There may be a new sheriff in town, but the guy we have our eye on is the new kid on the Metro Council.  Yep, that’s him.  The one who stood up for his constituents.  Right.  The guy with the funny name.  Boe’.

Joel Boe’ is a 32 year old project manager for a local construction company, who made his first run at politics winning the District 9 Metro Council seat last October with over 64% of the vote. 

During his campaign, Boe’ made it clear that he felt Mayor-President Kip Holden’s bond issue contained components that were sorely needed in our parish. 

At the same time, Boe’ said he had concerns the bond issue would not pass last fall, and told The Advocate he would like to “see the bond proposal split up to allow voters to decide which aspects of the plan they want to support”.

Once Boe’ called for the Metro Council to include the northern parts of EBR Parish (Baker, Zachary and Central) he was sorely chastised by Mayor Kip Holden.  (The Mayor’s harsh words came because Boe’ disagreed with Holden’s plan to exclude the portions of the parish that caused last fall’s vote to fail.)

As I mentioned in Bully Mayor Holden Bully, our Mayor doesn’t like it when someone disagrees with him.  Once they do, he runs amuck to the media in a no-holds bar plan of action against his intended target by ranting and raving nonsense.  Holden shows his true colors and disdain for anyone who dares to disagree.  

There really is something special about leaders who are willing to ask the tough questions.  The ones that stand by their convictions.  To do so is definitely not in step with the path of least resistance.  Nor is it a ticket to winning some of the powerfully influential politicians who prefer to manage by intimidation and control.

So, what will happen to the new kid on the block?  I suppose time will tell. 

It is my hope that Boe’ will spur on other young leaders to step up to the plate, speak their minds, represent the people (not the few, but the many no matter what part of our parish they reside).  That we will support Boe’ and those like him.

I would love to see us prove that we DO want new, fresh leadership that will help us see the bigger issues.  That these new leaders do not have to fold their hands because their opinions are different than those in ‘control’.

No doubt Joel’s parents are proud of him.  He comes from good stock.  I have not seen him, nor spoken to his parents in many years.  Ralph and Linda, I applaud you.  As I watch from afar, I am excited to see the fruits of your labor.  Thank you for equipping the new kid on the block with the tools he needs to serve us in his new capacity.

To Joel, keep on doing what you believe is right.  Do not be discouraged or dismayed.  With bright young leaders such as yourself, we CAN be the next greatest city in America. 

My hope has been renewed.   

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican