I always find it curious when the media attacks one politician but gives another politician a free pass.  It is so glaringly obvious.

Governor Bobby Jindal has been highly scutinized by the media for appointments to Louisiana Boards & Commissions, for each expenditure, and for records not made public. 

On the other hand, the media appears to turn a blind eye to other politician’s hiring practices, oversight of unruly employees or ‘secret’ decisions and expenditures. 

As we speak, the media frenzy across our state is viewing Jindal’s practices with a microscope.  All the while, other politicians are carefully working behind the scenes like baseball players stealing bases knowing the media has allowed their eye to stray from homeplate.

For instance, what if a politician that was elected just over a year ago had purchased expensive furniture for his office, moved to another location, lost his second in command due to a coup-de-gras gone bad, hired one of his largest contributor’s wives in a key position, lost several key employees due to alleged criminal activity, and didn’t even show up on most days until late afternoon? 

Should this elected official’s disregard for ethics, taxpayer money and unacceptable activities go without scrutiny?  What if he was supposed to be the standard for upholding the law in our parish?

Why do we hold one politician’s feet to the fire, and not others?  How are some politician’s campaign promises important enough for daily fodder on the front page, but other politician’s false promises ignored by the media?

Do we really believe our ethics are in question because we ‘need to know’ every move our Governor makes in order to prove we are ethical?

Are we really that concerned about every expenditure?  If so, then let’s play fair, and scrutinize every politician, not just those who sell newspapers. 

I was a bit humored at the recent Tea Party at the State Capitol, when guards began hauling bottled water out to the crowds.  Water funded by taxpayers.  No one asked for the water, but it was freely given.  Of course, the employees didn’t pay for it, the taxpayers did. 

Another humorous incident was in Sunday’s newspaper when it was casually mentioned that all women in the Senate and House received bromalaid plants and roses respectively.  A nice gesture for Mother’s Day, but was it at the taxpayer’s expense?

Yes, these are small examples.  Does the phrase ‘tip of the iceberg’ mean anything to you?

At what point does the media decide for us, the taxpayers, what is ethical or acceptable?  Are we really concerned about state and city government in it’s entirety? 

What I have been witnessing is the ultimate form of prejudice and discrimination.  They have proven the argument that it depends upon the politician and the personal views of media and pundits as to who is criticized or who is given the ‘get out of jail card’.

Our ‘champions for ethics’ beg the question.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican