The complete turnaround by statewide media and political pundits in regard to Governor Bobby Jindal over the past year is mind boggling.  From the time Jindal was donned the “whiz kid” by former Governor Mike Foster, and named as secretary over Louisiana’s health care, the media and pundits embraced Jindal with a fervor.  Now, they are like piranha, in a feeding frenzy.

In his second run for Governor, the media was head over heels with Jindal as evidenced by their endorsements:

  • The Times Picayune’s Editorial Staff endorsed the Governor on 10/29/06:  “U. S. Rep Bobby Jindal brings an impressive level of intelligence and energy to everything he does…”  They were so bold as to say Jindal was their unequivable choice!
  • The Monroe News Star Editorial Staff’s endorsement:  “Jindal for Governor?  You bet!  The state has long awaited such a gifted leader.”  More on the News Star’s endorsement is here
  • The Shreveport Times Editorial Staff said:  “The Times Editorial Board concludes there is one candidate who has the best shot at changing the landscape of state government and our economic future:  Congressman Bobby Jindal.”  More glowing endorsements from the Times can be read here or here
  • Alexandria’s Town Talk said, “We wholeheartedly endorse Bobby Jindal for Governor.” 
  • Sam Hanna of the Ouachita Citizen told us, “Readers of this newspaper should not be surprised that we endorse Republican Congressman Bobby Jindal for Governor.”
  • Gambit Weekly’s editor said, “electing Jindal was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and that “Jindal’s integrity is above reproach.”

The list is endless.  I won’t even quote the pundits who told us that Jindal was the next best thing to sliced bread during the gubernatorial election.

Now, Jindal stands as the most criticized man by statewide media across Louisiana.  

What is even more curious is that some of the political pundits had no problem with Jindal as long as the money train of political consulting steamrolled into their bank accounts.  Now, they have turned on Jindal like vipers with venomous poison.

Is this politics as usual?  What is the truth?  Was Jindal great when he ran for Governor and they were enamored with him, or, is Jindal, as they now proclaim, an ‘enemy of the state’? 

As I read the proliferation of hyperbole that is flowing from the same media and pundits that told us to elect him.  I ask myself when will we say “enough is enough”

Were they telling us the truth then, or now?  My Lord, the media and political pundits are worst than the politicians they push on us.

Who ordered the Code Red on Governor Bobby Jindal?  Are the democrats working behind the scenes to discredit him and bring their candidate in on a white horse?

So many questions, so little time.  

Do I hear the faint cries from pundits and media who criticized previous governor’s for not traveling to sell Louisiana?  At what point did statewide media and pundits change their tune and pride over Jindal being a great candidate for the white house? 

What if the answers are just simple?  What if Jindal really is the man they told us he was in the first place?  What if the truth is that Jindal is not willing to cow down to the media and political pundits?

Am I getting warm?  Yes, I’m burning up like a hot August day in the Red Stick!

Ask the right questions.  Do a little research.  History repeats itself, so do political pundits and the media.  There’s really nothing new under the sun. 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican