money.

Bill Cassidy

  • Cassidy’s top contributors read like an all-star Greater Baton Rouge business list of companies that have always given to the community.  Names you will recognize like Valluzzo, Hise, Lipsey, Wampold, Pellar, Turner, Polito, Mockler, et al.
  • Louisiana Business & Industry, referred to as LABI, supports Cassidy which means he is good for business in Louisiana.  They scrutinize candidates and work against special interest groups.
  • Cassidy has loaned his own campaign around $29,000.

Michael Jackson

  • Jackson has an interesting mix in his top 20 contributors including familiar names like Grigsby, Fields, Bailey, and Lamar.
  • A few faith-based groups also support Jackson in his top 20 contributors.  His top contributor appears to be Grigsby who is vehemently against Cazayoux due to his personal views against union support.
  • Jackson has also loaned his campaign some $20,000+.

Now that we have followed the money, we have proof that special interest groups are bankrolling Cazayoux’s $2 million campaign.  Hands down, the trial lawyers, unions and PAC’s are some of the most powerful groups in political special interest circles.  All three support Cazayoux.  This means I cannot and will not support a man who agreed to allow these special interest groups to give him such large contributions.  By the way, there is a reason they did.  They know who they can control – a liberal democrat. 

Again, my vote is for Cassidy for the 6th Congressional District seat.  I respect the group of business leaders that support him and am willing to add my vote to the man they invested their hard earned dollars in – Cassidy. 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican