Louisiana State Senator Francis Thompson, Democrat, may have summed up the mentality of the current Stimulus Plan in a nutshell on Friday when he spoke these insane words, I just want to share the wealth”.  This was Thompson’s response on behalf of legislators that are unhappy with dollars not appropriated as they see fit.

I have never been a fan of Thompson’s tactics, nor his fiasco of Poverty Point, well named, in North Louisiana.  Senator Thompson’s brother, Mike, has made millions off of state funded reservoirs for years including Poverty Point – at taxpayer’s expense.  Senator Thompson built homes on Poverty Point while securing state funds for what he has often referred to as “my lake” also making millions.  At what point do we determine legislator’s pocketbooks are not why they are elected?

When will this money-grabbing madness stop?

The real story here is the mentality of a 2009 money-grab.  It’s like the lottery for some elected officials.  We already know what happens to most powerball winners – they wind up bankrupt due to the visions of sugarplums that drive them to overspend as if the money is endless. 

Just like the Gold Rush of 1848, we are watching frenzied communities send their strongest and brightest to Washington to seek out money to bring back to their communities.  It truly is a ‘money grab’ of gargantuam proportions and it’s called a Stimulus Plan – funded by your tax dollars.

What will happen with President Obama’s Stimulus Money Grab remains to be seen. 

Mayor-President Kip Holden is right there with the pigs at the trough seeking his piece of the pie to fund his pet projects for EBRP.  His bond issue/tax failed last fall and now he is seeking YOUR tax dollars in a different form via the Stimulus Plan.  He is a persistant sort, isn’t he?

The warning against re-electing Mayor Kip Holden was not heeded by voters, nor was the election of President Barack Obama.  Now we pay the price – a higher National Debt eventually requiring more taxes. 

Democrats have spent a lifetime in political office spending our money.  Democrats quickly trashed President George W. Bush for spending tax dollars excessively with the war on terror, but fully approve spending OUR money to fund private enterprise and ventures while forgetting they agreed to the war on terror spending in the first place.  Can you say, “selective memory”?

The American Dream is now defined by government funding of private enterprises – if you mismanage your money, that is.  If you are a conscientious business owner, however, you are on your own. 

Sure these are random thoughts touching upon numerous topics, but pulled together into one major issue: 

Political hogs slopping around at a trough filled with YOUR tax dollars. This is the essence of the Stimulus Plan approved on Friday the 13th day of February – a day that will live in infamy.

Most lawmakers, or taxpayers for that matter, will not have the time or inclination to read the entire 407 page Stimulus Plan/bill passed by Congress. I scanned the document and found a few interesting appropriations including:

  • $22.5 million to ‘police’ the overall spending package by the Inspector General along with additional millions for virtually each distribution for further policing of expenditures
  • $1 billion for the Census Program
  • $650 million for analog converter boxes and additional millions for education of such the conversion
  • $1 billion for the Space Program
  • $25 million to renovate the Smithsonian Institute
  • $1.3 billion for Amtrak (many are unaware this is a government owned entity)

This list is endless and the price tag of President Obama’s Stimlus Plan is estimated at:

  • Approximately $2,700 for each man, woman and child in America
  • With 144 million employed Americans, that is $5,600 each
  • For 10.6 million UNEMPLOYED Americans, that is $77,200 each

It almost makes one think that writing a check to each American would be the better way to go.  That would, of course, negate special interests and pork barrel spending.  Either way, we are digging a deeper hole for the National Debt.  Obama hopes to ‘stimulate’ the economy.  In reality, he is increasing the National Debt significantly. 

This does not include the $700 billion TARP payout.  Let’s not continue with our math lesson, okay?  Well one more lesson is in order.  The U. S. National Debt is currently estimated at over $11 trillion. 

When Obama was elected as President, I thought he said he was bringing about real change?  Keep an eye on how Obama is increasing our national debt at this website, updated daily: 


Obama, Holden, Thompson and other politicians are just adding insult to injury with the Stimulus Money Grab.  This is not the definition of change.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican