Mayor’s Counteraccusations Fail Thursday, Aug 14 2008 


David Dugas, U. S. Attorney, said there is no federal crime to investigate in the case surrounding an anonymous flyer accusing Mayor-President Kip Holden of an affair.  The Attorney General’s office has also withdrawn their investigation.

There is another investigation taking place. 

WBRZ filed a Freedom of Information Act request as well as several Metro Council Members to investigate the Mayor’s use of Baton Rouge City Police as his personal security detail.  The initial result indicates weeks with excessive overtime until 1:00 to 2:00 a.m.  The explanation for these times are listed as  ‘Mayor Function’.  What kind of governmental events go on in Baton Rouge until 2:00 a.m.? 

While some council members are asking whether the overtime should be paid by taxpayers, Holden’s attorney says the time sheets are irrelevant.  Irrelevant to whom?

More questions are being raised as to the amount of overtime for these late night events.  In one case, WBRZ showed a time sheet on the 10:00 p.m. news that had 31 hours of overtime.  

One must ask again why on earth would the Mayor consistently speak about charges and rumors if they had no validity?  What political consultants are giving him this advice?  Just a couple months ago Mayor Holden discussed rumors of his marital indiscretions with white women with the Baton Rouge Business Report.

The Mayor has created his own fiasco.  Holden brought up the alleged affair.  Holden overreacted to a flyer.  Holden called for a federal investigation.  Holden made counteraccusations that seem to have no validity.  All of his actions have now launched an investigation into his security’s time sheets, hours of operation and the amount taxpayers are paying for his midnight functions.  The next thing we will hear is that the paparazzi is following Holden around all hours of the night for these ‘mayor functions’. 

Now, Holden says he wants to be about the city’s business, put this behind him and just do his job.  GREAT IDEA!  It’s like a light bulb went off in his head.  BRILLIANT!  Thomas Edison would be so proud.  This is why we elected you Mr. Mayor.  SUPERB!  Maybe your midnight ‘functions’ will end and you will spend more time going about the people’s business who elected you.

Just in time for re-election, I might add.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Mayoral Accusations & Counteraccusations Saturday, Aug 9 2008 


The truth shall set you free.  Some consider that phrase difficult to embrace while others cling to it as a necessary biblical foundation to build upon.  Truth is associated with sincerity, openness and fact.  In politics, accusations and counteraccusations supersede the truth.  Mayor Kip Holden proved this adage true over the last few weeks.  

Recently the infamous ‘marital infidelity accusations’ flyer about Mayor Kip Holden has taken over the Red Stick like a hurricane and reading The Advocate has become like opening up the National Enquirer and the nightly news is like watching Entertainment Tonight. 

Thus the title of this blog:  Accusations & Counteraccusations

Accusation:  A flyer was created.  It was mailed to some voters in EBR Parish claiming Mayor Kip Holden got a black eye and fat lip from the husband of the woman he was dating.   Holden runs to the press and cries foul saying he is calling for a criminal investigation to get to the bottom of the source of the flyer.  Holden hires well-known criminal attorney Mary Olive Pierson to represent him.  Pierson tells the media she has investigators on the research trail and that whoever is behind it is “dumb as a box rocks.” 

1st:  Counteraccusation: Holden accused Byron Sharper as a source of the mailer and his brother as a man passing out the flyers.  Sharper flatly denied that accusation to The Advocate as well as denying his brother, Kurt, was distributing the flyers.  Sharper has now asked for time sheets and logs for Holden’s bodyguards to determine his activities for the past four years since the flyer states that bodyguards bring Holden around town to bars (on your tax dollars) and parties as a normal practice.

2nd Counteraccusation:  Holden made counteraccusations by saying “I think people pretty much know the character of people running against me on the council.”  Ironically, the only council member running is Wayne ‘Spider’ Carter who said he had nothing to do with the flyer and that he is very disappointed in the Mayor for making these statements. Carter flatly denies any involvement in the flyers.

3rd Counteraccusation:  Mayor Holden also claimed it was one of his opponents or their political operatives.  Like Carter, Dan Kyle, another mayoral candidate, had nothing to do with the flyer according to Scott Wilfong, the man who was contracted by a private party to mail the flyers, stated in a WBRZ interview.  

Mayor Holden may be the definition of irony in this fiasco.  While calling for criminal investigations and playing this out in the media, he is making his own accusations about others, painting them in a negative light.  In politics, this is known as subtle character assassination.  Holden seems to have developed it to a fine art.

When your backed against a wall, your reaction tells a lot about your character.  In this case, I would give Holden a failing grade.  He has taken the low road.  He has made counteraccusations with no proof.  He has become that which he says he loathes in others.  Perhaps the flyer was successful in that it showed us who our Mayor really is?  The truth shall set you free.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Farrakhan Treated ‘Presidential’ by EBRP Thursday, Oct 25 2012 

Let me begin by stating clearly to everyone, including Mayor Kip Holden and his entourage, that this topic has nothing to do with race, unless you subscribe to, or support the preachings of the proclaimed leader of Islam, Louis Farrakhan.

If you want to understand the recent controversy between Mayor Kip Holden and Mayoral Candidate Mike Walker, you need to do a little fact checking.

  1. Farrakhan’s Security Detail:  Louis Farrakhan travels with his own private security detail.  Anyone, including myself, who has personally heard Farrakhan speak through the years — or has witnessed any video clips of him speaking for that matter, would plainly see that he travels with a full entourage of security. ( In fact, in about 2010, you may recall incidents between Farrakhan’s security detail and the Secret Service detail on the White House lawn.)  He never travels without them. 
  2.  Who is Louis Farrakhan?  The Southern Poverty Law Center describes Louis Farrakhan as the head of the Nation of Islam, with a fundamentally anti-white theology, an anti-semite that blames Jews for plantation slavery and for dominating and controlling the U. S. Government, and calls the state of Israel wicked
  3. What does this have to do with the EBRP Mayor’s Race?  It seems that Farrakhan was ‘shepherded’ from the New Orleans Airport to Southern University with law enforcement from the Baton Rouge Police Department and Louisiana State Police.  This fact upset Mayoral Candidate Mike Walker, who in turn created a commercial saying that Mayor Kip Holden needed to spend money fighting crime in EBRP vs. sending officers to provide security for Farrakhan.
  4. What was the reaction of Kip Holden?  He called a political press conference to charge Mike Walker with sowing seeds of racism.

HOLD THAT THOUGHT.  Back up a minute.  Let’s think about this a second!  Stop Kip’s Tipsy Taxi!   Did I hear that correctly? 

Mayor Kip Holden finally found a way to play the race card, in his usual fashion, which is to counterattack those attacking him.  That’s a desperate political strategy there Kipster! 

Unfortunately, that dog won’t hunt.  The only racist in the triangle is Louis Farrakhan. 

Now, ask me how I know?  Simply put, his own words out of his own mouth through decades of preaching racism.  Many years ago, I even sat in an audience at Southern to hear him speak.  Curious as a young person to hear what this self-proclaimed leader had to say.  It was disappointing and frightening.

Now, back at the ranch, the head of our BR Police Department, Chief White, proclaimed that this ‘shepherding’ (i.e. escorting Farrakhan) to and from the airport was similar to arrangements to protect presidential candidates such as Romney, Gingrich and Clinton in the past.

Whoa!  Stop the presses!  When did Louis Farrakhan rank among the same ranks as presidential candidates? 

C’mon folks; let’s stop the madness!  This was definitely a waste of taxpayer money.  This time Mayoral Candidate Mike Walker definitely got it right.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

To Investigate Or Not To Investigate, That Is The Question? Thursday, Mar 8 2012 




Investigations are required in order to solve the mystery of a crime – or potential crime.  To investigate is to do so by taking all leads and fully examining information presented with care and accuracy. 

As I continue to follow the storyline of alleged malfeasance in office possibly committed by Mayor-President Kip Holden, I have questions regarding how far the investigation has advanced thus far. 

Someone may need to help me interpret what is being reported, taking in to consideration the fact that the public is not always privy to the details of investigations. 

After all, the facts as presented to us are confusing at best. 

It was just a few years ago that we recall a flyer mailed to a select number of residents of East Baton Rouge Parish describing an alleged affair between Mayor Kip Holden and a woman (other than his wife). 

The flyer brought on accusations by an unnamed source at the time against Mayor Kip Holden.  Once made public via the newspaper, the Mayor began making counter-accusations by naming numerous individuals that he felt were responsible for the flyer. 

One by one, the Mayor (in an attempt to get the focus off of him) marched individual’s names before the media as the supposed source of the flyers that alleged he had an extramarital affair.  It caused quite a stir in the media, followed by the hiring of an attorney and investigator who proceeded to jump on the bandwagon of accusations.

I am always fascinated when someone is targeted by another party, especially when the response is a counter-accusation.  It reminds me of being on the playground as a child when the focus is now on the messenger vs. the alleged guilty party.  Sometimes ‘shooting the messenger’ works, and suddenly they are the bad guy vs. the individual who performed the dastardly deed.

For awhile, it seemed that Mayor Holden was successful in the public’s eye by attacking the sources of the flyer vs. the actual content of the flyer. 

After much ado, the creator and the distributor of the flyers were named publicly and the Mayor promised to sue them both for defamation of character.  Successfully, the Mayor got the attention off of the content of the flyer and on to the individuals responsible for sharing the information. 

This must have made the Mayor and his entourage very happy?

Unfortunately, nothing really happened.  The rumors died down, the creator and distributor were basically forgotten and all seemed as if nothing ever happened, with the exception of the whispers among those questioning the validity of the information contained in the flyer. 

Believe it or not, there are many people who really do believe that a betrayal of a marriage shows the true character of a person.

Fast forward to 2012.  Lawsuits begin flying back and forth about possible defamation of character and personal attacks that may or may not have validity.  A court date is set and we all watch with various degrees of interest.

Then, while we are all caught unaware, public records laws reveal that another party is asking for a full investigation into activities surrounding the prior accusations.  The ex-boyfriend of the woman who Mayor Holden supposedly had an affair with reveals that the woman shared with him confidentially that she received trips, gifts and cash from the Mayor that she believed to be from the city coffers. 

The plot thickens.

Now hold on!  Just when you think that a full investigation might take place to find out if the accusations are true, it appears that the investigation is thwarted because a Judge, a Sheriff, and God knows who else, claim that the former boyfriend’s story is considered “here say”.

Whoa!  Hold on!  This is where I may need some assistance. 

Let me get this right.  If I call or write a judge or law enforcement officer and tell them I know of someone committing what I believe to be a crime because ‘someone else’ told me that ‘John Doe’ is spending thousands of dollars on them that they believe came from the commission of a crime (and taking money from city coffers for use other than it was intended is considered a crime), will they just dismiss me because this is here say?

Let’s up the ante.  I talk to someone’s parent who tells me their child committed a murder, but since they believe it is self-defense, they are not going to tell anyone.  If I call with that information, am I dismissed because this is considered here say?

Well, I know the answer to that question.  Any law enforcement officer worth his salt will look into this alleged murder and will not dismiss my call as here say. 

So, why is the information from the ex-boyfriend considered here say?  Just because you are a jilted lover does not make every piece of information you share not worth fully investigating.

Maybe an investigation is still ongoing?  Let’s hope so. 

Thus, the topic of this piece. 

Hamlet asked “To be or not to be, that is the question?” 

I ask “To investigate or not to investigate, that is the question?”

In the age we live in, I say that you fully investigate possible wrongdoing.  We have watched Mayors in surrounding communities falling like flies because they chose to line their own pocketbooks vs. the pocketbooks of the taxpayers. 

Why should these accusations warrant any less attention? 

To dismiss information without carefully and fully questioning all those potentially involved in the potential commission of a crime would prove to me that the system is functioning even worst than I believe it to be.

As an officer of the law, you should not ‘pick and choose’ who you investigate and who you do not investigate regardless of their stature. 

Unfortunately, many of us already know this is a problem that needs to be thrown into the public eye for consideration when viewing the inadequacies of the legal and judicial system as it exists today.

We are watching and waiting to see if investigators will fully investigate charges that Mayor Kip Holden spent thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on a woman — or anyone else for that matter.

As an elected official, you have a duty to uphold the responsibilities of the office which you are entrusted by the people.  If, for any reason, you fail to be responsible with your time, taxpayer money or resources, you have failed to fulfill the duties of your office — and committed a crime referred to as malfeasance in office. 

In ending, one last burning question exists in my mind. 

What if the elected official entrusted to perform the investigation has some of his own skeletons, and the individual who he is charged to investigate knows those details?

I long for the days when I could say ‘ignorance is bliss’!

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican