Just as predicted, less than 48 hours from the primary, candidate Dan Claitor continued his attacks against fellow candidate, Lee Domingue.  This time it was targeting Domingue’s campaign staff. 

Claitor is now providing MORE erroneous information.  Is this befitting a man who wanted to be EBR Parish District Attorney just a few months ago?  Or the man who now wants to be a Louisiana Senator?

As WBRZ says, first the facts:

  • I wrote a blog about Governor Jindal asking why everyone was so surprised that he became bored so soon.  After all, Jindal has not stayed in one position more than two years.  This is the truth.  
  • Domingue’s people must have read my blog here entitled:  Dan Claitor:  The Character Assassin, and forwarded that blog via email to supporters.  Email on the internet goes around the world in 60 seconds and before the end of the day I received a copy.  Funny,  since I am not on any campaign mailing lists.
  • In turn, Claitor’s political operatives wrote a story claiming that Domingue’s people were forwarding my blog about Jindal.
  • Wrong again, Claitor!  Seems a trial attorney would get his facts straight?

Normally, I do not respond to opinions about my blog; however, I do believe it is in order to clarify a few facts since I was inadvertently targeted.  (which I find humorous and fascinating):

  • I am an independent blogger. 
  • I do not accept any campaign funds for blogging. 
  • Based on these facts, I am free to speak my mind based on the facts as I see them. 
  • Result:  That makes some people very nervous. 

To candidates like Claitor, perhaps independent blogging is a new concept? 

Politics is a full contact sport. 

The reason many registered voters do not go to the polls is because of candidates and political operatives that provide false information.  Voters often feel they are fighting a losing battle against the truth and lose hope for finding good candidates to elect.   Most voters do not have the inclination or time to research.  This leaves them open to political spin.  It frustrates them to the point that on election day they think, why bother?  I digress.

If Claitor keeps this up, he will lose one way or another.  Attacking Hillar Moore in the District Attorney’s race didn’t work, so now he is attacking another candidate in hopes of winning a different election – Senate District 16.

Furthermore, I had hoped Claitor would hit the run-off talking about his qualifications.  I truly hoped he would prove me wrong so we could have a healthy debate.  So much for wishful thinking. 

What is Claitor afraid of? 

Is this the type of behavior we can expect if he were elected?  Whatever his reasons are, I think he has proven himself unworthy of your vote.

Besides, I have not heard Lee Domingue attack Claitor yet.  If he does, then so be it – Claitor threw the first punches.  Or should I say the first dozen?

When a candidate runs for office, his life is open for inspection.  Claitor has made no bones about his opponent’s past.  What about Claitor’s past?  What is Domingue waiting for? 

Never mind that Dan Claitor, trial attorney, represented a drunken driver that hit a police officer in the Red Stick.  That’s right – a drunken driver whose blood alcohol level was .206.  (.08 = drunk while driving and if injuring someone should bring a 1st degree vehicular negligent injuring)  

According to The Advocate, Claitor said, “He’s a nice kid that made a mistake”.  How about  a huge mistake?  

The police officer was slammed into a utility pole, spent 14 days in intensive care, suffered a closed wound head injury, temporary blindness, memory loss and damage to his senses.  I guess this puts a new meaning on lowering the bar for trial attorneys?

BR police officers cannot legally campaign for candidates, but they can pull the lever.  If I were Domingue, I would contact every law enforcement officer in this parish and ask for their vote.  Somehow I feel it would be a home run for him.

Moral:  Candidates who live in glass houses and throw stones at their opponents might open their self up for more severe scrutiny.  Enough said.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican