Top 10 Redstick Stories Monday, Dec 21 2009 

Update:  #8 indicates drops in sales tax revenue for East Baton Rouge Parish.  The Advocate released information that sales tax revenues for 2009 decreased by 6%, less than $2.7 million from the previous year.  Will Mayor-President Kip Holden adjust the city-parish budget now, or continue to be a spendthrift?

2009 is coming to a close, and it seems everyone is choosing their Top 10 Stories in East Baton Rouge Parish.  Unfortunately, at least from my perspective, it doesn’t seem that those stories are truly representative of what happened in the Red Stick.  So, I thought I would share my personal take on what impacted us as a community including the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

  1. GOOD:  The swearing-in of new Metro Council members that are actively engaged and more representative of our community.  One example is Councilman Joel Boe’ who defied odds by leading the charge to include the entire parish in Mayor Holden’s proposed bond issue/tax increase.  This resulted in verbal attacks against Boe’ from the Mayor, but won the respect of voters and citizens in the Red Stick. 
  2. BAD:  An apparent escalation in violent crime in the Red Stick is definitely the tip of the iceberg in our community.  As 2009 approaches the same number of murders as 2010, it is painful at best to watch the daily news.  By August 1, murders were already 48% higher than the previous year.  UPDATE:  The Advocate reported a record high for murders in East Baton Rouge Parish of 86 murders (75 in the city limits and 11 outside the city limits) .  What happened to Mayor Holden’s no tolerance for crime in the Red Stick?
  3. UGLY:  Mayor Kip Holden is accused of having an affair, and turns on his alleged accusers by demanding a federal investigation.  After Holden claims he knows who is behind the expose’, he names numerous parties one at a time to no avail in a desperate attempt to put the focus on others.  The only thing Holden accomplishes is showing his character and consistent tendency to attack others.
  4. GOOD:  For the first time that I can remember, more citizens in East Baton Rouge Parish engaged in a proposed bond issue/tax increase.  With standing room only, EBRP Metro Council meetings took on hundreds of voters both for and against the bond issue.  Seeing our community become actively engaged in a critical issue that could have affected our parish over the next 30 years was refreshing and exciting!
  5. BAD:  Learning that Mayor Kip Holden and his entourage withheld critical information from the Metro Council and voters regarding his proposed tax increase/bond issue.  No doubt, it was the kiss of death to an untimely plan to build a “Holden Legacy” that our children would pay for over the next 30 years.  It was a huge blunder to build a campaign with dishonest intentions.
  6. UGLY:  The personal attack on Lee Domingue, candidate for Senate District 16’s beloved seat in the Red Stick.  Domingue laid his past failures open for all to read about in his book Pearls of the King.  His faith was attacked, and so was his church, Healing Place, and Pastor, Dino Rizzo.  To add insult to injury, the Pennington’s power and money reached down to the front page of The Advocate in an attempt to discredit Domingue about a seven-year old business disagreement.  It proved the point that Baton Rouge still has a small town mentality.
  7. GOOD:  Thousands of voters paid a visit to the Louisiana State Capitol to voice their disdain for the national stimulus package.  Made possible by the Red Stick Tea Party, citizens once again made the argument that wasteful government spending must end. 
  8. BAD:   Sales tax revenues continued to drop in the Red Stick resulting in a 4.64 decrease as of October, 2009.  Instead of paying attention to the Mayor and BRAC’s elusive reports of how the economy has not touched the Red Stick, the facts say otherwise.  Though Holden claims services will not be cut, it is inevitable that you cannot experience a reduction in income without a consideration in spending cuts.
  9. UGLY:  In a small downtown office in the Red Stick, a Ponzi scheme was birthed which took hundreds of trusting people to the cleaners.  Today, Stanford is a name that brings even the strongest of our citizens to their knees.  An estimated $8 billion scheme confiscated life savings and retirement funds from a large Baton Rouge contingency. Offshore banks, international funds and prospectus reports that were highly inflated devastated far too many of our Red Stick citizens.  Perhaps it is more proof that when it seems to good to be true, perhaps it is?
  10. GOOD:  LSU baseball Coach Paul Mainieri brought back the gold by clinching the 2009 College World Series title.  Mainieri also was honored as National Coach of the Year and Southeastern Coach of the Year for 2009.  Tiger fans retained the prestigious position of #1 in attendance in the nation, and enjoyed a luxurious new Tiger Box Stadium that rivals the best in the country.

Although life contains the good, the bad and the ugly, it is truly my hope that 2010 will bring more of the good and that we will learn from the bad and ugly of this year. 

Those things considered to be bad or ugly in the Red Stick surround the misuse of power in ethics, moral and criminal behavior.  Anytime someone takes the position that they can exercise power over others with no regard for their life or well-being, suffering is imminent.

The good things in our community were all made possible by the gathering together of citizens that care about our community and were willing to engage in what is important in the Red Stick. 

If we continue to invest in the greater good, surely we will have a fruitful year in 2010. 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican


All the Kings Men Monday, May 25 2009 


Coverage by Louisiana media outlets report that the current Legislative session is akin to a Battle Royale over the state’s troubled budget.  Like ancient gladiators, the media is in their own battle, vying for audiences by reporting every single move made by the Jindal administration.

The problem with this style of journalism is that it flys in the face of what readers really wants to know.

The public needs to understand why Jindal is being targeted for a budget crisis that reaches back far beyond his inauguration as governor of our state.  Voters are smart enough to know that the financial crisis we are facing didn’t happen overnight. 

In fact, the ‘get out of jail’ cards issued to Blanco, Foster and Edwards by this same media are mind boggling at best, not to mention the legislators who have spent our tax dollars for years like money was growing on trees around the state capitol.

It’s about as humorous as the comparison of former Governor Mike Foster being allowed to be a part time elected official while attending law school vs Governor Bobby Jindal being criticized for traveling around the country for political reasons.  Oh well, I digress.

Perhaps we are paying for the ‘sins of our fathers’?  Forefathers in state government, that is. 

It began with Governor Huey P. Long, and continues today.  A spendthrift mentality.  A chicken in every pot.  Textbooks funded by the state.  Let the government pay our way.  Just write another check.  Add another budget line item.  Conceal an amendment, if you will.  We’ll worry about the consequences later!

Everything we do has an effect on everything else.  This is not rocket science.  It’s the law of reaping and sowing. 

In our personal life, we have a budget.  We receive income and learn to live within our means.  If we do not live within our means, eventually the debt and interest catches up with us. 

Why do we continue to believe government can be run any different? 

In 1987, Roemer came into the governor’s office with $5.2 billion in state debt, and a $1 million daily deficit.  He fought for reform, but legislators stopped him from the onset, claiming they didn’t like his administration’s attitude.  Boohoo!

Fast forward to 1992 when Edwards was headed back to the helm of state government with a $500 million gap between revenue and spending.  The legislators loved working with Edwin W. Edwards.  That path led straight to federal prison. 

It’s as plain on the nose on our face.  We have been increasing state government spending annually, loading up on debt (and interest) and then going back to the trough to see who will throw us more feed.  

If we do not learn from our mistakes, history is sure to repeat itself.

By 2005, the state debt reached $24.8 billion, according to AARP.  Five times the debt Roemer tried to deal with in the 1980’s.  Do the math.  I could not locate more current information on Louisiana’s debt, but I am confident it has increased drastically. 

For decades, we have watched the legislature fight over budget deficits.  From each session, lawmakers have proposed the ‘answer to our prayers’ to become debt free or meet our annual obligations. 

The list is long.  The Louisiana Lottery.  A land-based casino.  Video poker.  Riverboat casinos.  Tobacco settlement.  The Stelly Plan.  Business taxes.  Individual taxes.  Sales taxes.  Bed taxes.  Sin taxes.  Federal stimulus money.    Homestead exemption tax increases.  All touted as answers to our  state’s financial dilemma.  Yet, here we are . . . again!

On the other hand, legislators and special interest groups fight fearlessly for earmarks each fiscal session. 

Universities fight for education funding.  Pennington fights for research funding.  Teachers, firefighters, and law enforcement fight for pay raises.  City government fights for economic development and infrastructure funding.  LSU Health Care fights for charity hospital and clinic funding.  DOTD fights for highway funding.  Another endless list. 

Republican or democrat.  Senator or Representative.  Elected official or voter.  State budget or personal budget.  There really is only one solution.  Cutbacks! 

Robert Penn Warren said All the Kings Men was not intended to be a book about politics.  Neither was the budget of the state of Louisiana.  Nevertheless, both are purely political.  For the state budget, that must change. 

The quicker we remove politics from our state budget, and run it like a business or household, the better off we will be.  Otherwise, we will continue to allow state spending to embrace political corruption and grow our enormous political machine. 

To Senator Lydia Jackson, Democrat from Shreveport, who says to the press that “No is not a solution” (referring to Jindal saying no to spending), I offer the opposite:  NO IS THE SOLUTION!  No is not a popular word in the world of politics, but one we need to be willing to stand up and shout from the rooftops.  NO!  NO!  NO to more spending! 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Red Stick Unemployment Lines Growing Thursday, May 21 2009 


  • Sunland Pipe, a Shaw Group company, laid off about 40 workers.  Last month they laid off 200 in North Louisiana.  Shaw claims this is due to the downturn in fabrication work. 
  • 100 contract maintenance workers at the Georgia Gulf plant have been laid off.  Reports indicate they are employed by Turner Industries as maintenance personnel. 


Despite Mayor-President Kip Holden’s hyperbole claiming the Red Stick has been immune to the recession, news reports continue to prove otherwise.  Recent announcements were made that hundreds of jobs in the Red Stick are vanishing before our very eyes, and thousands of employees will feel the pinch of the cost of living while their paychecks shrink. 

It’s the tip of the iceberg since the news only reports on large employers or ‘newsworthy’ companies.  (No offense intended to every business that has closed or individual who has been laid off.) 

Capitol One Bank announced yesterday that approximately 22% of their work force, 180 employees, will be cut over the next few months.  

Chrysler and General Motor dealers in the Red Stick still await their fate, as do employees that earn in excess of $21 hourly.  According to Louisiana State Treasurer, John Kennedy, dealership losses are expected to deliver a blow of up to $350 million with a loss of up to $50 million in state taxes.  Dealers are being notified via mail.

Though Trinity Marine is located in Brusly, many employees travel from the Greater Baton Rouge area to work at the barge manufacturer.  Over 190 employees are expected to lose their jobs in the immediate future according to reports earlier this week.

The Red Stick’s pride and joy, Pennington Biomedical, chose the higher road by announcing no pay raises for 452 employees vs layoffs.  This could be a temporary measure, however, since Pennington receives significant funding from the troubled treasure chest of the state of Louisiana. 

The Advocate took the lower road by announcing that approximately 10% of their staff, 49 employees, will learn their fate  today when they receive their dismissal papers.

In June, Louisiana Civil Service will make a decision as to whether merit increases are eliminated in lieu of state worker layoffs.  This move stands to significantly affect Red Stick workers as agencies are headquartered in the capitol city.

Southern University, based in the Red Stick, is discussing layoffs and one-day-a-month unpaid furloughs for university employees.  LSU is in the news daily, discussing major cuts in personnel and services.

There are far too many stories in the naked city.  Troubling times.  Budget cuts.  Benefit costs being passed on to employees.  Unpaid furloughs.  Businesses shutting down.  Enough facts to challenge the ‘Baton Rouge has survived the recession without a blemish’ to say the least.

The problem with politicians like Mayor-President Kip Holden is that they cannot comprehend budget cuts.  Spendthrift is primary in Holden’s vocabulary evidenced by his plan to raise taxes on voters this fall.  It’s always easier to spend someone else’s money.  Business owners, on the other hand, are more in tune with strict budgets, the cost of doing business, and less than bottomless funding scenarios.

Loren Scott has continuously told us that the Red Stick is in good financial shape.  Now, he claims the third quarter predictions are grim for the parish.  I’m glad he is taking a peek into the real world the rest of us are already living in today.

What can we do?  Buckle down folks.  Shop mindfully.  Spend wisely.  Squeeze whatever you can into savings.  Take it on as a challenge. 

Reach out.  Share the fruit of your labors with those less fortunate.  These are the times that make us stronger and better. 

Let’s not do as the politicians, and bury our heads in the sand.  We can remain positive, cautiously.  This too shall pass.  And, if it doesn’t, let’s demand that elected officials cut the necessary fat, not raise taxes, and join the rest of us in working towards a sounder financial future in the Red Stick.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Sin Taxes, Spendthrift Liberals & A Voice of Reason Sunday, Apr 19 2009 


Apparently ‘sin’ taxes on cigarettes is the answer to Louisiana’s budget woes according to The Advocate and Representative Karen Peterson, Democrat, who has introduced HB 75

The Advocate has gone so far as to claim that ‘sin’ taxes are literally political taxes, in that cuts to education in our state are less desirable than charging ‘sinners’ more taxes.  Quite humorous given The Advocate’s disdain for anything Christian in political races.  How convenient!

Did The Advocate notice that another legislator, Democrat Senator Cheryl Gray, introduced SB 226 designed to spend the first $250,000 of the cigarette ‘sin’ tax annually on technology? 

It’s no coincidence that Rep. Peterson and Sen. Gray are working together on tax and spend projects.  Just last year they joined forces in a joint press conference to discuss projects that Peterson would locate funding for and Gray would quickly spend.  A great team of democrat tax and spend liberals!

The problem with any tax that is levied or raised is that it gives the false assumption there will be more money to pay down debt.  The truth is that it gives lawmakers the impetus to spend more money proven by the Peterson-Gray spendthrift duo.

Any knowledgeable person is aware that government budgets must be spent in their entirety in order for an agency to receive funding the following year.  There is always a frenzy to spend ‘the last of this year’s budget’ by agencies between October and December so they can re-justify their budget for the following year. 

It’s simple:  If you spend less, then you have proved you need less to operate.  This is never the goal of an agency. 

While sugarplums are dancing in their heads over increased tax dollars, we the people, are still looking for government spending to be streamlined.  We are not desiring more taxes, but less taxes, less spending, less government.

A new concept:  Senator Jack Donahue, Republican, has introduced SB 261 intended to streamline state government.  This bill is more in line with the thinking of voters.  It calls for streamlining, eliminating, privatizing, consolidating, and outsourcing, if necessary, governmental agency’s functions in order to be more effective and to cut spending. 

Alas, a voice of reason!

SB 261 further provides that an assessment be made of governmental agencies to ensure they are meeting or exceeding performance standards to meet the needs of Louisiana residents.  Accountability . . . a refreshing concept!

Cost efficiency, alternative resources and specific guidelines would be required in order to measure the efficiency of programs, services, functions and agency activities.  It calls for a Commission designed to streamline government functions and expenditures.  Bravo!

No wonder The Advocate endorses a ‘sin’ tax – they endorse our spendthrift liberal tax and spend Mayor, Kip Holden, as well as his bond issue to tax millions of dollars for generations to come.  Perhaps they should take a lesson from Senator Donahue and line up with taxpayers who long for true leadership and direction that cries out for government reform vs more spending and taxes?

If we continue to do the same thing, we will get the same result. 

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Tea Party in the Red Stick Thursday, Apr 16 2009 


It was the most significant Red Stick Tea Party in decades.  Thousands of taxpayers paid a visit to the State Capitol in downtown Baton Rouge to protest government spending, the $3.5 trillion U.S. budget, and President Obama’s $787 million stimulus package.

The Red Stick branch of the U.S. Tea Party has an informative website

It was a call to arms across the country for taxpayers.  Their arms were literally held in the air with unique signs announcing the ‘brewing’ of a new movement against wasteful spending. 

A clever sign stated “I made this sign with the tax break I received and have no money left!”  Other signs decried “Obomination – ObamaNation”, and “Stop breaking into my Piggy Bank!” – a sign carried by a teenager.

The event reminded me somewhat of Howard Beale in the movie Network when he screamed these famous words:

“So I want you to get up right now.  I want all of you to get up out of your chairs.  I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, stick your head out and yell . . .

I’m mad as hell,

and I’m not gonna take this


So, what will you do? 

Go ahead!  Get up! 

Go to the phone or to your computer! 

Call or write your legislator and congressional representative!  Let them know that you demand that they cut the fat in the budget, stop bailing out companies who have misspent money, and that you will not continue to take this anymore!

Perhaps we can share one signmaker’s words with our lawmakers: 

“Don’t share my tax dollars, share my work ethic!”

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Governor Jindal Just Being Himself Saturday, Feb 28 2009 


Governor Bobby Jindal is getting hit from all sides in a manic media mania for every word and action.  The volcano erupted after his GOP response to the presidential address to congress. 

This makes me shake my head and say, “did all of you just wake up and smell the coffee”?

Let me be clear.  I did not vote for Jindal.  Upon election, however, I chose to give him a break to see if I was incorrect in my evaluation of him regardless of his past behavior.  Everyone deserves a break, right?

Jindal has developed a pattern during his entire political career.  It’s called the ‘two year plan’.

This is no secret.  What annoys me are the political pundits and Jindal supporters who are suddenly surprised at his actions.  After all, this is not rocket science. 

Jindal’s ability to stay put in any given position is 2-3 years maximum:

  • Donned the ‘whiz kid’, Jindal, began his journey as a short-lived page in Washington, moving on to McKinsey & Co consulting firm as a ‘specialist’ in health care.  McKinsey consulted Enron but escaped public scrutiny.
  • Eighteen months later, claiming he was a ‘genius’, former Governor Mike Foster appointed Jindal as the secretary of Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals to save an ailing system.  Jindal was criticized for closing clinics and cutting back valuable services to the uninsured.
  • Two years later Jindal left his post in Louisiana to head to Washington to solve the federal Medicare crisis as staff director of the Medicare Reform Commission. 
  • One year later, Jindal returns to our state and is appointed by former Governor Foster as head of the Louisiana University system.
  • Again, two years later, Jindal heads back to Washington to serve as assistant secretary for planning and evaluation of the federal Medicaid program.  A timely move considering the investigation that ensued over Medicaid Chief Tommy Scully and five unnamed associates.
  • Yes, two years later, Jindal made his run for governor of Louisiana.  He lost to Kathleen Blanco.  Foster’s only criticism of Jindal came during this time when he said ‘Bobby didn’t listen to me’.
  • One year later Jindal decides to run for the U. S. House of Representatives. 
  • Two years later, Jindal begins his second run at governor of Louisiana.  He wins the gubernatorial race in 2007.

Here we are, two years later, and Governor Jindal seems bored with us already and is criticized for presidential positioning.  Imagine that? 

Why are we so surprised? 

Governor Jindal is simply being himself.  He is incapable of staying in any one place too long.  This works to his advantage as it is difficult to measure the performance of any individual who is not willing to stick long enough. 

Surely Jindal would receive less criticism if he would walk the walk.  As C. B. Forgotston reminded us in his blog:  Yogi Berra said, “you can observe a lot just by watching”

Don’t be so surprised folks, it’s just the Jindal way!

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

President Obama Calling Evil Good Wednesday, Feb 25 2009 


In the Bible there are warnings to those who call good evil and evil good.  It reminds me of a sheep in wolves clothing in that we are to not deceive others or to become deceived.

Let’s face it.  In politics, it is ‘cool’ to say the right thing — to cause others to believe that you are doing good when in actuality you are performing evil acts.  The definition of evil is causing ruin, injury or pain. 

Allow me to segue’.  In today’s world we must deal with the most controversial issues that are often labeled incorrectly.  Evil is good and good is evil.  Unfortunately, some of the topics that come to my mind are same sex marriage, taxation, abortion, welfare, human trafficking, euthanasia, torture, war, and racism. 

Desperate, hateful, self-serving acts are often veiled as  ‘good’ when in actuality they are evil and harmful.

  • When we tax for the sake of earmarks, we are doing harm. 
  • When we rush to war, we often fight the wrong enemy killing the innocent and therefore causing injury. 
  • When we kill the unborn or the elderly because it is inconvenient we commit evil against the innocent. 
  • When we dole out government handouts to those who are capable of working, we cause harm in that we reward slothful behavior.
  • When we torture, sell or discriminate against another human, we are the agents of harm.

You may not agree with ‘my’ list, but I am confident you will agree that doing evil in the name of good is deceptive at best.

As I listened to President Obama’s address last night, I was disappointed.  Not because Obama is a Democrat.  Not because I did not cast my vote for Obama.  Because the president’s acts since elected are causing undue harm to taxpayers veiled as ‘good’ acts.

President Obama said we must “take responsibility”.  Is it responsible to reward corporations for bad behavior?  Is it responsible to add more government instead of cutting government?  Is it responsible to spend more money in the future when we are not holding those in charge accountable for past and current spending?

The president said he is making decisions “not because I believe in bigger government – I don’t.”  These are deceptive words.  Obama also said, “my cabinet as well as mayors and governors across the country will be held accountable”.  Are we wiping the slate clean and not holding them accountable for their acts to date?

Speaking further, “the flow of credit is the lifeblood of our economy”.  So are we to dig ourselves deeper in debt?  Debt for many generations to come?  Isn’t this how we got into the mess we are in today?

This is nothing more than calling evil good. 

The ultimate lie President Obama spoke was “if your family earns less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes increase a single dime. I repeat: not one single dime.”

If you believe that you will not see one single dime of tax increase, then I have some land to sell you.  That is the ultimate act of calling evil good.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

P.S.  Please tell Mayor-President Kip Holden about the promise by President Obama to not raise our taxes one dime.  He will need to remember this when presenting his tax increase this fall.

Stimulus Money Grab: “I Just Want To Share The Wealth” Saturday, Feb 21 2009 


Louisiana State Senator Francis Thompson, Democrat, may have summed up the mentality of the current Stimulus Plan in a nutshell on Friday when he spoke these insane words, I just want to share the wealth”.  This was Thompson’s response on behalf of legislators that are unhappy with dollars not appropriated as they see fit.

I have never been a fan of Thompson’s tactics, nor his fiasco of Poverty Point, well named, in North Louisiana.  Senator Thompson’s brother, Mike, has made millions off of state funded reservoirs for years including Poverty Point – at taxpayer’s expense.  Senator Thompson built homes on Poverty Point while securing state funds for what he has often referred to as “my lake” also making millions.  At what point do we determine legislator’s pocketbooks are not why they are elected?

When will this money-grabbing madness stop?

The real story here is the mentality of a 2009 money-grab.  It’s like the lottery for some elected officials.  We already know what happens to most powerball winners – they wind up bankrupt due to the visions of sugarplums that drive them to overspend as if the money is endless. 

Just like the Gold Rush of 1848, we are watching frenzied communities send their strongest and brightest to Washington to seek out money to bring back to their communities.  It truly is a ‘money grab’ of gargantuam proportions and it’s called a Stimulus Plan – funded by your tax dollars.

What will happen with President Obama’s Stimulus Money Grab remains to be seen. 

Mayor-President Kip Holden is right there with the pigs at the trough seeking his piece of the pie to fund his pet projects for EBRP.  His bond issue/tax failed last fall and now he is seeking YOUR tax dollars in a different form via the Stimulus Plan.  He is a persistant sort, isn’t he?

The warning against re-electing Mayor Kip Holden was not heeded by voters, nor was the election of President Barack Obama.  Now we pay the price – a higher National Debt eventually requiring more taxes. 

Democrats have spent a lifetime in political office spending our money.  Democrats quickly trashed President George W. Bush for spending tax dollars excessively with the war on terror, but fully approve spending OUR money to fund private enterprise and ventures while forgetting they agreed to the war on terror spending in the first place.  Can you say, “selective memory”?

The American Dream is now defined by government funding of private enterprises – if you mismanage your money, that is.  If you are a conscientious business owner, however, you are on your own. 

Sure these are random thoughts touching upon numerous topics, but pulled together into one major issue: 

Political hogs slopping around at a trough filled with YOUR tax dollars. This is the essence of the Stimulus Plan approved on Friday the 13th day of February – a day that will live in infamy.

Most lawmakers, or taxpayers for that matter, will not have the time or inclination to read the entire 407 page Stimulus Plan/bill passed by Congress. I scanned the document and found a few interesting appropriations including:

  • $22.5 million to ‘police’ the overall spending package by the Inspector General along with additional millions for virtually each distribution for further policing of expenditures
  • $1 billion for the Census Program
  • $650 million for analog converter boxes and additional millions for education of such the conversion
  • $1 billion for the Space Program
  • $25 million to renovate the Smithsonian Institute
  • $1.3 billion for Amtrak (many are unaware this is a government owned entity)

This list is endless and the price tag of President Obama’s Stimlus Plan is estimated at:

  • Approximately $2,700 for each man, woman and child in America
  • With 144 million employed Americans, that is $5,600 each
  • For 10.6 million UNEMPLOYED Americans, that is $77,200 each

It almost makes one think that writing a check to each American would be the better way to go.  That would, of course, negate special interests and pork barrel spending.  Either way, we are digging a deeper hole for the National Debt.  Obama hopes to ‘stimulate’ the economy.  In reality, he is increasing the National Debt significantly. 

This does not include the $700 billion TARP payout.  Let’s not continue with our math lesson, okay?  Well one more lesson is in order.  The U. S. National Debt is currently estimated at over $11 trillion. 

When Obama was elected as President, I thought he said he was bringing about real change?  Keep an eye on how Obama is increasing our national debt at this website, updated daily:

Obama, Holden, Thompson and other politicians are just adding insult to injury with the Stimulus Money Grab.  This is not the definition of change.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Obama’s $787 Billion Spendathon Sunday, Feb 15 2009 


As far back as I can remember, American taxpayers have cried foul over government hand-outs.  The mentality of entitlement is a mindset that must be addressed with reform, not encouragement of a free-for-all mentality.  As a candidate, Barack Obama promised change.  Yet the essence of President Obama’s $787 Billion stimulus plan is the true definition of ‘more of the same’. 

In a world that encourages something for nothing and pleasure before pain, we are encouraging municipalities, companies and citizens to no longer appreciate the moral capacity to understand hard work and sacrifice.

A surgeon does not put a bandaid on the patient that needs surgery.  Likewise, attention to serious financial problems requires more than a 24-hr rapid fire negotiation for another bailout.  Is this Obama’s definition of change?

Let’s call the stimulus plan or bailout just what it is:  another government handout.  When will this madness stop?  Government involvement in private enterprise has a long history that rewards the rich, encourages welfare and ignores accountability.

 To understand the present, we must first look back to the past. 

  • In the late 1700’s farmers led a revolt over crushing debt and taxes leading to the Constitution Convention intended to ‘fix’ the existing one.  
  • In the 1800’s, railroad barons Fisk and Gould amassed gold that was intended to back-up government issued greenbacks causing the panic known as Black Friday.  Railroad barons were rewarded with land and grants.  To add insult to injury, international creditors demanded gold depleting America’s gold supply. 
  • The 1900’s brought the proliferation of government funding that benefits private enterprise in areas from highways and waterways to aviation and ship building.  Remind me why former Governor Edwin Edwards was sentenced to federal prison?

The year is now 2009.  The candidate who pontificated about his ability to make real change in Washington has brought us full circle with additional debt and temporary solutions to a long-term problem — our inability to cut the fat, fasten our seat belts and realize you can’t spend more money than you make.  (Unless you are in charge of the printing presses, I suppose.)

I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama is the next picture on our money.  My vote is for the penny since his ‘change’ is not worth more than a cent.

In yesterday’s radio address, President Obama told American’s to check a new website that would provide us with how stimulus dollars are being spent.  Unfortunately, the website is as empty as his promises for real change with absolutely no information as of today!

On a lighter note, I am humored by one comic’s take on the stimulus plan that is not so far from the truth:

Wanda Sykes on Obama’s Bailout

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

Obama Stimulus Mania Friday, Feb 6 2009 


President Obama targeted Republicans who are not supportive of his stimulus plan yesterday claiming that failure to pass his bill would force the U.S. economy  to face “catastrophe”.   Unfortunately, we already in full catastrophe mode which is defined a a state of distress, calamity and destruction. 

Democrats hold a majority in both the House and Senate, but have failed to capture the votes necessary to pass the current stimulus plan.  This is the impetus that motivated President Obama to turn up the heat on Congress by taking full aim at critics of his plan. 

President Obama is proving himself to be another tax and spend liberal democrat espousing claims today that “we can’t embrace the losing formula that offers more tax cuts…”   Meanwhile Americans were mistakenly thinking tax cuts would be a good idea given the current recession.

It is predicted that President Obama plans to use unemployment statistics as a catalyst to convince Congress to pass his stimulus plan.  Nevertheless, the Associated Press reports that analysts predict up to 3 million jobs will vanish this year regardless of whether the stimulus plan passes or not.

Despite the $700 billion financial industry bailout, foreclosures are skyrocketing, home prices are sinking, consumers are having difficulty obtaining financial loans and Wall Street is flailing daily.

So, do we print (uh I mean spend) more money?  As the Church Lady would say, “how conveeenient”! 

The definition of mania is a state of euphoria, racing thoughts, talkativeness, and risk taking.  Sound familiar?  The key phrase here is:  a newly elected politician grasping at straws.

This ridiculous “Obama Stimulus Mania” makes me feel like I am in a Stephen King movie like Misery where Obama is playing Kathy Bates as I represent ailing Americans watching the sledgehamer coming down on my ankles while saying “I’m your #1 fan”.

Until next time,

Red Stick Republican

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