Baton Rouge’s Business Report Poll of the day Results indicates that 70% of the people believe that the entire parish should have the opportunity to vote on Mayor Holden’s $880 million bond issue/tax!  Over 1,300 individuals participated in their poll. 


Bullies are normally reserved for the playground; however, it seems Mayor-President Kip Holden is proving that bullies are still alive and well in the world of politics and the ‘next greatest city’‘ —  the Red Stick. 

Councilman Joel Boe’ had the audacity to speak out publicly about his concerns regarding the Mayor’s proposed $880 million dollar bond issue/tax. 

Boe’ feels that excluding Baker, Central and Zachary from voting on Holden’s upcoming tax increase is divisive for the parish, and was a distinct move to make a previously failed tax pass on the second go round. 

It’s common banter that Holden’s tax proposal failed last year due to a lack of support from the northern part of EBR Parish.  In fact, polls were discussed post-election and political consultant, Roy Fletcher, made it very clear that polls reflected a message being sent by Central and Zachary that their wishes were being ignored by Holden. 

In turn, Mayor-President Kip Holden chastised Boe’ on television saying, “he needs to grow up”.  Holden further stated, “For Mr. Boe’ to come out and make an arbitrary statement without any findings that I tried to manipulate the system in order to win.  I think there is some growing up that needs to be done.”

If anyone reading this doesn’t believe that the Mayor read the same polls Roy Fletcher read, then I have some land to sell you. 

Do you think Boe’ failed to receive the memo stating that Holden has a strong preference for yes men?  Evidently so.

What is happening here folks is a public education in good ole’ Red Stick Politics. 

Registration in ‘Professor’ Holden’s political science class is normally open only to those in his inner circle.  Yet, it’s the tip of the iceberg and a very small glimpse into politics in its truest form.

In fact, Holden is so good at the game of politics, you may have noticed that neither the BR Business Report or The Advocate covered Boe’s comments or Holden’s public flogging of Boe’.  (Keep that breaking news a coming now, you great journalists of Baton Rouge!)

Kudos to WAFB for their exclusive coverage.

The voters elect officials to represent the people, ask questions, stand up, speak out, and bring their communities together for the greater good.  Councilman Joel Boe’ was doing exactly what he was elected, by the people, to do.

A little secret someone needs to let the Mayor in on:  the greatest leaders are those who surround their self with men and women who bring a different perspective, ask the tough questions, and seek out all options available for solutions to the issues.  Those willing to say no, or at best to not always say yes.

Boe’ evidently fits that profile.  Holden doesn’t like it though, and used his bully pulpit to attempt to demean Boe’ publicly for daring to voice an opinion opposite of the all-powerful, all-knowing Mayor-President Kip Holden. 

We were told we needed NEW, YOUNG, BRIGHT LEADERS with FRESH PERSPECTIVES.  We do, don’t we?  Please tell me that we really do want to elect these type of individuals?   I beg you to prove to me that a NEW, YOUNG, BRIGHT LEADER with a FRESH PERSPECTIVE can speak out, ask tough questions and not have to suffer being publicly flogged by our Mayor.

Tell me again.  How do we expect to get more people involved?  To believe?  To stand up?  To be accounted for?  To vote?  To listen?  To care?  Is this what they can expect from us when they step up to the plate for a thankless job as they stand in the gap for the people?

Sooner or later, we had better decide what we really want for the ‘next greatest city’.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican