Senator Mary Landrieu . . .The Consummate Politician Sunday, Sep 14 2014 


Louisiana’s democratic Senator Mary Landrieu is, always, the consummate politician.

I begin by recalling her calm demeanor in the face of the Katrina disaster when speaking with Anderson Cooper — her focus was to thank her fellow politicians rather than discuss the real issues at hand (i.e. lack of response by the government, dead bodies in the street, etc.)

To add insult to injury, Landrieu also went to great links to play politics by issuing a public statement congratulating Governor Blanco for her handling of Katrina.

Unbelievable, right?

Then, at the 2008 DNC when she had an opportunity to ‘play politics’, she chose to speak out against FEMA and the failure to respond properly for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

In the world of political analysts, the response would be “Well played, Mary, well-played!”

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, is also an avid blackmailer.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Two particular instances come to mind to support this argument.

The first was when she issued a press release stating she would hold up the vote on the confirmation of budget director, Jacob Lew, until the administration modified the moratorium that was set after the BP Oil Spill.

The second time Mary refused to endorse a public health care option until the administration agreed to provide Louisiana with $300,000,000 as a trade for her vote.

Some might say this is great because Mary held out for what was in Louisiana’s best interest.  I suppose that depends on how you feel about the outcome.

Are we better off with the current handling of oil production and sales in Louisiana?

Is the Affordable Care Act working for or against the average citizen at this time?

Perhaps the better question is — how do you feel now that you have the knowledge that a Senator representing you in Washington is an avid blackmailer?

Senator Landrieu also claims Washington as her official ‘home’ — even though she calls herself the senior Senator from Louisiana.

Evidence of this fact was taken on recently by one of her opponents in the upcoming Senate race when he brought out the fact that Landrieu did not even own a home in Louisiana.

Mary claims her parents home as the location she resides in while visiting her home state.

It is VERY important to note that I am about to put together the pieces of this puzzle:

  1. Judge Wilson Fields, a fellow Democrat, ruled that Senator Mary Landrieu’s residence is not relevant until election day according to the law, delaying this legal challenge until, and if, Mary is re-elected.
  2. Judge Wilson Fields is the brother of Cleo Fields, Democrat.
  3. Cleo Fields is an endorser of May Landrieu, Democrat.

Is this all a coincidence?  Perhaps, I will allow the reader to decide.

Mary Landrieu also has a propensity to spend taxpayer money for personal use.

This situation was uncovered, only after being challenged by an opponent, that Landrieu was spending taxpayer dollars on personal fundraising events by charging the government for her flight costs.

Once this was made public, Landrieu’s political operatives decided to go on the offensive by performing an internal audit of their flight costs and calendar.

Landrieu was aware that you do not mix ‘personal’ or political events with official Senate business.  All elected officials are aware of this rule of law; especially a seasoned ‘senior official’ from the good state of Louisiana.

At least 136 political functions were scheduled during 43 official Senate business flights since 2002.

Landrieu blamed the problem on faulty bookkeeping, and has now decided to use accounting software that other congressional elected officials use to avoid this problem.  Are you kidding me?

Mary has now cut a check to the good people of the U.S. — taxpayers who elected her — in the amount of $33,727.02 to the U.S. Treasury.

 Senator Landrieu’s endorsement may uncover questions.

Boysie Bollinger, one of the most powerful individuals in the State of Louisiana, has endorsed Mary Landrieu for re-election.  Mr. Bollinger is a multi-millionaire and the proprietor of Bollinger Shipyards.

Bollinger Shipyards received a $255 million contract to build Fast Response Cutters for the Coast Guard.  Landrieu is the Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee that approved that expenditure, and took credit by announcing the awarding of this contract.

Enough said.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican


Dan Claitor: The Invisible Man Tuesday, Apr 7 2009 


H. G. Wells wrote the science fiction thriller, The Invisible Man, a novel that might aptly describe the newly elected Senator of District 16, Dan Claitor.  

In our lifetime, we may never witness a newly elected Senator who is as barely mentioned in a barage of news articles and blogs by political pundits as Dan Claitor.  Is this the same group that convinced the voters Claitor was the ‘best candidate’?

I suppose it would be funny if it weren’t such a sad commentary of what really happened in the District 16 race.  A pitiful legacy at best, for a district that was previously held in high esteem by the election of former Senators Bill Cassidy and Jay Dardenne. 

It does beg the question, and the answer is simple. 

Claitor was not really the choice candidate.  With all due respect, I am sure Claitor thought he won of his own accord – because he had some brilliant plan for District 16.  So brilliant that no one is mentioning it whatsoever!

Instead, Claitor is learning what Louisiana politics is all about – much ado about nothing more than a group of egotistical political operatives that wanted him anyone to help them control the voters.  And that they did!

Don’t believe me?  Irrespective of Claitor, there is a growing list of articles and blogs about everyone but the new Senator.  Less than 3 days after the election, NOT ONE ARTICLE even mentions Claitor being the best candidate or anything he plans to do on behalf of the voters who were led to the voting booth like sheep to a slaughter. 

Instead, the pundits have tipped their hands as the voting booths are being audited, proving they had their own agenda.  What does this equate to for Louisiana?  Politics as usual, according the message being resounded across our good state and in the Red Stick:

  • The Advocate has authored 3 articles since Saturday with absolutely NO mention of Claitor’s plans as a new Senator. 
  • The Times Picayune’s article also fails to mention any thrust that Claitor might have as Senator and embarrassingly mentions his name only 5 times in an article where Governor Jindal’s name is listed 11 times and Lee Domingue is mentioned 12 times.  (Both men are given twice the recognition as Claitor.)  Rolfe McCollister, publisher of the BR Business Report, got the same billing as Claitor with 5 name mentions. 
  • Freelance writer, Jeremy Alford, wrote an article picked up by the Daily Report in which the only mention of Claitor’s future as a Senator is that he best ‘hit the ground running’
  • Columnist Stephen Sabludowsky wrote an article on the Senate District 16 race and does not even mention Dan Claitor’s name, making him truly invisible as a new Senator.
  • Clancy DuBos, political analyst and editor of The Gambit,  talks more about bloggers, McCollister, Jindal and Domingue than Claitor, and once again, makes no mention of anything that the Senator will do once he is sworn in to the Louisiana Legislature.
  • The Daily Advertiser also wrote more about every other player in the Senate District 16 race than about Dan Claitor.  No mention there about what Claitor plans to do once in office.


The Invisible Man’s legacy has begun, and his name is . . . uh, I already forgot! 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Can You Handle The Truth? Tuesday, Mar 24 2009 


In the movie, A Few Good Men, we become intimate with the phrase “Code Red”, identified as an unofficial political strategy.  It’s an order given ‘behind the scenes’ that demands a secret that no one is to utter in public. 

Colonel Jessup, played by Jack Nicholson, is confronted in court by a novice who pushes him to the brink until he finally admits he gave the unofficial order when he screams out his confession in the courtroom.  It’s a breaktaking moment

Segue to the Senate District 16 race.  Two good men formerly served in this senate seat, Secretary of State Jay Dardenne, and Congressman Bill Cassidy.  Both men were hit hard, and understand what it is like to have a “Code Red” ordered against them.

Dardenne fought a hard race against former chairman of the Louisiana GOP, Mike Francis, and Cassidy battled a horrific campaign against former representative William Daniel.  The gloves came off, and a network of political operatives labored to discredit these two good men.  Dardenne and Cassidy fought back, stood strong for what they believe, and were victorious in the end. 

History may be repeating itself in District 16 for Lee Domingue.  Willing, and even unknowing political operatives, have joined the forces of ‘Colonel Jessup’ to pull off another “Code Red“.  They have even won over a not-so-astute reporter at The Advocate as one of their pawns.

This time the net has been cast further showing The Advocate’s fear of their rival publication, the BR Business Report, and its publisher, as well as the Governor, and Domingue’s campaign staff and finance chair.

“Code Red” calls for silence among peers.  Coffee shops and calls burning up the cellular towers are the only witnesses to the plan of action.  The order is subtle, but the attack is very public. 

When the order is given, they have the false belief that the order will not be figured out easily.  Ego does strange things to men who erroneously believe they are in control.  They grossly underestimate the electorate by assuming they are ignorant. 

For far too long, the voters have become disillusioned with “Code Red” tactics in Louisiana politics.  That is why Bobby Jindal became our governor.  The days of secret meetings and plots to take down candidates died with the conviction of former Governor Edwin Edwards.

Who are the Colonel Jessup’s that ordered this “Code Red”on Domingue?  Think about that for a moment. 

I spoke with a political consultant that told me, “we lead the sheep to the voting booth and tell them what to do – and they follow our orders”.  The misconception of control does strange things to men. 

Interesting theory he had, but that dog won’t hunt anymore.  We live in the information age.  Voters are more savvy than at any time in the history of the United States.  They no longer just listen to the negative spin, evidenced by our last gubernatorial election.  The voters want someone who gives hope, because it is the anchor of our soul. 

If the conspirators of Domingue’s “Code Red” were paraded as witnesses for the prosecution, I can only imagine the veil of secrecy that would inhabit the jury box.  That is, until someone was pushed beyond their brink, like Colonel Jessup in A Few Good Men, when he shouted out . . .

“You *&^%$#@ right, I gave the (Code Red) order!”

Can you handle the truth?  I believe you can.  Don’t let a “Code Red” order sway your vote.  Do you really want a trial lawyer – a personal injury attorney to lead District 16? 

Or, do you want someone that sees a brighter future for Louisiana, and speaks to us about hope, promise, and better days ahead – someone who understands what it is like to be knocked down and still stand up for what they believe.

We should all take note when a “Code Red” is ordered, whether it be against Dardenne, Cassidy, or Domingue.  As the Bible states, “Choose this day whom you will serve.”

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Domingue: A Jerusalem Peacemaker Sunday, Mar 22 2009 


Lee Domingue, candidate for Senate District 16, understands the importance of being a Jerusalem peacemaker.  Domingue serves on the board of directors for the Road to Jerusalem organization, a movement that plays a key role in promoting positive relationships between Gentiles and Jews.  Beth Shalom is an intricate component of Senate District 16.

The Road to Jerusalem is an organization formed by Coach ‘Mac’ Bill McCartney.  Formed as a shoot-off of Promise Keepers, a 5 million man-strong organization of believers dedicated to standing up for their faith and families, they promote unity between Jews and Gentiles. 

Coach Mac, before founding these organizations, brought the University of Colorado football team to the National Championship in 1990, and served alongside his good friend Les Miles. 

Lee Domingue is close to both of these men and also formed the Red Stick support group for Coach Les Miles.

Anyone who understands the commitment and passion to mobilize the body of Christ to partner with the Jewish believer for the salvation of Israel is on the right track. 

The Road to Jerusalem was birthed thanks to Rabbi Robert Solomon of Atlanta, when he confronted leaders at a pastor’s conference attended by 40,000 religious leaders in 1996 with the resounding phrase, “you forgot about us”.

Dr. Raleigh Washington, president and CEO, is planning a tremendous Road to Jerusalem event this summer in Boulder with 3 major focuses including healing the gender divide, focusing on the divide between the oppressed/poor and wealthy, and bringing together Jews and Gentiles. 

Strengthening the relationship between the United States and Israel is critical, and in order for this to happen, like everything, it begins in our own backyard.  We need to all aspire to making the peace of Jerusalem an important aspect of American Society.  Doing so, will make standing up against the injustices of terrorism and incitement against Israel, a reality.

Realizing that Lee Domingue is a key player in the group of men and women who are Jerusalem peacemakers is important.  We need to seek out future leaders that are forward thinking – morally and spiritually.  Understanding the importance of bringing Jews and Gentiles together by pro-Israel candidates are key to the leadership of our community.

Kudos to Domingue for being committed to the peace of Israel and for taking an active role in the leadership of this worthwhile effort.  He is following in the footsteps of the former Senators, Jay Dardenne and Bill Cassidy, from District 16.  Let’s follow their examples.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Domingue Continues to Dominate Dist 16 Race Friday, Mar 6 2009 


The political vultures are swarming around Senate District 16 in hopes that they can swoop down on their prey – the most promising candidate in Saturday’s primary, Lee Domingue.   It’s politics as usual.

One problem:  Domingue, their prey,  is alive, well and still dominating the campaign.  Domingue continues to rise in the polls.  As the election approaches this weekend, it appears panic is ensuing in other political camps.  Desperate people do desperate things.

As WBRZ says, first the facts:

  • Three candidates are vying for Senate District 16’s seat vacated by newly elected Congressman Bill Cassidy:
    • Lobbyist Laurinda Calongne, former congressional candidate;
    • Attorney Dan Claitor, former district attorney candidate; and
    • Author and Business Owner Lee Domingue
  • Domingue rose to the top quickly raising the most in political contributions, which is the mother’s milk of politics, garnered the support of key community leaders, and captured the most sought-after endorsement of republican Governor Bobby Jindal.
  • Before the Lord heard the news, local media and political consultants began weaving a web of deceit that has now completely unraveled: 
    • The Advocate, long time rival of the BR Business Report, authored an article insinuating that candidate Lee Domingue was chosen as businessman of the year because Domingue contributed to Believe in Louisiana, a political organization that supports Jindal.   Other hyperbole suggested that publisher Rolfe McCollister and Governor Bobby Jindal endorsed Domingue for the same reasons.
    • Today, The Advocate retracted this statement acknowledging that the Junior Achievement/Business Report Annual Awards are chosen by an independent panel of members.
    • The truth:  if we require business leaders that have not donated to Jindal or Believe in Louisiana to run for political office, we might be searching for years.  Worst, the only candidates might be democrats!
    • An erroneous email blast was published targeting Domingue insinuating that Dunham School would lose their non-profit status for making pro-Domingue phone calls from their facility.
    • In response to the false allegations, the headmaster of Dunham issued a statement stating that no political activity or phone calls had taken place from their facility. 
    • Dunham’s headmaster further clarified that Domingue’s tie was non-political as a both a Dunham parent and member of their board of trustees.

In politics, this is called last minute desperation.  If it weren’t so sad, it would be laughable.  Of utmost importance, the accusations are false and the record is now set straight.

The real fact remains that Lee Domingue appears to be the most viable candidate to represent the people of District 16.  Perhaps the proof in the pudding is that Domingue has handled continuing accusations with the type of responses that make for a great leader. 

The voters want someone they can identify with, and Domingue seems to be that person.  He has openly shared his past business failures, something most politicians have difficulty admitting – past mistakes.  Better yet, Domingue built another business and uses proceeds to reach out in faith and action to those in need.  

This is the essence of a true leader.  One that serves others. 

While the media and pundits continue to grasp for straws, Domingue grasps for the heart of the voters by showing his vulnerability and ability to pick himself up by the bootstraps and rebuild.  In difficult financial times, this is refreshing and encouraging to all of us.

On Saturday, vote for a leader – vote for Lee Domingue for Senate Dist 16!

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Domingue Dominates Senate Campaign Tuesday, Feb 10 2009 


Senate District 16, once known as Jay Dardenne’s home plate, includes Baton Rouge’s most informed and active voting district in East Baton Rouge Parish.  Dardenne went on to prove his political savvy by winning the position of Louisiana Secretary of State.  After Dardenne moved upward, Dr. Bill Cassidy quickly beat out his opponents winning the much sought after Senate seat, only to move on to the 6th Congressional District seat vacated by Richard Baker.  This Senate seat brings good tidings!

Now, the seat is up for grabs again.  Three Republican candidates are vying for this critical seat in the Louisiana Senate including two ‘career candidates’ that formerly ran unsuccessfully for other offices:  Dan Claitor, attorney and a member of the well known Claitor family and Laurinda Calongne, business owner and lobbyist.  The third candidate is a newcomer:  Lee Domingue, business owner and not-for-profit founder.

According to The Advocate, Domingue leads the field with the most dollars raised.  Calongne and Claitor claims this does not concern them; however, anyone following politics understands that cash is the mother’s milk of winning campaigns.

  • Lobbyist, Laurinda Calongne’s website, quotes her as saying “we should have learned  long ago  that overspending during a temporary rush…is economic suicide.”  She also touts herself as a fiscal conservative, but Calongne doesn’t seem so conservative fiscally since she loaned her own campaign for congress nearly $300,000 according to the FEC.  She lost.  Calongne is also closely tied in business to the infamous Bob Livingston – though Calongne removed Livingston from her consulting firm’s website, Livingston still lists her as one of his key people in his Washington lobbyist firm.  Enough said.
  • Attorney, Dan Claitor’s website, gives reasons he is running, but it seems he is running because he failed to win the race for District Attorney.  Sorry, but I am not fond of candidates that jump from one race to another, so I will leave you to visit his website.  Running in race after race is what was the demise of Dan Kyle, a likeable man with many good attributes, but a killer scenario in the political world, according to voters.  Claitor may be also be a good guy, but anyone who can’t even put their picture on their website makes me wonder.  His campaign for District Attorney failed to make headway with his “Ready to Listen. Prepared to Fight”  slogan.  He should stay in his first love – fighting crime!
  • Business owner, Lee Domingue, caught my eye when a friend told me his background and compassion for others through a not-for-profit organization he created.  Domingue founded Cyrus International to fight human trafficking and to support orphans with AIDS.  He is also a successful businessman, honored as Businessperson of the Year by Junior Achievement and is author of the book Pearls of the King.  Domingue started his business in a garage and brought it to a billion dollar success.  He believes he is here to make a difference.  I like that kind of thinking – immensely, especially when they have proven success and are able to bring others together.  Coalition builders with fresh ideas are excellent first-timers for elections!

Out of all the potential candidates for Senate District 16, I am most impressed with Lee Domingue.  Perhaps I will let his own words in the BR Business Report speak for him best:

“Making money is easy, but making a difference is eternal.” 

“I want to be remembered as somebody who gave it all for the next generation.”

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Childhood Memories of Unions Sunday, Oct 26 2008 

After continually receiving the anti-union mailers this political season, I had a flashback to childhood memories.  It was clearly one of the few times I remember being frightened as a kid. 

My Dad refused to be a ‘union man’ and crossed the picket line for work.   While he was at work, someone was calling our house threatening my Mother, telling her they were coming for her and the children.  My grandfather had to come and stay with us because the threats increased.  Though we weren’t told the whole story, I knew some bad guys were planning on coming to our home to get us because my Dad was working in spite of the union’s demands to picket. 

One night I snuck down the hallway and heard my Dad telling my Mother about the union guys calling him names and throwing things at him as he crossed the line.  That was the way Unions operated back then.  People were intimidated, hurt and told what to do.  

Still frightened, it was then I realized my Dad was a real hero for standing up against the ‘bad’ union guys for what he believed.  It would be one of the many lessons my Dad taught me that carried me through life’s challenges.

Lane Grigsby, local business owner and political activist, is spending his own money to let us know that there is a move afoot to have legislation passed that would strip employees of the ability to vote in private by unions.  One of Grigsby’s mailers provides a long list of financial supporters that are union-based on Cazayoux’s political contribution list.  

As they say, follow the money, and you will know where someone’s heart is in a campaign. 

I was not happy to see that Cazayoux kept dodging political forums while both Jackson and Cassidy were willing to debate as often as possible.  Cazayoux’s people claimed scheduling issues, but it doesn’t take a political consultant to tell us that when someone runs for office they clamor for public forums.  Unless they have something to hide or issues they don’t want brought to light.  Maybe Cazayoux doesn’t want anyone to ask him about his union bias?

Either way, this gives me one more reason to not vote for Cazayoux. It was also a reason I was not a fan of Kip Holden’s candidacy as he is entrenched with the labor unions.  

Vote for the right-to-work and against labor-supported candidates.  That means in the 6th congressional district that you would choose Jackson or Cassidy.  I choose Senator Bill Cassidy to represent me.  The heart of a physician, family man, and politician who turned down the legislative pay raise.  That’s the kind of man I want to represent me in Washington.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Special Interest Groups Bankroll Cazayoux Sunday, Oct 19 2008 

It always concerns me when special interest groups dominate a candidate’s fundraising.  When PAC’s, unions, and trial lawyers are bankrolling a candidate, there is a reason.  Why?  Because all three of these groups come-a-calling after election day with their wish list for the candidate.  

It’s one thing to hear the buzz, it’s another when we have the privilege of seeing firsthand the finance reports of a candidate to prove whence the money comes.  Here is a list of who is bankrolling the 6th Congressional race:

Don Cazayoux

  • Cazayoux’s largest contributor:  trial lawyers
  • 2nd largest contributor:  PACS providing 52% of Cazayoux’s money.
  • Only 3 of his top 20 contributors are local individuals and ranking in the top 3 (combined contributions) are unions.
  • Though Cazayoux’s personal net worth shows between $540,000 to $765,000, he has not loaned his campaign any money.

Bill Cassidy

  • Cassidy’s top contributors read like an all-star Greater Baton Rouge business list of companies that have always given to the community.  Names you will recognize like Valluzzo, Hise, Lipsey, Wampold, Pellar, Turner, Polito, Mockler, et al.
  • Louisiana Business & Industry, referred to as LABI, supports Cassidy which means he is good for business in Louisiana.  They scrutinize candidates and work against special interest groups.
  • Cassidy has loaned his own campaign around $29,000.

Michael Jackson

  • Jackson has an interesting mix in his top 20 contributors including familiar names like Grigsby, Fields, Bailey, and Lamar.
  • A few faith-based groups also support Jackson in his top 20 contributors.  His top contributor appears to be Grigsby who is vehemently against Cazayoux due to his personal views against union support.
  • Jackson has also loaned his campaign some $20,000+.

Now that we have followed the money, we have proof that special interest groups are bankrolling Cazayoux’s $2 million campaign.  Hands down, the trial lawyers, unions and PAC’s are some of the most powerful groups in political special interest circles.  All three support Cazayoux.  This means I cannot and will not support a man who agreed to allow these special interest groups to give him such large contributions.  By the way, there is a reason they did.  They know who they can control – a liberal democrat. 

Again, my vote is for Cassidy for the 6th Congressional District seat.  I respect the group of business leaders that support him and am willing to add my vote to the man they invested their hard earned dollars in – Cassidy. 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Doctor, Lawyer or Indian Chief? Friday, Oct 17 2008 

On November 4, 2008, the 6th Congressional District will decide on who will represent them in Washington.  Those choices include Dr. Bill Cassidy, attorney Michael Jackson or incumbent Don Cazayoux.  Although it is true that Cazayoux has only been in office a few months, I thought it would be of interest to take a look at his voting record.

  • Cazayoux voted NAY to H.R. 6899.  A bill intended to reduce U.S. dependency on oil by advancing renewable and clean fuel alternatives.  His commercials say otherwise.  I believe the record.
  • Cazayoux ABSTAINED from several votes including H.R. 4081 to prevent tobacco smuggling and to ensure the collection of tobacco taxes, S. 2617 to increase the compensation for veterans, and H.R. 1527  to allow certain rural veterans to seek healthcare providers in their area – yet Cazayoux claims he honors veterans. 
  • The most positive thing I can attribute to Cazayoux was his record as a prosecutor which is to be commended.  Perhaps he should have remained in that capacity and continued service where it was more appropriate.

The Center for Responsive Politics shows that Cazayoux received 50% of his contributions from PACS.  This, along with his stand on numerous issues and tendency to increase taxes proves to me he is just another tax and spend liberal democrat out of touch with his constituency and the difficult challenges we all face.

Michael Jackson, as representative in the Louisiana Legislature, voted FOR the legislative pay raises.  Almost enough said, but not quite.

  • Jackson voted FOR including the promotion of poker tournaments.  Gaming in Louisiana has been a poor decision on our part and added to the demise of many families causing undue financial strain taking away from the real needs of families.
  • Jackson voted AGAINST ethics complaints being anonymous which is a deterrent to complaints by those fearing revenge.
  • A positive for Jackson has been his work in the inner city areas on health centers and education.  He is to be commended.

Reviewing Jackson’s voting record does not make me a huge fan of his politics.  I cannot, in good faith, vote for Jackson to pull levers on my behalf in D.C. though he would be better than Cazayoux in my opinion.  UPDATE:  Due to Jackson’s position in The Advocate today on granting 12 million illegal immigrants amnesty, opposing domestic drilling and providing universal healthcare endorsed by Obama, I withdraw my earlier comment that he is an option to consider for Congress.

Senator Bill Cassidy immediately received my kudos when he voted AGAINST the legislative pay raise on the infamous debacle of SB672.   It was refreshing, to say the least.  Other initiatives by Cassidy caught my eye and showed me he was a candidate interested in the needs of the people:

  • Cassidy voted YES to castration of sex offenders on SB144, something his opponent did not do.
  • Cassidy voted YES to curb those allowed to do business with the state of Louisiana based on conflicts of interest on Amend 423 to SB1.
  • Cassidy co-founded a clinic that brought doctors together to provide medical care to the working uninsured of our community, and serves at our local charity hospital as one of the state’s most well known hepatologists. 
  • Cassidy’s immediate reaction post-Katrina to turn an abandoned KMart into a medical triage to serve those needing medical care was leadership in action.  One of my friends served as a volunteer and told me the intricate details of Cassidy’s ability to forge partnerships with the business and medical community to provide these services at no cost to those receiving care. 
  • Cassidy also helped to create partnerships to provide 36,000 children with needed vaccines at no cost to taxpayers.  An associate of mine works for a program providing services to public schools explained the program to me and how it reached public, private and catholic school children saving parents and the community countless dollars. 

Bill Cassidy impresses me because I have to believe that a physician does not need to run for political office.  The programs he has created coupled with his vote against legislative pay raises shows me he is a man of the people that would continue to put his constituents first and perhaps change the face of our health care system.  I feel comfortable with him representing us in Congress.

My vote is for Bill Cassidy for the 6th Congressional District.  I want the heart of a doctor, with a mind focused on the people, and hands-on leadership that thinks out of the box to speak for me in Washington.  In my opinion, we need more candidates like Cassidy.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Republicans in 6th Reject Party Unity Saturday, Jun 7 2008 

Overdue Update:  Republicans finally came together and agreed that Cassidy was the most formidable candidate for the 6th Congressional District.  Calongne and Jenkins have agreed not to run!  Things may be looking up for the Louisiana GOP.

In times where party unity seems to be a daily political discussion on a national level, it might be advantageous to take a look at an interesting race that is brewing this fall in the Red Stick.  Voters will now have three Republican candidates to choose from in the 6th Congressional race since the trio seems to reject the idea of party unity. 

Voters often wonder why candidates run for office.  After all, who would want to subject their family and future to the whim of the media, political pundits and overwhelming daily stress in a daunting challenge of changing the course of our country that is already spiraling out of control? 

Apparently three are willing to take the plunge including Senator Bill Cassidy, business owner Laurinda Calongne, and editor Woody Jenkins.  All three have strong political ties, experience and supporters. 

Who will wind up on 1st to run against recently seated democrat Congressman Don Cazayoux?  (Don may have his own party competition on the democratic side in Representative Michael Jackson)  Cazayoux hit the floor running with an impressive website that is user friendly and a message of “what can I do to help?” This past week he began running radio ads and held conference calls for constituents to call in and address their concerns and needs.  Republicans will have to overcome his effective ability to be ‘one of us’ coupled with his humor and lack of elitism.

As a republican, this race is already causing me concern.  It won’t take a crystal ball to see the future and what to expect based on the past:

  • Republican Senator Bill Cassidy is a physician specializing in diseases of the liver.  Cassidy won a senate seat vacated by Jay Dardenne against William Daniel in 2006, and was re-elected against virtually no strong competition in 2008.  Cassidy’s platform was to improve education and healthcare in Louisiana.  He is married to retired physician Laura Cassidy, has three young children who attend public school, and attends the Chapel on the Campus. 
    • Opponents will say Cassidy is attempting to catapult his political career to a national level with a goal of changing a fledgling national healthcare system without achieving his goals in the office he promised to serve for at least 3 more years and cite his inexperience in Washington as a negative.


  • Republican business owner Laurinda Calongne, principal of Robert Rose Consulting, lost her bid for the vacated congressional seat of Richard Baker earlier this year in the party primary against Woody Jenkins.  Calongne ran on the premise that her business savvy would help streamline government spending, to ease the tax burden of constituents, and to fight against illegal immigration.  Laurinda says she has raised millions of dollars for the republican party and even more for health care related organizations through her grant writing to increase benefits to Louisianans.  Calongne is married to engineering consultant Dan, has one teenage daughter, and they attend Healing Place Church and Our Lady of Mercy.
    • Opponents will attack Calongne for being a registered lobbyist, for ties to Bob Livingston, and twist her stand against illegal immigration claiming she is being discriminatory.


  • Republican Woody Jenkins, former representative and editor of three Red Stick publications, lost his bid for this congressional seat in the run-off earlier this year to Don Cazayoux, democrat.  Jenkins’ campaign ran on his conservative values and history in the legislature.  He was backed by the Family Research Council and the Louisiana Family Forum, both christian conservative organizations and by Governor Bobby Jindal.  Jenkins is married to attorney and former assistant district attorney, Diane; they have four adult children and listed no church affiliation.
    • Opponents will attack Jenkins’ inability to win elections against strong democrats, questionable ethics in past elections and a controversial non-profit organization he and his wife managed.

Three strong republicans that refuse to agree on party unity.  Is this the wave of the future?  Maybe. 

There is no way these three candidates can run against each other without attacks on their opponents if they expect to set their self apart from the pack.  Families will suffer, as they always do in tough campaigns, and the need to raise at least $1 million by each candidate to be effective will make it one for the books – especially with McCain making major fundraising strides in Louisiana.  Who is willing to pay the ultimate price to represent Louisiana’s 6th district? 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican