The political vultures are swarming around Senate District 16 in hopes that they can swoop down on their prey – the most promising candidate in Saturday’s primary, Lee Domingue.   It’s politics as usual.

One problem:  Domingue, their prey,  is alive, well and still dominating the campaign.  Domingue continues to rise in the polls.  As the election approaches this weekend, it appears panic is ensuing in other political camps.  Desperate people do desperate things.

As WBRZ says, first the facts:

  • Three candidates are vying for Senate District 16’s seat vacated by newly elected Congressman Bill Cassidy:
    • Lobbyist Laurinda Calongne, former congressional candidate;
    • Attorney Dan Claitor, former district attorney candidate; and
    • Author and Business Owner Lee Domingue
  • Domingue rose to the top quickly raising the most in political contributions, which is the mother’s milk of politics, garnered the support of key community leaders, and captured the most sought-after endorsement of republican Governor Bobby Jindal.
  • Before the Lord heard the news, local media and political consultants began weaving a web of deceit that has now completely unraveled: 
    • The Advocate, long time rival of the BR Business Report, authored an article insinuating that candidate Lee Domingue was chosen as businessman of the year because Domingue contributed to Believe in Louisiana, a political organization that supports Jindal.   Other hyperbole suggested that publisher Rolfe McCollister and Governor Bobby Jindal endorsed Domingue for the same reasons.
    • Today, The Advocate retracted this statement acknowledging that the Junior Achievement/Business Report Annual Awards are chosen by an independent panel of members.
    • The truth:  if we require business leaders that have not donated to Jindal or Believe in Louisiana to run for political office, we might be searching for years.  Worst, the only candidates might be democrats!
    • An erroneous email blast was published targeting Domingue insinuating that Dunham School would lose their non-profit status for making pro-Domingue phone calls from their facility.
    • In response to the false allegations, the headmaster of Dunham issued a statement stating that no political activity or phone calls had taken place from their facility. 
    • Dunham’s headmaster further clarified that Domingue’s tie was non-political as a both a Dunham parent and member of their board of trustees.

In politics, this is called last minute desperation.  If it weren’t so sad, it would be laughable.  Of utmost importance, the accusations are false and the record is now set straight.

The real fact remains that Lee Domingue appears to be the most viable candidate to represent the people of District 16.  Perhaps the proof in the pudding is that Domingue has handled continuing accusations with the type of responses that make for a great leader. 

The voters want someone they can identify with, and Domingue seems to be that person.  He has openly shared his past business failures, something most politicians have difficulty admitting – past mistakes.  Better yet, Domingue built another business and uses proceeds to reach out in faith and action to those in need.  

This is the essence of a true leader.  One that serves others. 

While the media and pundits continue to grasp for straws, Domingue grasps for the heart of the voters by showing his vulnerability and ability to pick himself up by the bootstraps and rebuild.  In difficult financial times, this is refreshing and encouraging to all of us.

On Saturday, vote for a leader – vote for Lee Domingue for Senate Dist 16!

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican