Mayor Kip Holden is practicing what I like to call the Politics of Guilt in response to voters decision to defeat his proposed tax increase in the form of a bond issue. 

After being absentee for several days, Holden finally spoke out in his normal ‘revengeful’ manner inferring to the media that “sometimes you have to show the error of ways to move to the next step”The Mayor went on to liken the voters to a parent refusing to invest in the future of their child.

Someone get me some boots because it’s getting pretty deep in the Red Stick!

There is no doubt that our infrastructure needs attention, but Holden says there is no money in the city-parish budget and he refuses to cut services.  (If he needs some guidance to cutting the fat, he might want to read a few of my recommendations here.)

The fact that we have not addressed the infrastructure is not completely the fault of Red Stick voters.  It is a combination of numerous factors including the fact that those with the purse strings have been spendthrift with our tax dollars.

It is so difficult to comprehend the mentality that the Mayor holds fast to because it is a contradiction of his actions.  His continuous justification for spending thousands of dollars a month for security guards and other personal amenities (that no other previous Mayor has enjoyed) makes for a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality.  Voters frown upon this type of leadership.

 A quick look at the city-parish budget reveals an endless stream of dollars to special interests that Holden has hand-picked to receive.  It doesn’t work to use the politics of guilt on voters when you are freely giving tax dollars to your pet peeve projects. 

Any way you cut it, Holden is sending another message.  It’s a familiar one: 

  • If you dare to disagree, question or go against Mayor Holden’s plan, he will punish you. 

Just ask Councilman Joel Boe’. 

It’s a sign of poor leadership when you can’t take constructive criticism or allow others to be involved in the process.  Taking this position is a mistake that will surely haunt you.

The sooner Holden and his entourage learn that they are elected and appointed, and that the money is not theirs, the quicker we can get to a solution on curbing city-parish spending and moving forward. 

The next greatest city in America will be one that embraces the citizens and respects their opinions, not one that will practices the politics of guilt.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican