As far back as I can remember, American taxpayers have cried foul over government hand-outs.  The mentality of entitlement is a mindset that must be addressed with reform, not encouragement of a free-for-all mentality.  As a candidate, Barack Obama promised change.  Yet the essence of President Obama’s $787 Billion stimulus plan is the true definition of ‘more of the same’. 

In a world that encourages something for nothing and pleasure before pain, we are encouraging municipalities, companies and citizens to no longer appreciate the moral capacity to understand hard work and sacrifice.

A surgeon does not put a bandaid on the patient that needs surgery.  Likewise, attention to serious financial problems requires more than a 24-hr rapid fire negotiation for another bailout.  Is this Obama’s definition of change?

Let’s call the stimulus plan or bailout just what it is:  another government handout.  When will this madness stop?  Government involvement in private enterprise has a long history that rewards the rich, encourages welfare and ignores accountability.

 To understand the present, we must first look back to the past. 

  • In the late 1700’s farmers led a revolt over crushing debt and taxes leading to the Constitution Convention intended to ‘fix’ the existing one.  
  • In the 1800’s, railroad barons Fisk and Gould amassed gold that was intended to back-up government issued greenbacks causing the panic known as Black Friday.  Railroad barons were rewarded with land and grants.  To add insult to injury, international creditors demanded gold depleting America’s gold supply. 
  • The 1900’s brought the proliferation of government funding that benefits private enterprise in areas from highways and waterways to aviation and ship building.  Remind me why former Governor Edwin Edwards was sentenced to federal prison?

The year is now 2009.  The candidate who pontificated about his ability to make real change in Washington has brought us full circle with additional debt and temporary solutions to a long-term problem — our inability to cut the fat, fasten our seat belts and realize you can’t spend more money than you make.  (Unless you are in charge of the printing presses, I suppose.)

I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama is the next picture on our money.  My vote is for the penny since his ‘change’ is not worth more than a cent.

In yesterday’s radio address, President Obama told American’s to check a new website that would provide us with how stimulus dollars are being spent.  Unfortunately, the website is as empty as his promises for real change with absolutely no information as of today!

On a lighter note, I am humored by one comic’s take on the stimulus plan that is not so far from the truth:

Wanda Sykes on Obama’s Bailout

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican