Senator Mary Landrieu . . .The Consummate Politician Sunday, Sep 14 2014 


Louisiana’s democratic Senator Mary Landrieu is, always, the consummate politician.

I begin by recalling her calm demeanor in the face of the Katrina disaster when speaking with Anderson Cooper — her focus was to thank her fellow politicians rather than discuss the real issues at hand (i.e. lack of response by the government, dead bodies in the street, etc.)

To add insult to injury, Landrieu also went to great links to play politics by issuing a public statement congratulating Governor Blanco for her handling of Katrina.

Unbelievable, right?

Then, at the 2008 DNC when she had an opportunity to ‘play politics’, she chose to speak out against FEMA and the failure to respond properly for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

In the world of political analysts, the response would be “Well played, Mary, well-played!”

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, is also an avid blackmailer.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Two particular instances come to mind to support this argument.

The first was when she issued a press release stating she would hold up the vote on the confirmation of budget director, Jacob Lew, until the administration modified the moratorium that was set after the BP Oil Spill.

The second time Mary refused to endorse a public health care option until the administration agreed to provide Louisiana with $300,000,000 as a trade for her vote.

Some might say this is great because Mary held out for what was in Louisiana’s best interest.  I suppose that depends on how you feel about the outcome.

Are we better off with the current handling of oil production and sales in Louisiana?

Is the Affordable Care Act working for or against the average citizen at this time?

Perhaps the better question is — how do you feel now that you have the knowledge that a Senator representing you in Washington is an avid blackmailer?

Senator Landrieu also claims Washington as her official ‘home’ — even though she calls herself the senior Senator from Louisiana.

Evidence of this fact was taken on recently by one of her opponents in the upcoming Senate race when he brought out the fact that Landrieu did not even own a home in Louisiana.

Mary claims her parents home as the location she resides in while visiting her home state.

It is VERY important to note that I am about to put together the pieces of this puzzle:

  1. Judge Wilson Fields, a fellow Democrat, ruled that Senator Mary Landrieu’s residence is not relevant until election day according to the law, delaying this legal challenge until, and if, Mary is re-elected.
  2. Judge Wilson Fields is the brother of Cleo Fields, Democrat.
  3. Cleo Fields is an endorser of May Landrieu, Democrat.

Is this all a coincidence?  Perhaps, I will allow the reader to decide.

Mary Landrieu also has a propensity to spend taxpayer money for personal use.

This situation was uncovered, only after being challenged by an opponent, that Landrieu was spending taxpayer dollars on personal fundraising events by charging the government for her flight costs.

Once this was made public, Landrieu’s political operatives decided to go on the offensive by performing an internal audit of their flight costs and calendar.

Landrieu was aware that you do not mix ‘personal’ or political events with official Senate business.  All elected officials are aware of this rule of law; especially a seasoned ‘senior official’ from the good state of Louisiana.

At least 136 political functions were scheduled during 43 official Senate business flights since 2002.

Landrieu blamed the problem on faulty bookkeeping, and has now decided to use accounting software that other congressional elected officials use to avoid this problem.  Are you kidding me?

Mary has now cut a check to the good people of the U.S. — taxpayers who elected her — in the amount of $33,727.02 to the U.S. Treasury.

 Senator Landrieu’s endorsement may uncover questions.

Boysie Bollinger, one of the most powerful individuals in the State of Louisiana, has endorsed Mary Landrieu for re-election.  Mr. Bollinger is a multi-millionaire and the proprietor of Bollinger Shipyards.

Bollinger Shipyards received a $255 million contract to build Fast Response Cutters for the Coast Guard.  Landrieu is the Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee that approved that expenditure, and took credit by announcing the awarding of this contract.

Enough said.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Tea Party in the Red Stick Thursday, Apr 16 2009 


It was the most significant Red Stick Tea Party in decades.  Thousands of taxpayers paid a visit to the State Capitol in downtown Baton Rouge to protest government spending, the $3.5 trillion U.S. budget, and President Obama’s $787 million stimulus package.

The Red Stick branch of the U.S. Tea Party has an informative website

It was a call to arms across the country for taxpayers.  Their arms were literally held in the air with unique signs announcing the ‘brewing’ of a new movement against wasteful spending. 

A clever sign stated “I made this sign with the tax break I received and have no money left!”  Other signs decried “Obomination – ObamaNation”, and “Stop breaking into my Piggy Bank!” – a sign carried by a teenager.

The event reminded me somewhat of Howard Beale in the movie Network when he screamed these famous words:

“So I want you to get up right now.  I want all of you to get up out of your chairs.  I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, stick your head out and yell . . .

I’m mad as hell,

and I’m not gonna take this


So, what will you do? 

Go ahead!  Get up! 

Go to the phone or to your computer! 

Call or write your legislator and congressional representative!  Let them know that you demand that they cut the fat in the budget, stop bailing out companies who have misspent money, and that you will not continue to take this anymore!

Perhaps we can share one signmaker’s words with our lawmakers: 

“Don’t share my tax dollars, share my work ethic!”

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Stimulus Money Grab: “I Just Want To Share The Wealth” Saturday, Feb 21 2009 


Louisiana State Senator Francis Thompson, Democrat, may have summed up the mentality of the current Stimulus Plan in a nutshell on Friday when he spoke these insane words, I just want to share the wealth”.  This was Thompson’s response on behalf of legislators that are unhappy with dollars not appropriated as they see fit.

I have never been a fan of Thompson’s tactics, nor his fiasco of Poverty Point, well named, in North Louisiana.  Senator Thompson’s brother, Mike, has made millions off of state funded reservoirs for years including Poverty Point – at taxpayer’s expense.  Senator Thompson built homes on Poverty Point while securing state funds for what he has often referred to as “my lake” also making millions.  At what point do we determine legislator’s pocketbooks are not why they are elected?

When will this money-grabbing madness stop?

The real story here is the mentality of a 2009 money-grab.  It’s like the lottery for some elected officials.  We already know what happens to most powerball winners – they wind up bankrupt due to the visions of sugarplums that drive them to overspend as if the money is endless. 

Just like the Gold Rush of 1848, we are watching frenzied communities send their strongest and brightest to Washington to seek out money to bring back to their communities.  It truly is a ‘money grab’ of gargantuam proportions and it’s called a Stimulus Plan – funded by your tax dollars.

What will happen with President Obama’s Stimulus Money Grab remains to be seen. 

Mayor-President Kip Holden is right there with the pigs at the trough seeking his piece of the pie to fund his pet projects for EBRP.  His bond issue/tax failed last fall and now he is seeking YOUR tax dollars in a different form via the Stimulus Plan.  He is a persistant sort, isn’t he?

The warning against re-electing Mayor Kip Holden was not heeded by voters, nor was the election of President Barack Obama.  Now we pay the price – a higher National Debt eventually requiring more taxes. 

Democrats have spent a lifetime in political office spending our money.  Democrats quickly trashed President George W. Bush for spending tax dollars excessively with the war on terror, but fully approve spending OUR money to fund private enterprise and ventures while forgetting they agreed to the war on terror spending in the first place.  Can you say, “selective memory”?

The American Dream is now defined by government funding of private enterprises – if you mismanage your money, that is.  If you are a conscientious business owner, however, you are on your own. 

Sure these are random thoughts touching upon numerous topics, but pulled together into one major issue: 

Political hogs slopping around at a trough filled with YOUR tax dollars. This is the essence of the Stimulus Plan approved on Friday the 13th day of February – a day that will live in infamy.

Most lawmakers, or taxpayers for that matter, will not have the time or inclination to read the entire 407 page Stimulus Plan/bill passed by Congress. I scanned the document and found a few interesting appropriations including:

  • $22.5 million to ‘police’ the overall spending package by the Inspector General along with additional millions for virtually each distribution for further policing of expenditures
  • $1 billion for the Census Program
  • $650 million for analog converter boxes and additional millions for education of such the conversion
  • $1 billion for the Space Program
  • $25 million to renovate the Smithsonian Institute
  • $1.3 billion for Amtrak (many are unaware this is a government owned entity)

This list is endless and the price tag of President Obama’s Stimlus Plan is estimated at:

  • Approximately $2,700 for each man, woman and child in America
  • With 144 million employed Americans, that is $5,600 each
  • For 10.6 million UNEMPLOYED Americans, that is $77,200 each

It almost makes one think that writing a check to each American would be the better way to go.  That would, of course, negate special interests and pork barrel spending.  Either way, we are digging a deeper hole for the National Debt.  Obama hopes to ‘stimulate’ the economy.  In reality, he is increasing the National Debt significantly. 

This does not include the $700 billion TARP payout.  Let’s not continue with our math lesson, okay?  Well one more lesson is in order.  The U. S. National Debt is currently estimated at over $11 trillion. 

When Obama was elected as President, I thought he said he was bringing about real change?  Keep an eye on how Obama is increasing our national debt at this website, updated daily:

Obama, Holden, Thompson and other politicians are just adding insult to injury with the Stimulus Money Grab.  This is not the definition of change.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Obama Stimulus Mania Friday, Feb 6 2009 


President Obama targeted Republicans who are not supportive of his stimulus plan yesterday claiming that failure to pass his bill would force the U.S. economy  to face “catastrophe”.   Unfortunately, we already in full catastrophe mode which is defined a a state of distress, calamity and destruction. 

Democrats hold a majority in both the House and Senate, but have failed to capture the votes necessary to pass the current stimulus plan.  This is the impetus that motivated President Obama to turn up the heat on Congress by taking full aim at critics of his plan. 

President Obama is proving himself to be another tax and spend liberal democrat espousing claims today that “we can’t embrace the losing formula that offers more tax cuts…”   Meanwhile Americans were mistakenly thinking tax cuts would be a good idea given the current recession.

It is predicted that President Obama plans to use unemployment statistics as a catalyst to convince Congress to pass his stimulus plan.  Nevertheless, the Associated Press reports that analysts predict up to 3 million jobs will vanish this year regardless of whether the stimulus plan passes or not.

Despite the $700 billion financial industry bailout, foreclosures are skyrocketing, home prices are sinking, consumers are having difficulty obtaining financial loans and Wall Street is flailing daily.

So, do we print (uh I mean spend) more money?  As the Church Lady would say, “how conveeenient”! 

The definition of mania is a state of euphoria, racing thoughts, talkativeness, and risk taking.  Sound familiar?  The key phrase here is:  a newly elected politician grasping at straws.

This ridiculous “Obama Stimulus Mania” makes me feel like I am in a Stephen King movie like Misery where Obama is playing Kathy Bates as I represent ailing Americans watching the sledgehamer coming down on my ankles while saying “I’m your #1 fan”.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Doctor, Lawyer or Indian Chief? Friday, Oct 17 2008 

On November 4, 2008, the 6th Congressional District will decide on who will represent them in Washington.  Those choices include Dr. Bill Cassidy, attorney Michael Jackson or incumbent Don Cazayoux.  Although it is true that Cazayoux has only been in office a few months, I thought it would be of interest to take a look at his voting record.

  • Cazayoux voted NAY to H.R. 6899.  A bill intended to reduce U.S. dependency on oil by advancing renewable and clean fuel alternatives.  His commercials say otherwise.  I believe the record.
  • Cazayoux ABSTAINED from several votes including H.R. 4081 to prevent tobacco smuggling and to ensure the collection of tobacco taxes, S. 2617 to increase the compensation for veterans, and H.R. 1527  to allow certain rural veterans to seek healthcare providers in their area – yet Cazayoux claims he honors veterans. 
  • The most positive thing I can attribute to Cazayoux was his record as a prosecutor which is to be commended.  Perhaps he should have remained in that capacity and continued service where it was more appropriate.

The Center for Responsive Politics shows that Cazayoux received 50% of his contributions from PACS.  This, along with his stand on numerous issues and tendency to increase taxes proves to me he is just another tax and spend liberal democrat out of touch with his constituency and the difficult challenges we all face.

Michael Jackson, as representative in the Louisiana Legislature, voted FOR the legislative pay raises.  Almost enough said, but not quite.

  • Jackson voted FOR including the promotion of poker tournaments.  Gaming in Louisiana has been a poor decision on our part and added to the demise of many families causing undue financial strain taking away from the real needs of families.
  • Jackson voted AGAINST ethics complaints being anonymous which is a deterrent to complaints by those fearing revenge.
  • A positive for Jackson has been his work in the inner city areas on health centers and education.  He is to be commended.

Reviewing Jackson’s voting record does not make me a huge fan of his politics.  I cannot, in good faith, vote for Jackson to pull levers on my behalf in D.C. though he would be better than Cazayoux in my opinion.  UPDATE:  Due to Jackson’s position in The Advocate today on granting 12 million illegal immigrants amnesty, opposing domestic drilling and providing universal healthcare endorsed by Obama, I withdraw my earlier comment that he is an option to consider for Congress.

Senator Bill Cassidy immediately received my kudos when he voted AGAINST the legislative pay raise on the infamous debacle of SB672.   It was refreshing, to say the least.  Other initiatives by Cassidy caught my eye and showed me he was a candidate interested in the needs of the people:

  • Cassidy voted YES to castration of sex offenders on SB144, something his opponent did not do.
  • Cassidy voted YES to curb those allowed to do business with the state of Louisiana based on conflicts of interest on Amend 423 to SB1.
  • Cassidy co-founded a clinic that brought doctors together to provide medical care to the working uninsured of our community, and serves at our local charity hospital as one of the state’s most well known hepatologists. 
  • Cassidy’s immediate reaction post-Katrina to turn an abandoned KMart into a medical triage to serve those needing medical care was leadership in action.  One of my friends served as a volunteer and told me the intricate details of Cassidy’s ability to forge partnerships with the business and medical community to provide these services at no cost to those receiving care. 
  • Cassidy also helped to create partnerships to provide 36,000 children with needed vaccines at no cost to taxpayers.  An associate of mine works for a program providing services to public schools explained the program to me and how it reached public, private and catholic school children saving parents and the community countless dollars. 

Bill Cassidy impresses me because I have to believe that a physician does not need to run for political office.  The programs he has created coupled with his vote against legislative pay raises shows me he is a man of the people that would continue to put his constituents first and perhaps change the face of our health care system.  I feel comfortable with him representing us in Congress.

My vote is for Bill Cassidy for the 6th Congressional District.  I want the heart of a doctor, with a mind focused on the people, and hands-on leadership that thinks out of the box to speak for me in Washington.  In my opinion, we need more candidates like Cassidy.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

SalaryGate: “I AM NOT A CROOK” Wednesday, Jun 18 2008 



In 1873, the Salary Grab Act, was passed by Congress raising their own salaries by 50%.  In order to make it more pallatible, they also raised the salary of the President and Supreme Court Justices.  It was donned as the most indulgent money grab by politicians.  The people were outraged and the act was rescinded.

In 1972, sabotage was the motivating factor behind one of the most historic political scandals:  WaterGate  Two years later, Richard M. Nixon became the only President of the United States to resign as a result.

The House Banking Scandal in 1992 included elected officials of Congress that overdrew their house accounts lending the perception of corruption and malfeasance in office.

There is a long line of political scandals leadng up to SalaryGate including  Lancegate, Billygate, Travelgate, Whitewhater, Pardongate, and Enron, to name a few.  As I said previously, history repeats itself

Fast forward again to 2008.  Zoom in to the State of Louisiana, Regular Session of the Legislature.  Elected officials of our infamous legislature have now created SalaryGate, much to the dismay of voters.  

Governor Bobby Jindal is getting a lot of advice these days, rightfully so.  He promised ethical reform and good government for the people of Louisiana.  He also promised that he would not allow legislators to vote their self a pay raise.  Uh oh!  While he is being held hostage by legislators to not veto their self-imposed pay raise, the voters are throwing their windows open and shouting “I’m not going to take this anymore!”  But will Jindal hearken to the sound of their voice?  Or will he refuse to stand up and be counted as he promised?

The people are watching, listening, waiting for someone to stand in the fray against politics as usual.  It’s time to make your move Jindal.  Don’t negotiate with terrorists.  If you allow them to win now, they will know you are a pushover.  Stand up and be counted.  Stand up for the people of Louisiana.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Republicans in 6th Reject Party Unity Saturday, Jun 7 2008 

Overdue Update:  Republicans finally came together and agreed that Cassidy was the most formidable candidate for the 6th Congressional District.  Calongne and Jenkins have agreed not to run!  Things may be looking up for the Louisiana GOP.

In times where party unity seems to be a daily political discussion on a national level, it might be advantageous to take a look at an interesting race that is brewing this fall in the Red Stick.  Voters will now have three Republican candidates to choose from in the 6th Congressional race since the trio seems to reject the idea of party unity. 

Voters often wonder why candidates run for office.  After all, who would want to subject their family and future to the whim of the media, political pundits and overwhelming daily stress in a daunting challenge of changing the course of our country that is already spiraling out of control? 

Apparently three are willing to take the plunge including Senator Bill Cassidy, business owner Laurinda Calongne, and editor Woody Jenkins.  All three have strong political ties, experience and supporters. 

Who will wind up on 1st to run against recently seated democrat Congressman Don Cazayoux?  (Don may have his own party competition on the democratic side in Representative Michael Jackson)  Cazayoux hit the floor running with an impressive website that is user friendly and a message of “what can I do to help?” This past week he began running radio ads and held conference calls for constituents to call in and address their concerns and needs.  Republicans will have to overcome his effective ability to be ‘one of us’ coupled with his humor and lack of elitism.

As a republican, this race is already causing me concern.  It won’t take a crystal ball to see the future and what to expect based on the past:

  • Republican Senator Bill Cassidy is a physician specializing in diseases of the liver.  Cassidy won a senate seat vacated by Jay Dardenne against William Daniel in 2006, and was re-elected against virtually no strong competition in 2008.  Cassidy’s platform was to improve education and healthcare in Louisiana.  He is married to retired physician Laura Cassidy, has three young children who attend public school, and attends the Chapel on the Campus. 
    • Opponents will say Cassidy is attempting to catapult his political career to a national level with a goal of changing a fledgling national healthcare system without achieving his goals in the office he promised to serve for at least 3 more years and cite his inexperience in Washington as a negative.


  • Republican business owner Laurinda Calongne, principal of Robert Rose Consulting, lost her bid for the vacated congressional seat of Richard Baker earlier this year in the party primary against Woody Jenkins.  Calongne ran on the premise that her business savvy would help streamline government spending, to ease the tax burden of constituents, and to fight against illegal immigration.  Laurinda says she has raised millions of dollars for the republican party and even more for health care related organizations through her grant writing to increase benefits to Louisianans.  Calongne is married to engineering consultant Dan, has one teenage daughter, and they attend Healing Place Church and Our Lady of Mercy.
    • Opponents will attack Calongne for being a registered lobbyist, for ties to Bob Livingston, and twist her stand against illegal immigration claiming she is being discriminatory.


  • Republican Woody Jenkins, former representative and editor of three Red Stick publications, lost his bid for this congressional seat in the run-off earlier this year to Don Cazayoux, democrat.  Jenkins’ campaign ran on his conservative values and history in the legislature.  He was backed by the Family Research Council and the Louisiana Family Forum, both christian conservative organizations and by Governor Bobby Jindal.  Jenkins is married to attorney and former assistant district attorney, Diane; they have four adult children and listed no church affiliation.
    • Opponents will attack Jenkins’ inability to win elections against strong democrats, questionable ethics in past elections and a controversial non-profit organization he and his wife managed.

Three strong republicans that refuse to agree on party unity.  Is this the wave of the future?  Maybe. 

There is no way these three candidates can run against each other without attacks on their opponents if they expect to set their self apart from the pack.  Families will suffer, as they always do in tough campaigns, and the need to raise at least $1 million by each candidate to be effective will make it one for the books – especially with McCain making major fundraising strides in Louisiana.  Who is willing to pay the ultimate price to represent Louisiana’s 6th district? 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Hurricane Mitch is Brewing Friday, May 23 2008 

In 1998 Hurricane Mitch was one of the deadliest and powerful Atlantic hurricanes in history killing 11,000 and leaving 8,000 missing with 75 inches of rain.  Rarely does a hurricane receive the same name ID. 

Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu was inaugurated as Lt. Governor in January.  At that time no one had a clue that he might move into the #1 position as Governor of the State of Louisiana.  Some say Hurricane Mitch is brewing.

If Governor Bobby Jindal is enticed to join presidential candidate John McCain, it could be the only way a Landrieu could finally win the coveted seat of Governor this long time political family has only dreamed of in Louisiana.  The Landrieu family has been involved in Louisiana politics since 1950.

The election or appointment of the #2 position in any branch of government or business is paramount.  If anything happens to the #1 person, they are succeeded by their ‘right hand man’. 

Landrieu is a household name in politics.  Patriarch, Moon Landrieu, served as a judge, a member of the legislature and eventually mayor of New Orleans.  Mitch’s sister, Mary Landrieu served in the legislature, on the board of education and currently is a senator in the U.S. Congress.  Mitch served as state Representative in the Louisiana legislature and is currently serving his second term as Lt. Governor of Louisiana. 

The Landrieu political legacy runs deep in Louisiana politics.  Keep an eye on this brewing storm.  It might be a history maker.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican