October 30, 2011- When I began writing about pressing issues in the Red Stick, my goal was to research and provide information that could be factually verfied.  My opinion, of course, is a strong one.  I am not easily moved from my postions, as I have spent thousands of hours researching the facts.  Given that, I always welcome emails that prove, factually, otherwise.  Please feel free to write me and share facts you may have that can be verified.  

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Thank you for your honest feedback.

THIS BLOG IS INDEPENDENT:  If you obtain factual information that disputes anything in this blog, please forward it to me (along with the actual source).

  • Louisiana native; Republican; born in Red Stick (Baton Rouge)
  • Community Activist
  • Political Observer
  • Favorite Quote:  What must underlie successful epidemics, in the end, is a bedrock of belief that change is possible, that people can radically transform their behavior or beliefs in the face of the right kind of impetus. (Malcolm Gladwell:  The Tipping Point)
  • Favorite author:  Malcolm Tidwell
  • Favorite book:  Blink!
  • Favorite movies:  To Kill A Mockingbird, Any Given Sunday, Changing Lanes, The Whistle Blower
  • Favorite sports:  Fishing & Politics
  • Favorite musician:  Dave Matthews

 My people perish for a lack of knowledge.  Some say ‘no one seems to care’.  I say no one cares when they do not knows the facts.  Knowledge is power — power to change that which will serve the greater good. 

Red Stick Republican’s Rantings are meant to be informative and thought provoking. 

In order to change, we must be willing to look at the facts, face the truth and seek solutions that will benefit the majority, not special interests of the few.  We can no longer sit on the fence.  We must take a stand, no matter how painful it may be.  I challenge you to take a hard look at what you can do to make a difference in your circle of influence and in the Red Stick. 

We need leaders that are moral and spiritual forward thinkers. Leaders that are willing to stand against the fray and if necessary serve only one term to effect change that will last far beyond their service to our community.

Who I am is far less important than the change I may effect to improve our community for generations to come.   

God Speed,

Red Stick Republican